Be prepared for winter driving

There are a number of things I’ve never really had to concern myself with, one of them being what needs to be considered when driving in the winter. This is the first winter I’ve had to think about more than what cute winter coat to buy and whether I need to double up on socks.
I’ve been looking into the ways you need to prepare for driving in the winter and I wanted to share with you some of the top tips I’ve discovered.

1. Check your battery

There are extra demands on your battery during the winter months, like heating and extra light so it’s important to take good care of it and make preparations like turning off electrical loads before trying to start the engine.

2. Get your car serviced

Get a winter am car check. These services are specifically designed to ensure your car is ready for the winter months and is in the best condition to keep you and other road users safe. You can get these checks everywhere, I know a place for getting your car serviced in London.

3. Antifreeze

You need a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water in your car for best success. This will protect your car down to – 34 degrees Celsius. Not only does it prevent the water from freezing it also raises the boiling point of engine coolant to prevent overheating so its a good idea to get a long life antifreeze that will benefit you all year round.

4. Check your types

In the run up to bad weather conditions it’s important to make sure your tyres are in good condition. You have to ensure the tread depth is well above the legal minimum. If you live somewhere that have very bad winters you can even get types specifically for winter.

5. Make sure you have cover

If you break down or your car gets stuck you’re going to need roadside assistance, make sure you have cover so you can get out of these situations quickly and inexpensively.

Finally and most importantly drive safely, driving in poor weather conditions can be very difficult and very very dangerous. When there is snow and ice on the ground, only drive when absolutely necessary. Make sure you leave plenty of time so you’re not rushing and to allow for inevitable delays. Plan your journey in advance so you can try your best to stick to major roads that will more likely be cleared of snow. Do a little research and familiarise yourself with some tips and tricks to help you keep safe.




The perfect prom dress for you.

“You can get married three or four times but prom is a once in a lifetime experience”- Anon

Choosing a prom dress is not unlike what I imagine choosing a wedding dress is like. It’s one day that is documented for life and one that everyone want’s to look their best. Coming from someone who went to their prom reluctantly and didn’t have a special dress or anything,  here are some things I would consider if I had the chance to do it over.

Get some inspiration

Between magazines, Google image searches and social media, there is an endless supply of resources that will provide inspiration when you don’t know where to start. Not only from looking at prom dresses but anything , even red carpet events, the options are endless.


Beautiful prom dresses are available in every price range, style and colour you can imagine so even with a budget on the smaller side there are still amazing dresses to be had. There are places that rent out dresses for proms so this is always worth considering if dresses to buy are proving too expensive. The prom dress market is highly lucrative, especially in the States and there is often a lot of pressure to spend a small fortune on a dress. It needs to be remembered though, that this dress is for one occasion. Sit down with your budget well in advance and decide how much you are willing to spend on a prom dress.

Style and comfort

Websites love to tell people to look for a dress that flatters your shape when looking for a prom dress. I say pick something that you like and makes you feel confident. When looking for inspiration there may be styles of dresses that jump out at you, if these are the dresses that you love then these are the dresses you should be trying on and seeing what you think instead of being told what kind of dress is best suited to your body. At the end of the day, you will be the one wearing the dress so only you have to love it.

Once you have a dress you love and you’ve worn it to prom, it doesn’t have to sit in the back of the wardrobe. There are so many occasions where the right prom dress can come in handy, parties, a wedding and even to create a cool Halloween look.

Most importantly you want a prom dress that suit you and your personal style. The last thing you want is to spend the evening and look back on photos for years to come and not feel like yourself. I know comfort doesn’t often come into it when people think about a prom dress but it’s meant to be an enjoyable occasion, not just an evening of adjusting straps, pulling and tugging on a bodice or struggling to breathe. Its a right of passage that you only get once so pick a dress you love and have the best time!


Comfy, Cosy and Practical: Building Your Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn is a time for enjoying the cooler weather, watching the leaves turn beautiful shades of red and orange and enjoying cosy nights in at home. As the weather changes are wardrobes need to as well, here’s how you can build yours.


