4 tips for treating acne prone skin

4 tips for treating acne prone skin


Are you longing to have beautiful, young looking skin? That may be everyone’s wish, but unfortunately, there are some people who are not blessed with naturally beautiful skin.

Many a person has gone through that period in their life when their skin has broken out and they lose their confidence.


Unfortunately, acne can still happen even when we grow older. Especially for women as they may still experience acne flare-ups even when they turn 40.


The main culprit of acne is when there is too much oil in the follicle which results to the pores being clogged up. So it’s important that your skin be free from clogged pores so as to avoid pimples and acne. Check out some other tips below to ensure that you never go back to that time in your teenage years when you were too afraid to get out of the house because of the state of your skin.


  1. Get enough sleep – not getting much-needed rest can not only cause tiredness but can greatly affect how your skin looks. If you sleep at irregular hours or sleep early morning, you are missing on valuable restoration time. You may not be aware, but scientists have said that the time between 11 pm and 4:00 am is when the body, including your skin, renews and repairs itself. When you are not able to rest during those times, the body will not be able to do its function of renewing, making your skin, and other body organs suffer

  2. Eat the right food – what you take into your body is just as important as what you put on your face. There are certain types of food that can actually trigger an acne breakout and you should avoid them or at least do not eat them regularly. What are those foods? Processed food and those that are rich in refined sugar are just some of them. Everyone knows that eating fast food and junk food does not do your organs much good, but they tend to forget that the skin is actually the largest organ of the body. If you want a healthier-looking skin, stick to vegetables and other healthy foods.

  3. Consult a doctor if the acne gets worse – while for some, the acne can be treated by over the counter products and the like, there are those whose skin is too sensitive and applying those products may make the condition worse. If you are one of those with really sensitive skin, it is better to go to a doctor so that they can give you expert advice and suggest a treatment that can work for you. Do not try to self-medicate as that may just aggravate your skin’s condition.

    4. Make sure that you are buying the right type of product – whether the product is for your face or body, make sure you read the labels and ensure that the product will not make your skin condition worse. From makeup, body wash and lotion, choose products that can clean well and is non-comedogenic. This site has a list of the best body wash for acne reviewed so that you can narrow down your choices on what you may buy.


Curve fashion festival.

The Curve Fashion Festival in partnerships with New Look is in it’s third year this year and is set to be a huge event in the plus size fashion community once again. This will, however, be my first time attending and I can’t wait. As a plus size blogger I really look forward to attending fashion based events to see what the plus size brands have in store for us in the coming seasons and getting to pop to various stands to have a looks a pieces on the market from smaller brands that I may not have heard or heard of just being able to touch and try on items that are usually only available online. For me these events are the best opportunity to see friends and fellow bloggers from all over the country that I don’t get to see very often and events like TCFF get us all in one  place at the same time and it’s always a great time.

This year returning to Curve Fashion fest will be Tess Holliday.


The UK’s largest plus size fashion event The Curve Fashion Festival in partnership with New Look is delighted to announce the return of Plus Size Model Tess Holliday.

Tess Holliday will be doing a book signing of the new book The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl alongside an audience Q&A.

Looking at this years sponsors and supporters, one of the event supporters Debenhams stood out to me because it isn’t who I first think of when I’m looking for plus size women’s fashion but they have a huge range of plus size clothes for women, being a plus size woman who loves fashion I thought I would give them a mention. Debenhams plus size women’s range currently has over 3500 items from a number of brands from Evans and Studio 8 to Scarlett & Jo so I would definitely say worth having a look at next time you’re looking for something new.

Have you been to TCFF before and will I be seeing you there this weekend? what are you looking forward to the most??? let me know!

right choices regarding vaping

Whether you are new to smoking all together and you want to try vaping, or you are a someone that is trying to stop smoking cigarettes and want to vape as an alternative, you may be looking to the internet for information on what vape system would be best for you.

There are so many vaping blogs that you can follow to get up to date information about what new things are out and also find out about things that you’ve been thinking about trying so you can get an idea before you actual put your hand in your pockets.

There are also a plethora of online resources outlining the pros and cons of using vapes so you can have all the information you need before making a decision.

Studies have shown that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking regular cigarettes and heavy smokers are encouraged to make the switch. Personally I don’t think vaping has been around long enough for researchers to be able to report on its long term effects but there is definitely evidence that shows that short term , smokers are becoming healthier after switching and showing much lower levels of cancer causing toxins.

The thing that intrigues me the most about using a vaporiser is the flavours. I heard of some amazing sounding flavours like lemon cheesecake, black grape, bakewell tart, watermelon and dragonfruit, more than anything I think a lot of non smokers start vaping because its new and trendy and the flavours are probably quite nice tasting. I know if I smoked I would definitely be trying a tonne of cool foodie flavours especially since you can get 0mg nicotine.

