10 Simple Garden Maintenance Tips for the Non-Gardener

10 Simple Garden Maintenance Tips for the Non-Gardener


Gardening really isn’t for everyone. If you more of a sun bather than a delve right in with a spade in hand kind of person, then this guide is right up your street. Check out my top 10 gardening tips for the non-gardener:


  1. It doesn’t need to be a mammoth task! Flower beds need a top up 1-2 times a week maximum.
  2. Don’t drown your plants, an even covering of flower beds is suffice.
  3. Avoid plant heads to prevent damage.
  4. Forgotten to water? Add plant food to your next batch. This gives them a little spruce up for greener leaves and more vibrant colours.



  1. Don’t cut your grass too short – Leave it at least 5cm long.
  2. Don’t drown the grass. 10 – 15 litres of water per sq.m is enough.


  1. Pull weeds from the root to prevent further growth or spreading.

 Automate the Process

  1. Don’t have time to water the plants or lawn? Get some automatic sprinklers to do it for you.
  2. Don’t enjoy mowing the lawn? If you’ve got the budget – Automatic lawn mowers take the chore out of cutting the grass but can come at a cost.


Not feeling gardening at all?

10. Go artificial – Eliminate the process all together and opt for fake grass – There’s a range to suit every budget!


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