From this website

Consider a capsule wardrobe

Buying a whole new wardrobe every season can be expensive, which is why a capsule closet is a good way to go. Here you only need a few different items, but you can style lots of outfits for all occasions that all look very different. For autumn, a few long sleeve jersey dresses make good stable pieces to build your capsule wardrobe from. They’re comfy, flattering and can easily be dressed up or down- worn with heels for evening occasions or with tights, flat boots and a cute leather jacket or cardigan for day wear. If you’re more of a trouser wearer, a pair of black trousers and a couple of pairs of jeans can all be worn with different tops to create different looks. Think about footwear and jackets too- a mac is classic and can be worn with just about everything. A pair of black leather boots will again go with most outfits and keep your feet warm and dry over the upcoming months.


Add accessories

Accessories are a fantastic way to embrace the season. They can bring a pop of colour and style to any plain outfit- a scarf, a bag, a piece of statement jewellery or a hat can all transform your autumn wardrobe without the need to spend much. Scour high street bargains and sites like eBay for unique pieces. Gold, burnt orange and red as well as khaki and jewel tones like purple and navy all work well for the autumn and winter.


Replace your basics

When you wear things like tights, leggings, vest tops, tshirts for layering and other basics every day, they can quickly wear out. A couple of times a year it’s worth investing in new pieces, they don’t cost much but prevent you from looking scruffy. If you can’t locate your winter warmers from last year like your gloves and woolly hat, you will need to replace these too!


Think about nightwear and loungewear

It’s not just clothes to go out in that we need to consider when we’re building our autumn wardrobe. During the colder months of the year we tend to spend more time at home, meaning it’s important to have things to relax in. There are lots of cute pyjamas you can buy at this time of year, but loungewear can be an even better option. That way you look more put together if someone knocks the door! You can even get felt slippers with rubber soles which make hard wearing alternatives to regular slippers. If you do need to pop out into the garden to put the bin out or get something from the car then it won’t soak the bottoms and ruin them.

Autumn is on the way, so be sure to have your wardrobe prepared so you can look cute and be comfy over the colder months!


4 natural ways to give yourself an energy boost

The lives we lead are busy, whether it’s work, family, kids and other commitments, by the time we finally sink into bed we either don’t get our eight recommended hours of sleep or we just wake up feeling grotty and unrefreshed. Sleep is something we all want but very few of us get so many of us are looking for other ways to get a much needed energy boost to get them through the day.

You might be thinking of a trip to the spa to refresh your tired skin, or you might have found the best under eye concealer to hide the bags, but have you considered some natural ways to give yourself an energy boost?

Step away from the energy drinks and caffeine and read on for 4 totally natural ways to give yourself an energy boost.

Take yourself for a walk

It might seem like the worse thing you can do if you’re feeling low on energy, but taking a walk gets the blood pumping, the fresh air wakes up your mind and you’ll feel great afterwards. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to have a three mile hike – that would be counterproductive…but if you’ve run out of milk, walk to the nearest shop instead of driving to the bigger store several miles away. Need to book an appointment? Take your phone with you and make the call when you’re on your walk. Anyone can fit a quick stroll into their routine. Give it a try.


We think of essential oils and aromatherapy as calming and relaxing ways to destress. So perhaps not the first place you would look for a pick me up. Well, some essential oils and fragrances have the opposite effect! The most powerful? Peppermint! Peppermint has amazing properties that make us feel more awake and it smells delicious. You can incorporate it into your day by chewing peppermint gum, using peppermint body wash in your morning shower, or even sniffing some peppermint oil at your desk at work.

Drink. Water of course.

When we fail to replenish just 1.5 percent of the water and fluid we lose from our bodies, it’s a one way ticket to tired town. But the good news is that keeping hydrated it easy and free! The trick to drinking water on the go is to invest in a gorgeous reusable water bottle that you can keep with you at all times. If it fits in your bag – even better! And if plain water isn’t your thing, then don’t worry – add some fresh fruit in there for a taste infusion or even a squeeze of lemon to give it a zing. And speaking of lemons…


If you need an instant pick me up, then slice up some lemon and have a suck on some of the wedges. It might sound like a terrible idea but that tart citrus flavour will certainly pop those tired eyes wide open! It’s also packed with vitamin C – so your immune system gets a boost too.  



Practical Steps to Deal with a Relationship Breakup


Going through a breakup is extremely hard no matter who you are. And the ways in which you respond to it can make all the difference to your recovery. While it may feel tempting to sit on the sofa for hours on end with a tub of ice cream, this is not the most practical solution to the problem. So, you need to look into the coping mechanisms which are a little more practical, and it is these that we will be focusing on in this blog post.