All I will say is, just like with anything else, be well informed and make the right choices for you.



I want to bingo!

Bingo!!! I’ve never played bingo in my entire life but I imagine the excitement and shouting out of “Bingo!” would be a lot of fun.

I know there is a whole slew of online bingo sites but if I were to try it out to see what a the fuss is about, I’d like to experience it in a proper bingo hall with someone calling out numbers and the grannies that frequent the place first so I can get the authentic experience.

I’ve seen a lot of people my age and younger that regularly go to their local bingo and have a really fun night out, the idea of cheap drinks and the company of my mates doing something a little bit different is enough to make me want to try it. Living in a new city has made me want to try loads of new things as a way to explore new areas of town and see what’s around.

If you’ve not had a sheltered like and have actually already played a game of bingo before or going to a local bingo hall isn’t something that interests you, or you just want a quick way to try it out for fun,  the convenience of being able to play in the comfort of your own home is offered by online bingo sites such as T-Rex Bingo who offer £30 to get you started with your first deposit playing online on their site. There are always promotions going on and prize draws so there are lots of ways to keep it interesting. The site is really easy to navigate and the sign up process is quick and easy, they really have made it very player’s friendly.

You get the fun and excitement of playing a gambling game without having to even get out of your pajamas which is a huge bonus in my book!

With so many little gaming apps popping up every day it’s so nice to have online access to a simple classic game that you can rely on for a bit of fun in your spare time.

Is getting Bingo! Really as exciting as it seems? I really wanna know lol

online dating: things to think about before you even sign up


Know what type of relationship/arrangements you want before you start looking

People go on dating sites for a number of different reasons, you’d be a fool to think everyone on a dating site wants to actually date (ridiculous I know).  I would say before you even sign up for a dating site have an idea of what it is your’e looking for and that will help you choose the right place for you. Not much good going on an adult arrangement focused site if you want to settle down as you’ll more than likely not find someone after the same. I would also say be honest about what you’re looking for when you make a profile, If you’re genuinely looking for something long term , say so! no point leaving it unticked in the fear of scaring people off.

Be yourself!

I think too many people use an about me section as a place to sell themselves and I think those sound the most false. I love a profile that is honest and  feels like a friend talking to me rather than a list of how awesome someone thinks they are. I try to include a charming flaw or two to show that I am a real person and I like to let people politely know what things I find a turn off as I believe there is no point in wasting their time or my own. I am that way in real life so my online dating profile reflects that.

Know how far you’re willing to travel

I used to go on to online dating sites and cast my net far and wide and then i’d get really annoyed that everyone I was getting along with seemed to be a little too far to realistically date. After a couple of failed semi long distance relationships and moving half way across the country for my last serious relationship, I now cast a much smaller net. I feels so much better when I start getting to know someone and I know that they are local enough to grab a drink or dinner with on wednesday after work rather than having to plan dates weeks in advance. Again that is just my preference but I think this is something that should be considered before starting to get to know someone… are you unable or unwilling to move for love?

Don’t take online dating too seriously

Honestly I think this is one of the most important things to remember. Have fun and don’t take everything too seriously until you’re really getting to know someone you’re going to meet. dating online, people tend to imitate ghosts and vanish just when you think you’re getting on really well. Don’t be offended and please don’t take it personally it happens sooo regularly people even write articles on online ‘ghosting’. I think the process of online dating should be fun, I love meeting new people and I love chatting to different types of people. Through online dating I have made some great friends and have had some very very loving relationships that I wouldn’t change for the world. I definitely think it is something to enjoy so if at any time you’re not enjoying it stop doing it. There should be no pressure to find the perfect person right this second, it shouldn’t be something you rush.

I kind of expect to on and off the dating scene for years to come because I enjoy new experiences and new relationships with new people, its not for everyone but the resources are out there for everyone to find love at any age, specialised Over 50s dating sites are super popular at the moment and just like I mentioned in a previous dating post they have sites by location to suit everyone from over 50s dating Hampshire to over 50s dating Cumbria

So whatever age you are or hot much experience you have dating online or of it isn’t ‘dating’ specifically that you’re looking for, the Internet is a fantastic way to meet a multitude of people to choose from to get to know.

These tips are just things that I have learnt from my experiences using many online dating sites but definitely find out what world for you and I wish you all the luck and fun!

Dating online. Casual encounters and location based dating.

