My moving experience

Some of you will know, but a lot of you won’t know that I have very recently moved house and city. I am London born and raised so starting over somewhere completely new was a big step and it all sort of came about in a very spur of the moment kind of way.

My sister and I had a conversation about finding a house together and she suggested that we leave London I had briefly lived in the Midlands before so I was willing to give it a think and we started looking… Fast forward about 8 weeks and we now live in Birmingham yay!

What I want to talk a little about now though, is the process in between…

The whole process started out with us at home in London trying to figure out which part of Birmingham we wanted to live in, asking friends about good areas and trying to figure out what our budget was. The first choice we had to make once we decided on where and how much, was whether we were going to go through an agent or go direct to a private landlord. There was a ton of agents offering great homes and because we were travelling up from London to do the viewings it made more sense to use an agent so we could see more houses in each visit up there.

We made a total of 3 trips to Birmingham to look at houses, the first house we wanted was one we found in the first trip but unfortunately the landlord didn’t want any pets in the property and I have little chihuhua mix so that one was a no go. The second house we decided we wanted and are actually now living in is a house we found that was above our budget and a lot further out than we wanted but it turned out to be perfect.

From viewing the house to move in day was approx 3 weeks while we went through the referencing process etc the referencing agent used was HomeLet they made the process really easy and kept great correspondence with us so we always knew what was going on and how far along we were with the process. They provide insurance for tenants as well as for landlords and carry out all referencing for the agents. They really are an ‘all your needs under one roof’ type of company and it makes the moving process easier and takes a lot of stress out of finding insurance and constantly chasing agents for status updates on the referencing application.HomeLet_campaign_infographicNow I’m looking forward to the best part… decorating!

I love buying things for the home and making the house reflect your personality. Soon on the blog I will be doing more home and decor posts and I can’t wait!




The Purrrfect Dress

One of my most ‘liked’ pictures  on my instagram is me in the mustard Lyra dress, it is by far my favourite dress so when Lady Voluptuous released some new prints I was very excited, especially when I saw they had a cat print! The elegance of the Lyra style and a quirky print make for the most amazing dress and I had to have it. 

Screenshot_20161125-114038 Screenshot_20161125-114043 Screenshot_20161125-114025 Screenshot_20161125-114103

It’s really cold here at the moment so I wore leggings underneath and put on some little tan boots to keep warm, having long sleeves on this dress helped with that too.

The dress

There really isn’t much I can say about the dress except that it’s another stunning Lyra and once again Lady V London and Lady Voluptuous have done great!

This dress was very kindly gifted to me, the opinions in this post are all my own.

Gratisfaction Guaranteed!

Once again I have a post that will show you how you can save money.

I am in the middle of finding somewhere new to live and with Christmas just around the corner, any way I can save a little money is perfect for me right now.

Gratisfaction UK is a website that provides a number of options for you to get free or reduced priced items and services. They have three main sections on the site; freebies, flash bargains and voucher codes so you can try items out for free before you part with any money or if you already have something in mind that you want you can find voucher codes to save a bit.

The website is super easy to navigate and has 40+ categories for you choose from to narrow down what you are looking for. If you from electronics, gifts for him, pets and beauty to travel and apps.

I love that you are able to save on so many things that you would normally buy anyway so you’re not having random things you don’t need shoved down your throat. You can save or your normal grocery shopping, things for your children such as nappies or toys and it’s especially good for buying gifts for people with special categories to help make finding the perfect gift easy.

I personally like browsing the beauty items, being able to choose freebies and try them out to see how they work for me is fantastic and will save me buying full size products that I will get no use out of.


Being mostly a fashion blogger I obviously check out fashion deals and there are plenty! Definitely worth checking out the site and seeing how you can make it work for you.



Premium Foodbox

I know it will come as a bit of a surprise but I am a complete foodie lol. For me there is so much to be said for foods with different textures and tastes. Over recent years I have tried to be more adventurous with my food choices and have started to try loads of different flavours. That is why when the chance came up to try Premium Foodbox I jumped at the chance.


I love subscription food boxes like this because they give me the chance to try food that I wouldn’t always think to try. It means I am forced to experiment with what I am eating and that is always exciting. It’s often so tempting to stick with foods that we know we’re going to like, because it’s easy and comfortable. However there’s a lot to be said for trying something new and this box helps with that.