Deal with the Big Issues

There are big issues and smaller ones which are involved in a relationship breakup. And the larger ones are likely to lead to higher stress levels, so you are better off trying to tackle these first. These often relate to your living situation or arrangements with the kids, and one of the best ways of handling these problems is by getting in touch with expert divorce solicitors. Once you tackle some of the larger issues, this can feel like a big weight off your shoulders.


Handle the Smaller Stuff

Now that the bigger issues are out of the way, you can start to deal with the smaller things. Just a few of the examples of what constitutes these include dividing up the stuff in your apartment, cancelling any shared accounts, changing the names on your bills etc. In comparison to the stuff in the previous section, these may seem like smaller issues. But they all need to be dealt with properly so that you transition through the phases of your breakup in the smoothest way possible.


Give Yourself Some Distractions


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The problem with the sitting on the sofa and eating ice cream method of getting through a breakup that we discussed earlier is that you simply aren’t doing anything to take your mind off things. Spending time with your friends is a great way of distracting your attention and focusing it on something positive. As well as this, you could try taking up an evening or weekend class of some kind or perhaps getting involved in a new sport or exercise. Even though you may not feel like doing any of these things at first, they can prove to be very helpful in the long-run.


Manage Your Health

When you go through a breakup, it is very easy for your physical health to start deteriorating as well. So, you need to make a special effort to manage your wellbeing properly. This means preparing some of your own meals and not simply ordering food every night of the week. It also means going out and exercising rather than lying around. And it can also be a case of changing up your routine and your environment to help focus your mind on something else.

Ultimately, you are better off dealing with relationship breakups in a practical way, and this will help you to come out the other side.



Investing in luxury

Being a fashion blogger I mostly post about dresses and creating outfits, I like to include accessories and jewellery that compliment what I’m wearing. I love fast fashion and I’m always buying new clothes as the seasons and styles change. That’s what I like the most about affordable clothes, my wardrobe is overrun with options and I can mix and match to create any looks I want.

When it comes to handbags I’m the complete opposite, for me handbags are an investment. On my last holiday to Vegas I bought a beautiful Italian leather cross body bag, initially I was in two minds because of the price but I’m so glad I made the choice to buy it. The quality of the bag is amazing, I use it all the time and it still looks brand new after two years. In the last eight years or so I have bought 90% of my bags from a high end highstreet retailer because bags are something I believe are worth the extra pennies because we use them every day and they store very valuable items.
Italian leather, purchased from the right company can literally last you a lifetime if you take care of it so it saves you buying poorly made ones season after season.

While scrolling through the Attavanti website I have seen so many gorgeous Italian leather bags, they literally have bags to suits the need of everyone.


I personally love the messenger type bags. I like to keep my belongings across my body and it frees up my hands to carry other things or carry out day to day tasks without having to leave my bag laying around. They have bags for men, tote bags, travel bags, handbags, laptop bags…. You name it, and they all vary in price so you so many options to choose from.

I honestly can’t express enough how good it is to have at least one really well made, high quality bag to use. It feels great having all your items secure in something stylish that you know won’t fall to pieces. A beautiful piece that will last a lifetime is priceless.


Thinking outside the box for the women in my life

I have two sisters and a female cousin my age and whenever birthdays and Christmas come around I’m always searching for something to give them that is something a little bit out of the box.
I usually look at perfumes and books they might like or I’d take them out for a meal at a place I know they want to try or already like, but as each yeah passes it becomes more and more difficult to be original with gifts for them.
Recently as we’ve all gotten older we have looked at giving experiences and creating memories over actual things like a perfume or electronics. Spa days, cooking classes and trips for afternoon tea are very popular for women on gift day sites. Although these are lovely ideas for gifts they aren’t very original for gift giving at all.

My two younger sisters have both passed their driving tests very recently and that gave me a really really good idea! I was looking at Track Days and they have some amazing driving experiences available to book as gifts. From classic vehicles like the classic mini to absolutely stunning supercars. I was initially a little worried about the cost but I was surprised to find that you can get a driving experience with a McLaren for the price of birthday dinner for two in London. There are so many different cars (my favourite being the Audi R8) to choose from too so if you wanted to gift a couple of people they would be able to have completely different experiences.


