Octer (no) Fuss

The last few weeks I have been on the hunt for some dresses that I can wear on my holiday in Vegas. Some that are summery, light enough that the heat wont kill me and ones that are actually available in my size .

As if the Angels shone down on me at just the right time,  I was contacted by a company called Octer who have thousands of brands all in one place with items ranging from fashion to electronics to beauty and homeware. I was instantly dubious as these all in one sites rarely have plus size items but to my surprise this site does, my next thought was “Ok…this is a good start but size will they go up to…” I was then surprised a second time when I started my hunt for a desert sun appropriate maxi dress and a ton from ASOS curve came up and i walked away with a stunning dress in a size 30!!!!!

This site is perfect for when you know what you want but don’t know where to look. I plan on wearing my hair up in a bun for the duration of my holiday (the sun ugh) so I wanted a couple of pairs of cheap hoops to wear and managed to find a a lovely new look pair on the site for £3.99  and picked up a plain black midi skirt that my wardrobe was in desperate need of.

The only issue I had with the site was that I was unable to search by size so I had to know what brands stock my size instead of getting excited about items that I would click on and then not be able to buy. You can however search by brand or item and sort by price which is always handy. The site actually takes you through to the retailer once you’ve decided top make a purchase so the Octer site is just a sorting vessel of..sorts lolIMG_20160624_153922_resized IMG_20160627_092849-1

This site is definitely worth checking out especially if you are looking for one specific item and you’re stuck for where to look. The site is easy to use  and you really can find some gems that you may not have come across otherwise.

*The items were my own personal choice but were gifts from Octer, the opinions in this post, both positive and negative are true and my own*


What’s in my camera bag.

I have always enjoyed taking photographs, but always assumed that proper photography equipment was best left to the professionals.  To be fair my Samsung phone has always done me well for outfit photos so I’ve always made do. However a few months ago I decided that I wanted to explore photography as more of a hobby. Don’t get me wrong I’m never going to be a professional photographer but it will be nice to have more of an idea of what makes a good snap and how to take one.

Rather than rushing in like I usually do (that explains the double sized wardrobe of dresses) I decided to do a bit of research and see what was out there. I know that a decent camera would be a bit of an investment, so I wanted to make sure that I was investing wisely. At first it seemed a little overwhelming, I couldn’t tell my Panasonic Super Zoom Cameras from my Lumix Super Zoom Cameras and it seemed a little overwhelming. However I am glad to say I stuck with it and I am really happy with the camera set up I went for.

Canon 600d Camera

A watched a few Youtube videos that showed how this camera worked and I was really happy with how easy it looked to use. I knew I didn’t want something too complicated because I wanted to be able to take quick snaps when I wanted to. The quality of the photos I have taken with this have been great, which considering I am still getting to grips with things I am really happy with.


Specifications: 18-megapixel CMOS sensor, Scene Intelligent Auto mode, On-screen Feature Guide, Up to 3.7fps continuous shooting and Built-in wireless flash control

Canon Camera Bag

I made sure I invested in a high quality camera bag. I wanted to make sure that I could feel confident taking it to blogging events, on holiday and on days out without it getting broken. This bag is really sturdy and helps to keep the camera safe and secure – it even survived Easter weekend in Blackpool!


Meike LED Ring Light

I take lots of my photos indoors, especially for makeup posts so I needed something that would complement my Canon 600D camera and help with this. The Meike LED Ring Light came recommended by a couple of other bloggers and it’s great! It’s perfect for a bit more natural looking light for YouTube videos too!


I still have lots to learn when it comes to photography and using my new camera but I am glad I took the plunge to invest because learning all about it is really fun!

What do you use to take your photos?



reuse that xmas party dress.

I was asked by George at Asda to do a really interesting style post that I thought could be really useful to people so I jumped at the chance.

I was asked to take a dress that I would wear to a Christmas party and then restyle the dress so it was suitable for something else. I wear a size 32 and I didn’t find dresses in my size that I would wear to a party so I checked the size down, then the size down again, and again etc til I found a gorgeous dress in a SIZE 24!!! that I would wear to a party. Now I know my body very well and I have a good idea of what I will and wont be able to get on. I thought the size 24 was going to be a push but I didn’t want to do the post unless it was something that I would actually wear.

What it was and what it became:IMG_20151223_151003_resized

The fit of the dress on its own may not be for everybody but there are certain places I would definitely wear it on its own (and plan to) but I love that the dress is tight enough that it is completely comfortable worn with the skirt and doesn’t feel like you have a whole dress on underneath.

I chose to restyle the dress to make it suitable work attire and I think I did a pretty good job. I was very happy with the second look and will definitely be wearing it all together again.

I was able to create the second look with the blazer, the shoes and the bag all being George at Asda pieces.

I’m going to leave you  with a couple of pictures of the work wear look and links to all the items.