The box itself arrived quickly and the items inside were packed well. As you can see from the photo there is a lovely range of items and I was excited to try so many of them. A lot of the items were really unusual and definitely items I wouldn’t think to try in a shop – Tango popcorn for example, but for me that is half the fun of trying a box like this!


I have heard a lot about raw baking on social media over recent months so I was excited to try the Raw Chocolate Golden Berries and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.


I would always recommend boxes like this, for the simple factor of how exciting they are to try! I love getting a box and opening it while waiting to find out what is inside… it’s like a present every single month!

Have you ever tried any like this? What did you think?

About Premium Foodbox 

“We are passionate about quality food and we love to share our passion with you. We are happy when we find premium ingredients, healthy snacks, unknown brands and lovely packagings. We want you to experience luxurious food every month without the need to actually source them. We know how hard it is to find the best products at one place. From now on you do not have to do anything, just subscribe and you can start enjoying best products every month.”


I want to Simply Be comfortable.

I love dressing up and wearing fancy dresses but when I’m shopping I’m usually looking for cute items that I am comfortable in and can wear on a daily basis.

I wanted a couple of new items that I could wear with leggings and trainers and still be really cute. They are definitely my favourite buys as I get much more wear out of them than I would a party dress. Screenshot_20160928-124753

This is the Jameela Jamil off the shoulder dress. it is definitely a more fancy day time dress which I like and would be a great piece to transition from day to evening if you had drinks after work etc.

This one has no stretch in the fabric and is a little tight on my tummy but still absolutely wearable for me. Screenshot_20160928-124732 Screenshot_20160928-124717This one i love more than life, you know when you find an item and the fit is just perfect and its the most comfortable thing ever…. well this is that for me. its the Multi print jersey babydoll dress. On a normal day I like to be as comfortable as I can and this dress feels great, such an easy piece to wear and a really cute ditsy floral print.

Both of these dresses are listed as Simply be Party Dresses but they are definitely more day to day dresses for me.  I am very much into wearing whatever makes you feel good and what suits your lifestyle and dresses like these are just perfect for me and mine.

Marks and Spencer promo codes

You might have noticed that I have a bit of a shopping habit! Being a lover of fashion means that I am always looking for something new to wear or just window shopping to see what is out there. I love internet shopping because it means that everything is so accessible – I love being able to shop from the comfort of my own home, it makes life so much easier!

However, the temptation to shop is always there and my bank balance doesn’t always appreciate this! That is why I have recently tried to be more proactive when it comes to using voucher codes. When I discovered voucher codes I couldn’t believe that such a simple concept would save me money – it felt too good to be true!

With Christmas around the corner I will be getting some of my older relatives presents using some Marks and Spencer promo codes. Thankfully using voucher codes is really easy – just like using vouchers in a physical store. Now I never buy anything online without seeing what sort of discount code is out there first. To use them you simply enter the code at the checkout point of your order and it immediately takes your discount off of the total – sometimes it can be a percentage off and others it can be free postage. Either way it’s a way to save a few pennies and when it comes to shopping for things online, I need all the help I can get!

The good news is that there are loads of different codes out there so you don’t even have to use them just for fashion. Sites like My Favourite Voucher Codes have promo codes for a whole host of places I shop, I love that they also donate 20% of their profits to charity too. Online shopping for almost any product comes with the opportunity to use a discount code of some kind, so make sure you check for one the next time you shop online and let me know if it saved you any money.


My Time is Valuable!

Really quick post to show you guys a little something I bought recently..


Naomi of Diamonds & Pearls in collab with XL.Promodoro created a really cute slogan tee with a really good message. If you want to find out more about the idea and what it means to her, have a look at Naomi’s post here. 

I’m going to leave you with some pics of me looking cute in my tee :)


Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-20-53 Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-20-24



To borrow or not to borrow…

How I Handle My Money?…

…Well I kinda don’t which is my biggest problem. I’m not bad with money but I’m not good with it either.

I’ve never been in money trouble or owed the bank anything. I’ve been in debt to a clothing catalogue a long time ago lol but looking at my blog that can’t really come as a surprise.  shopping-addiction

So… when I was approached to feature a loan company on my blog I  was in two minds but in an attempt to educate myself provide information on a company to anyone in my situation that reads this, I’m going to give it a whirl.