I was drawn to the driving ones because driving is relatively new to my sisters and I think that would be very exciting for them. There is however a number of other experience days that they offer like water sports and flying etc. Track days offer experiences all up and down the country so you won’t have to travel far and they even offer track experiences for juniors and I think these would be amazing for young girls to try out whether they are ‘into cars’ or not. I know that driving a supercar when I was a teenager would have been mind-blowing!

I know my sisters really well and I know they would love doing a driving experience so it makes me wonder why these types of gifts are aimed mainly at men. When looking got gift days on popular gift sites the “For him” and “For her” sections make me a little mad because I have to search both categories when looking for gifts for anybody. I think it’s important to choose something that the person will enjoy and remember forever, not what society thinks is an appropriate gift for a woman.

I think these types of gifts that are a little bit different are honestly the best kind, I think a lot of people will be surprised about how much the women in their lives will enjoy doing something different and having a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget.

Love a bit of lace.

Last year I got the most beautiful top, it’s a simple T-shirt with a cut out and a little bit of lace. I think it is just perfect and I kinda want to wear it all the time.


I love how a bit of lace can add so much to a simple item like a T-shirt and now whenever I see items with a small bit of lace I want them all. In my mind I think of lace as being very sexy and a little risqué (which I love) so when it’s chucked on a regular every day item/outfit I’m drawn to it even more.

I’ve been seeing items like this more and more recently so I’d thought I’d share a couple that caught my eye.

1. Black lace insert top from Esprit, this one would be a great one to dress up, the lace is mostly on the back and it’s looks very simple and sophisticated from the front. The fabric is beautiful and you can’t go wrong with black.

2. Black lace trim cami from Yours Clothing, this one has the least lace but is still the most revealing of the three. I love a classic black cami and I think the lace gives it just the right amount of edge.

3.Grey lace sleeve pocket T-shirt from Simply Be, this is probably the closest item to what I have in the pic above. I love the contrast of the black lace against the grey and the cute little pocket is a nice detail. IMG_20180824_004327Each of these items are different but I like them all equally. The lace takes each one up a nothc from the otherwise very simple piece it would be without it. I don’t think the lace needs to be round the neck/bust line for it to add that little bit of sexiness. Each of these items would look just as good with leggings and converse as they would be jeans and heels. I love that items like this are so versatile and easy to dress up.

Do you live a bit of lace as much as I do?


Finally wanting to see where I’m from

My dad is St Lucian, he was born there and came over to the UK when he was 10 years old. My mum is second generation St Lucian, both her parents were born and raised there. I am St Lucian, born and raised in London and for some reason I have never ever been there.

Most of the members of my family, immediate and extended have been to St Lucia at least once. My sisters and my dad go regularly. Whenever I go abroad I always seem to go to the States. There is a lot more of America that I want to see so I definitely won’t stop visiting there but I definitely think it’s time I consider taking a trip to St Lucia. Going to America seems a lot more like being home in the UK. The language is the same and a lot of it is great to do the things I want to do when I’m away like shop and and spend time in the sun. I’ve always struggled to understand what a Caribbean holiday would have for me.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to see the appeal of a laid back, sun yourself on the beach, see the sights type of holiday over my usual cocktails and hitting all the malls I can find type.

Besides a ton of family I have that live there, St Lucia has some amazing things to see and from what I have seen looks like a super romantic getaway.

I’m currently in a relationship with someone who has a completely different cultural history to me and I lover learning about where he is from and I think as the relationship progresses we will definitely want to visit each others country of origin I love watching travel shows and reading about places people have been on travel blogs but none of that would be the same as seeing where my family originates from and where some of them still are.

I’ve been looking on the website Destination2: Holidays that have been made easy to save people time and money, to try and figure out what a holiday to St Lucia would cost me and how I could swing it. I would definitely speak with my dad or my sisters as they’ve been before and would be able to advise me on places to stay and all the romantic places to visit.

I’d really like to do some touristy things there too, like seeing the pitons and bathing in mud at the sulphur springs.


St Lucia boasts some of the most beautiful views in the world so even if you’re not interested in actually seeking out romantic activities the whole island is a romantic paradise. There is definitely a reason that St Lucia is listed as one of the top three romantic honeymoon destinations!

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