I have been single for 3 years in March (besides a short fling that I thought was a relationship at the time earlier this year) and now that I am settled in my new city I am more open to entering into a new relationship. So of course my first port of call is the Internet to discover what wonders and wind ups online dating has in store for me.
There are the obvious dating sites that have become well-known for more short term interactions and some that are designed with a lot of pairing aids for people who specifically seek a committed long term relationship. Finding the right place is often a lot of trail and error and deciding exactly what you want from online “dating”. If you know what you want and it is something non committal there are sites available for you. I love that more and more people are starting to realise that casual sex and other arrangements outside of the lines of a traditional one on one committed relationship are completely normal and the people seeking them don’t have to hide the fact.
Adult Dating is one site that is aimed solely at people wanting to meet other people for adult interactions.

There are some dating sites, rather than being focused on what type of relationship/arrangement you’re looking for, focus on location. So you could join a site a know all the members live in your city. Sites like this are perfect for someone who because of whatever reason would be unable or unwilling to relocate for a partner. Whether you’re looking for a Bristol dating site, a  Devon dating site, a Gloucester dating site, a Warwickshire dating site, a County Fermanagh dating site, a Leicestershire dating site or a Watford dating site, there is something for absolutely everyone. I know just as well as anyone that you can tell yourself you will only talk to local people and end up chatting to people on the other side of the country. Location focused dating sites give you a smaller, more specific pool of potential dates. Unlike a lot of people I don’t mind dating people in different cities and in my past experience it’s always been a really good way to see more of the country, I’m greedy, I like a big pool of fish lol.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a little bit of casual fun or looking to settle down forever with the love of your life internet dating has become a very efficient and successful way to meet people you may not bump into in your day to day life and I think that’s why its becoming increasingly popular.

The Quick Guide to Looking Dapper this Summer

The Quick Guide to Looking Dapper this Summer

Do you worry about looking the part? Not sure about your summer wardrobe? Fear not, because here is your book of cheats to keep you looking dapper.

As much as we love winter, it is great when the sun comes out for the absolute best time of the year…summer! Whether you live by the suns out, guns out policy, or prefer to keep your outfit more sophisticated, your individual style will be on point.

Play it Cool

Play it cool to keep you looking and feeling cool. If you are still walking around with your big, thick winter jacket that you got for Christmas, dispose of it now! Well, put it back in the wardrobe, because it is going to get cold again soon.

Don’t feel that you have to compete with everyone else when you walk out of the door. The most important aspect of your dress is that you feel comfortable in yourself and in your clothes.

Festival Season

Festival season is here and that means it’s time to let your hair down and have a good time! Friends, loud music and drink are the perfect summer recipe.

While jumping around in a sea of other people may not be the best time to wear your favourite luxury jewellery, do not fear chains and chokers. Again, we will ask that you play it cool – festivals are not the time for the smart and expensive attire as the chances are you are going to get a little bit muddy.

Leave anything heavy at home or in the tent, as there is nothing sexy about anyone drenched in sweat and appearing to be on the verge of dehydration. Allow your body to breathe, but be classy, too. Tank tops, shorts and summer hats to keep the sun out of your eyes are all acceptable. Festival_(2)[1]

Party Time

Parties come in all shapes and sizes, and for all kind of occasions. Make sure that you look presentable with a flexible outfit – you don’t want to be caught out and be overdressed for a casual get together. If you are not sure exactly what smart-casual means (the term leaves a lot open for debate), then opt for something that would not look out of place in any situation.

The boys can never go wrong with a smart polo shirt and dark jeans accompanied by casual shoes. Of course, if you possess a collection of some of the finest shoes available, matching your ensemble shouldn’t be an issue.

For the ladies, apart from the timeless little black dress, have fun and be as outrageous as the dress code allows. Girls just want to have fun, after all!

Formal Approach

Formal occasions do not mean settling for any old suit and tie combination. No sir. Pick out a fine blazer jacket that runs approximately an inch above the cuff of your shirt to nail the business-casual vibe. Mixed with some dapper looking cufflinks, you can find some brilliant examples if you visit this website, you have the perfect formal outfit for those important events.Black_tie_(2)[1]

Women’s outfit can be easily split into two categories – day and evening – when it comes to formal wear. A sophisticated blouse mixed with trousers or pencil skirt is the go-to option for many belles of the boardroom, with or without high-heeled shoes.

If you are attending a black tie event, this is when you are expected to get glammed up with either a full length evening gown or exceptional cocktail dress. As good as something looks always think about how comfortable you will be wearing it throughout the night, hopefully sipping on something flavoursome.

The most important thing to remember this spring is to celebrate being you – 2017 is the age of individuality, so go out and express yourself how only you know best!


Lady V and me.