Vivus loans is actually one of the best loan companies I could be writing about because they have a unique selling point that even I thought was pretty smart and its what stood out to me the most. First time users get a half price loan! One of the main reasons I have avoided loans in the past is the crazy interest, but with the half price deal its actually very appealing.

They boast a simple and quick service that provides a fast loan that is paid back in one lump sum in 10-41 days when you get paid; you can apply online and get an instant decision . They have a comprehensive website and a team of staff available to call, which I would strongly suggest making full use of if you are a green as me when it comes to borrowing.

This has always been something I feel should be taught in schools. Growing up I had so many friends that knew almost nothing about managing money and it’s something  that is so so important to everyday life. Companies that provide payday loans really must be a life saver for people that get into the odd sticky situation when the next pay day just isn’t quite soon enough.

When dipping your foot into the world of borrowing it can be overwhelming at the best of times and I think people make rash decisions when the pressure is on and money is needed immediately. What I like about the positioning of Vivus is that the control is in the borrowers hands. You borrow only what you need and there are no hidden charges. This, along with the half price deal they have, makes it a stand out company in my eyes especially for first time borrowers who need short term financial help.


As you have probably gathered by now, I am no financial guru but all I will say is that you should find out as much as you can about who you are borrowing from and make sure you know everything about the loan you are getting so you don’t get any nasty surprises if you do decide to go ahead.

I hope this post is even a little bit informative.

All content and opinions in the post are my own despite the fact that the post is sponsored





New ways to shop. (via

There are a lot of sites popping up that give you access to multiple shopping sites in one place and I think its a great way to shop. As someone at the higher end of plus size, I very rarely even look at websites that don’t carry plus size items so I miss out on a lot of accessory items available from those places.  I heard about a site called LoveTheSales and I thought I’d check it out to see of they had any plus size brands and to my surprise they do! This is always a pleasure to see as we are so often forgotten. Being able to shop for clothes and have access to non clothing items from brands that do not cater their clothing to plus size people, provides more opportunities to create great outfits.

They have items up to a size 32 available through the Simply Be Sale and also include other big name plus size brands including but not limited to Dorothy Perkins, Studio 8, Junarose and Frock and Frills curve.

I remember in my late teens going shopping with my friends to big shops like topshop and only being able to look at the bags and accessories and always being really bitter about it and subconsciously just counting it as a store that just isn’t for me but while browsing  the lovethesales site I found myself constantly drawn to items in the Topshop Sale, specifically the handbags. The Topshop sale is incredible with massive reductions, I keep filling my basket with so many bags and then closing the window like a form of modern torture lol.

I just think it makes shopping more fun. A huge variety, and a lot more brands that you may not have ever heard of before, much more accessible. Definitely worth checking them out if your looking to put together an outfit or just want to shop a whole load of sales in one place.


Freestyling summer dresses.

I’m off on holiday to Vegas tomorrow morning and I have been looking for good stand alone pieces that need no accessories to be beautiful.  As bloggers people often look to us for styling tips and ideas, something I do a lot in summer is rely on the beauty and features of the item I’m wearing to be the star.

I picked this beautiful and super bright summer dress from JD Williams because the ruffle feature becomes the focal point and I don’t have to faff about with too much accessorising, When I’m on holiday and even in the British summer I find extra layers and fiddly jewellery an annoyance.

So my biggest tip for styling in summer would be to pick some bold colours and/or bold prints or even items with fun details on them so you don’t have to style them if you don’t want to.IMG_20160708_163454something else that is a massive contributor to great summer looks but is  a lot harder to come by than a pretty dress is CONFIDENCE! In this dress I have legs out, arms out, VBO and a whole ton of confidence. I have absolutely no desire to be baking in the summer sun all covered up and feeling uncomfortable and this dress is far too cute for me to want to hide it.

I’m obsessed with simple outfits and comfy shoes, especially during the summer months because for me comfort and cuteness is key.  Simply be have a huge range of summer dresses up to a size 32 and are so worth checking out.


*this dress was kindly gifted to me, all tips and opinions are my own*


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