12 Vape Trickers You Should Follow on Social Now

12 Vape Trickers You Should Follow on Social Now


Vaping is often promoted as being a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, and while this is one main benefit, vaping deserves just as much credit for being an immersive, stylistic hobby that allows people to express their artistic ingenuity in new and creative ways. “Tricking,” or the art of manipulating vapour with your mouth, throat, lungs, hands and other objects to create aesthetically intricate vaping performances, has taken the vaping world by storm, becoming more popular in modern media.

 Vape trick artists, often known as “Trickers,” are passionate about vaping and often use the best mods, RDAs and eLiquid formulas to produce pillory white vapour, which they bend into incredible shapes and patterns. Passionate trickers have formed tricking teams worldwide and travel globally to attend vaping conventions and perform in vape tricking competitions. Mastering the art form is no easy feat, and most trickers practise their skills daily.

 This list includes 12 vape trickers who are the best of the best (as well as links to their hottest social media profiles), so you can get an eyeful of their artistic expositions daily.



  • Danny “Lolo” Lopez

Danny Lolo is an infamous vape tricker from Miami, Florida. Danny began tricking while smoking hookah but decided to opt for a healthier lifestyle and took up vaping.

 Since then, he has soared well beyond a beginner vaper and now works at the top of the industry. He shows innovation and creativity in his performances and is perhaps one of the most well-known vape trickers in the world today. Danny is on the VGOD tricking team.



  • Viktoria Grace

Viktoria Grace is an official vape promoter, model and master tricker. She has a variety of sponsorships and is a VGOD affiliate. Look no further for incredible tricking performances, as she expertly portrays her artistic vision and “airbending” talents in regular videos and photos on her Instagram and updates her personal blog often.



  • Austin Lawrence

Austin Lawrence is a tricking professional who has been recognized by hot sources like GQ magazine and flown out for a performance by Drake. He is no amateur in the tricking world.

 Perhaps his most iconic trick, the “Double Lasso,” involves blowing a series of smoke O’s inside of each other. It’s much like a regular “Lasso” trick, but amplified by two, and looks extremely difficult to perform. The way Austin manipulates vapour (and the laws of physics) is bananas. You won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes.




  • Vita Vapes

This lovely lady describes herself as a “Vape Enthusiast” but is much more deserving of a title like “Tricking Master.” Her mixture of intricate lighting, sound and pure talent make her tricking videos one of a kind, and she offers a glimpse of her daily life (and all her vaping preferences and skills) on her Instagram.



  • Zach “Zachajawea” Berge

Zach Berge, known in the vaping world as Zachajawea, is a member (and co-owner) of the VGOD tricking team, from Torrance, California. He travels the world, appearing at vape conventions in Ontario, Tokyo and Prague, as well as other major cities.



  • Bee Vapes

Bee is a vapor-bending queen from Guam. She has performed alongside the VGOD tricking team and travelled the world to attend conventions.

 A variety of companies sponsors her, but the variation does not impact her total control and expert manipulation of the vapour. While she never outright calls herself a “vape tricker,” her 20k+ followers on Instagram say it for her.



  • G_Vapes

This VGOD member and tricking professional adds a humorous flair to the vaping world. He performs expert modifications of the “Lasso” trick and blows incredibly fast O’s.



  • Neil Patton

Neil Patton is a VGOD member who always puts his creative spin on tricking. His style features the manipulation of milky and wispy vapour waves to create the ultimate aesthetic experience. He even has a public Snapchat (@stoopsneil), so you can keep an inside look on all of Neil’s vape trickery.



  • Kylee Vapes

Kylee is a serious vaper with even more serious skills. She uses her social profile to show off her massive milky O’s and promote all her favourite vaping brands.

 She has several sponsorships, but that doesn’t put a dent in her personality or creative style. Follow her on Instagram to get a whiff of tricking skills.



  • Bobalyn

Bobalyn, known as Boba, is a VGOD member from the Philippines, who is in Orange County, California. Her preferred official title is “Vape Model,” but she doesn’t nearly fall short of the “vape tricker” requirements with her huge clouds and expert vapour manipulation techniques.



  • Kevin Trinidad

Kevin is a member of the VGOD tricking team who has an incredible lung capacity and unmatched ability to manipulate vapour. His Instagram features regular tricking updates, as well as highlight his silly personality, making him an expert entertainer. However, the short snapshots on Instagram hardly give him the justice that full-length videos on YouTube do, so be sure to check him out there, too!



  • Hannah “Just Peachyy”

This vaping lady shows off her vape trickery with just the perfect amount of style and grace. She runs with multiple sponsorships but tends to put her original twist on her tricks. She regularly posts vape tricking videos to her Instagram to show off her expert talent and promote all her favourite products.


Final Thoughts

These 12 vaping masters dedicate a bulk of their time to practising behind the scenes to formulate aesthetically appealing vape trick shows for competitions (and for Instagram), so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t blowing O’s on your first try. Follow these expert trickers to keep an eye on what’s new and up and coming in the tricking world. Tricking is not easy by any means, but with the right vape set up, solid dedication and a lot of practise, you can be well on your way to becoming a master vapour bender, too!


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