Screenshot_2016-01-05-09-52-44_resized Screenshot_2016-01-05-10-00-25_resized Screenshot_2016-01-05-10-00-37_resized

Animal print dress

Textured Blazer

Pointed flats

Satchel similar


I really hope you liked this post because I really enjoyed doing it.


chaffree – this big girl’s big pants

I was really excited to try these out when I was offered a pair because I always struggled to find pairs in my size but what I have realised is, is that if you size down in these types of under garments they will offer some control.


I find the legs of these ride up just a bit but its not a problem as I have the longer length ones which come down to my knees.

I had had the opportunity to wear these a few times now and they have been great especially on nights out as they are super breathable so I imagine they will be fantastic to wear when summer rolls around again and you need something to go under summer dresses and skirts to prevent discomfort,

These shorts have been a life saver over the party season because they allow me to wear dresses without worrying about chub rub and exposing myself when the wind blows. I was out last weekend and the wind took my dress right up above my head, I was still super embarrassed but I have never ever been so grateful for a pair of pants lol.

20151217_132146-1_resized I have a lot of tummy and these pull all the way up and are very comfortable to wear. 20151217_132853-1_resizedI am only 5ft 3 so the longer length version sit just around knee length.

You can find the Chaffree knickers here

These undershorts are seem free and extremely stretchy so they are very comfortable. You can find out more info about them by clicking the link above.


Lindy bop Hibiscus May


Lindy bop is currently having a huge sale so I thought I would share with you the Lindy Bop May dress that I have.

Lindy bop is a brand that I always wanted to shop with but I never did because they only stock up to a  size 26 and I wear a UK32. Its very difficult when shopping online to judge whether something will fit or not but I have a couple of friends who have the same dress who advised me that this particular dress is generous and has some stretch to the fabric so I thought I would give it a go.

The skirt isn’t as full on me as it would be if it was my actual size but I still really like how the dress looks on.

Im going to leave you with a few pictures of what the May dress looks like on me, again bear in mind that the one I’m wearing is 3 sizes smaller than my actual size. IMG-20150807-WA0016



Love Thy Bust: This month and every month

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Simply Be have launched a campaign all about boobs called Love Thy Bust.

Georgina Cox of Fullerfigurefullerbust and Leyah Shanks BOPO queen recently made a video bra guide discussing common bra fitting problems and what the perfect fitting bra should look and feel like, an important read/watch for anyone with boobs.


I wear a 46K and always find it a struggle to find bra’s to fit me but it’s when writing a post like this that I appreciate my boobs the most. I have only started wearing the correct size bra in the last year or so because I was always too scared to go get measured but wearing the right size bra is literally life changing.

I am far from a bra and boobies expert but if I could offer any advice based on my experience of having always had a very large chest, it would be..

1. Get measured… the chances are you will be wearing the wrong size bra. I ended up in a bra that is a few back sizes smaller and a few cup sizes bigger than I ever would have imagined (when she say K i nearly fell over laughing lol)

2. Bra extenders are your friend. I have found that when I want a sexy/pretty bra that doesn’t quite go up to my back size I am able to make it work with a bra extender. So all the cute and sexy bras that aren’t made for massive boobies can still be yours.

3. Have  a sports bra or crop top around. I couldn’t live without a sports bra/crop top for lazy days at home as I find going completely braless really uncomfortable and annoying.

These are just things that are important to me and my boobs.

Ladies, this is something I have never done but have been thinking more and more about lately, we need to get our breasts checked. I have a regular feel around to ease my mind but I am 31 years old now and have a ‘history’ in the family so I want to start having regular checks from a Dr and the only reason I haven’t gone up til now is that I have been nervous about getting my baps out but now that I have done it for a bra fitting I don’t think it will be that bad.

I hope this post has made you think a little bit about your boobs, whether you go get a check up or go get a crop top.


Lindy bop ‘Saphy’ dress.

If I find an item that I love and think there is even a remote chance that I can get it on my body you can bet your last penny that I’m gonna get it on and rock the hell out of it.

I recently attended UK plus size fashion weekend (UKPSFW) and was able to catch up with some friends and fellow bloggers, there I met Katt who I had only known of online and she was wearing the most gorgeous dress, the Lindy Bop ‘Saphy’, After the event a few of us went to have some dinner at a local diner at which point I asked Katt if I could have a tug of her dress. She told me that the dress was very generous and that she could have easily sized down due to the elastic shirring at the back of the bodice. I have the fabric a little tug to see how much stretch there was and she showed me just how much boob room there was in the dress,

This is now my second Lindy Bop dress, I have another that some bloggers advised me was stretchy and generous, two words that to me translate into.. “Whoop whoop new options!”

I literally went straight on my phone while we were sat in te diner so I could order the dress but unfortunately it was out of stock in my size :( I have to fill out the box to request a stock notifiction and it felt like I waited an eternity,

As soon as it was back in stock I ordered it and got it just in time to wear on a  night out for my best friends birthday.

