1.  The bride in her dress

    This is a picture that is paramount to take on any wedding day, as it shows the bride looking the most beautiful; the way that she has envisioned herself to look since she was a young girl fantasizing about marriage.


  1.  The wedding party

Make sure to have photos taken of your wedding party; the group that is beside you when you are exchanging your vows. Photos of the wedding party should be taken as a group; with the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, another one with the bridesmaids alone and the last one with the groomsmen alone.


  1.    The bride with her parents

 This is another important picture to take on your wedding day. This picture is especially important since it signifies you leaving your parents home to go start your own. Of course, not everyone has their parents at the time of their wedding, but those who do have parents or a guardian that is there for you, then this is usually a priceless photo.


  1.    The bride arriving at the ceremony

 This is usually a great picture since it culminates where it all begins. The picture is taken to show the bride walking down the aisle in readiness for a new chapter in her life.


  1.    The bride and the groom at the altar

 This is a wonderful picture as it signifies when the bride and the groom exchange their vows and vow to love each other for the rest of their lives.


  1.   The first kiss after marriage

 This is an important photograph to be taken, as it signifies the first time the bride and the groom kiss as a married couple, showing the world that they love each other and its exclusive.


  1.    Walking down the aisle as newlyweds

 With the vows and rings exchanged, as well as the marriage certificate signed in front of friends and family, it is time to leave the venue together for the first time as a married couple. This is a great picture as it captures the new couple smiling wide happy to be finally bound together.

  1.    The reception

 Another great picture to capture on your wedding day is your reception, the venue, the guests, the cake and everything else. It is important as it keeps the memory of your friends and family rejoicing together with you on your big day.


  1.   Fun moments

 These are photographs to keep the memories of the fun moments that happened during your wedding; maybe your dance at the reception, playful moments between husband and wife and such like moments. These are great since they will always put a smile on your face when you are going through your wedding album. For the best photographs of your wedding for residents of Devon, consult Dan Ward Photography, Wedding Photographer Devon.

 10.   The groom waiting for the bride at the altar

 This is a great photo that will bring back the husband’s memory of how he waited for his bride during their wedding day, was he nervous or as calm as could be.

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