I have a long and loving relationship with Ladyvlondon, more specifically Lady Voluptuous. I have experience with quite a few of their dresses but the first one I every bought was an Estella and it was love at first try on! I had 5 Estella dresses at one point and then I started buying some of the others like the Phoebe, the Cosette, the Bellatrix, the Lyra, the iconic Medusa and most recently the Ursula swing.

Here are just some of the Lady Voluptuous dresses I’ve had/I have.IMG_20170626_091448

We have now come full circle and I have just received a new style Estella. Ignore the squinting, it was sunny out lolIMG-20170614-WA0026This is the Sunshine Toucan Estella dress This one is a little different to the Estella I knew and loved, it has longer sleeves and an upturned cuff. I feel like this one covers more in the bust area than the ones I’ve had before.  IMG-20170614-WA0030This Estella is a little tight on the arms for me but that is purely because I have huge arms and I’m fatter than I was when I wore the old Estellas. Edit: I tried on an old Estella from my wardrobe and it still fits, I just think that the old Estella has short sleeves so accommodates my arms better. IMG-20170614-WA0018

This is such a nice dress for the summer the print is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the hot weather we have been having recently. You can count on the great quality that they have always been consistent with in their dresses too.

Do you have a favourite Lady Voluptuous dress?


Wearing sixteen47 twenty four seven.

Recently I got to experience  sixteen47, a brand that goes up to a size 42!!! I am always looking for brands that have items in a larger size than I am so I can have the luxury of oversized pieces in my wardrobe.

Looking through the website a lot of the items weren’t the usual style that I would go for but there are some definitely some treasures. I chose a staple black dress and the brand were kind enough to send me a second piece to review.IMG-20170511-WA0104

The black dress is a skater shape with panelling so there is so much fabric at the bottom it makes it very flowy and flattering on my shape. The fabric is thick and the sleeves are long so it is definitely an item that I will be wearing in the colder months. I love that the shape of the dress give it a alot of movement and it swishes when I walk. IMG-20170511-WA0111

The second piece I have isn’t something I would usually choose but I’ve actually worn it more than the black dress, it’s a nice piece to throw on with leggings when you have errands to run, I’ve been wearing it when I’ve been going out for walks. The colours are perfect for summer and so is the light fabric. This cappuccino jersey top is really nice to wear.IMG-20170511-WA0123It is so nice to be able to wear clothes and have space in the garment, these are easily two of my most comfortable items that I own. The thing that stands out the most about the items from sixteen47 is the quality! you can tell straight away that their pieces will wear and wash really well. The quality of the fabrics used and how clearly well made they are means you will have long lasting additions to your wardrobe.

Remember to be kind to yourself

If you have been following my blog you may have seen that I have been making the effort to be a little more active, walk around a bit more and try to see more of the new city I live in. I personally find walking more (basically an increase in the physical activity that i’m used to) makes me feel better, it has a huge impact on my mood and sets me up for the day.

I am all about doing things that help my mental state, whether that be going for a short walk with the dogs, tidying the house, going out and seeing friends or relaxing with some laid back acoustic pop and some amazing smells burning in the house.

Since I was a child my mum would always burn incense or essential oils around the house and when I moved out I developed a Yankee Candle obsession because I loved having my home filled with nice scents. Recently though I have bought a beautiful elephant oil burner that fits the decor of my bedroom and have been picking up different essential oils when I see them. I person love having citrus scents burning in my house, especially in the warmer months so I am fully stocked up on lemon oil (heart eye emoji)

My collection at the moment consists of lemon, orange, peppermint, coconut, lavender, cedarwood, strawberry, rose and tea tree. I use the tea tree and the lavender in an oil mix that I use for my hair, the lavender for the scent and because it is said to promote hair growth and I add the tea tree to nourish my roots. I also add coconut oil to my oil treatment quite simply because coconut oil is life lol

The other oils I have are mostly just because they are scents that I really like and I love people walking into my house to citrus scents. My sister had a cold recently as was burning peppermint in our house and since then I’ve been a little obsessed and have it burning (diluted with water) in my room all the time. I’ll be honest I’m not even sure what the peppermint oil is typically used for but it just smells amazing. Neal’s Yard Remedies has an amazing selection of essential oils which I had no idea about as I’d only used their skincare products before, they even have essential oil blends if you know exactly what it is you are looking for.

Mental health is being much more openly talked about now which I think is amazing and I think encourages more people to seek help. If you don’t know what works for you and need assistance there are a ton of resources online, including helplines if you need to speak to someone.

This post is in collaboration with Neal’s Yard Remedies but all the opinions and experience with oils and activities that help me relax and get out of my own head are my own,


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