I ordered the dress in the largest size, a UK 26, and the dress fit beautifully. Bear in mind that I usually wear a size 32. If if wasn’t for the elastic shirring on the back of the dress it would’t have fit I’m sure of it. 20151004_022008

I found this really cute retro gamer heart necklace on ebay.

IMG-20151004-WA0002Dresses with pockets for the win!

The full circle skirt on this dress no joke had me feeling like a princess, its so swishy and cute, I really really love wearing it.IMG-20151004-WA0006I will leave you with the reviews from two other gorgeous plus size girls on this very same dress.

Katts Review



Leah’s Review

leahmint As you can see this both these girls look amazing in the dress, check out these ladies’ reviews for even more information about fit etc…

Lindy bop have released two more prints in the ‘Saphy’ dress and I was super excited until I took a closer look at the stock photographs on their website to find that the two new prints don’t have the shirring on the back :( to say I was disappointed is a massive understatement.


Hope everyone is doing good and thanks for reading xx



Forest Friends from Silly old sea dog

When Silly old sea dog announced they would be extending their range to include plus size I was over the moon. They have beautiful vintage style dresses in so many unusual prints, prints  haven’t seen anywhere else at all.

The plus size items in the range stop at a size 28 and are made from cotton so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it work or not so before now I never had a chance to try one and see what the fit was like.

I think the biggest selling point for the brand, in my eyes, is that the dresses are so different to what any other plus size retailers are offering. I can happily say that I don’t know anyone else who has the dress that I have.

With the dress being 100% cotton and no stretch to the fabric and it being a size 28 I didn’t have much hope that I would be able to get it on as I am a dress size 32 but I wanted to give it a bash anyway so I could report back to you guys and let you know if ‘U can’t wear that’.

I tried on another silly old sea dog dress ( another size 28) but with 3/4 length sleeves and it was too small, My arms are huge and it was super uncomfortable and tight across my back. Because of my body shape I knew a sleeveless one would be a much better fit.

I don’t want to ramble on forever so I will leave you with a few pictures of me in the dress,

Silly Old Sea Dog Forest Friends Dress


The dress is very snug around the waist but that is because it is at least 2 sizes too small, I really like it though because it nips me in and gives the illusion that I am more hourglass that I actually am and it is not uncomfortable to wear at all. I would say that if you are a size 28-32 you could definitely make this dress work. 20151010_194228

The dress I have on is covered in Bears and Wolves and is something I have not seen anywhere else.20151010_194555

The silly old sea dog dresses are beautifully made and if looked after well will last forever but its the originality of the fabrics that make them so special to me.


Scarlett & Jo have done it again.

11887865_1156253967721692_3130286126569420753_nI am very excited about some new items set to be released by Scarlett & Jo in the coming weeks as well as the launch of their own website soon.

I have blogged about quite a few of the S&J items that I have as I am a big fan (I still can’t get enough of my fit and flare tunic which is the first S&J item I ever bought)

I was gifted the below dress and Initially I wasn’t sure if it was very ‘me’ but when I tried it on I realised how perfect is is for me. I am a massive fan of standard skater dresses because I am usually a very casual girl and I love the comfy skater dress fit.

This navy kimono dress is like a grown up and elegant take on a classic casual skater dress and I love it.  I don’t often do chiffon type fabrics because I find them very dressy but this just works and I think its the perfect mix of the grown up and dressy fabric on a simple skater shape.

I have dressed it up as much as I personally every would with a delicate necklace and the highest heels I can comfortably walk in.

I got so many compliments on this outfit and the dress is super super comfortable which I love because I didn’t feel like I was dressed up. This dress is very flattering on the body and gives a really nice shape.

I am going to leave you with a couple of my favourite pictures in the dress.IMG-20150807-WA0030IMG-20150807-WA0032

Navy blue Kimono Dress 

I styled the dress with a nude handbag from asos and nude heels from Primark.


Plus size fashion – The Journey.

Everybody knows how much I scream about wearing anything you like and ignoring clothing sizes and trying things out to see how they work for you.

The plus size fashion industry is becoming more and more inclusive with their sizing and ranges and a whole host of new fashion options are opening up to plus size women,

Bloggers are stepping outside the box and showing the world that us plus size girls can wear clothes that society says we shouldn’t and still look absolutely amazing doing it. However we have to remember not everyone wants to make the same statement. A lot of women seek out flattering clothes, clothes designed to skim curves and make lumps and bumps pleasing to the eye.  Whether you are trying to push fashion boundaries or prefer dressing to suit your shape House of Fraser offer a range of plus size brands to shop from.

They have also compiled this infographic with interesting information about the origins of plus size fashion along with tips that some people will find useful. House Of Fraser Plus Size Infographic OUTREACH

Plus size fashion and beauty blog.