Stay Active with all the Family

Are you trying to be more active with your family? If yes then this is for you…

I am an advocate for doing what makes you feel good , whether that is putting on a pretty dress, chucking on some lippie, going out for a walk to get some air and stretch your legs or going to the local diner for a burger.

We’re all well-versed in the benefits of leading an active lifestyle and how it can do wonders for our energy levels and health. But we also know that at times, things can get a bit hectic between the school runs, a full-time job, cooking the meals and getting the packed lunches ready. Planning exercise into your day might not necessarily be your first priority.

The Benefits of Exercise

There’s overwhelming evidence that leading an active lifestyle can help to reduce the chances of illnesses in later life, as well as giving you more energy.

The NHS recommends a certain amount of exercise dependant on the individual, but you’ll be able to feel a difference by just doing more than you are now, again if exercise is something you are trying to do more of (as I am) then an increase in any activity will make a difference. I think fun activities alone or with the family make exercise more bearable and something to look forward to.

If you don’t have the time to schedule vigorous exercise into your day, here are some easy ways to keep the whole family active.


  1. Download a Health App

Most of us have smart phones now and carry them with us throughout the day. So why not download an app to monitor how many steps you’ve taken in the day, or how far you ran on your daily jog?

Then, you could compare your data with the rest of your family. A bit of healthy competition goes a long way and you might find that it gives you that extra motivation to go for that walk on a lunchtime or cycle to work instead of driving.

  1. Encourage the Kids to Play Out

The lure of the TV or games console might be strong in your household, but try to think of ways to encourage your kids to venture outdoors, even if it’s just out in the garden.

Consider buying them inline skates, skateboards or scooters, like the ones from Proline Skates, when their birthdays or Christmas comes around. They’ll be so excited about their shiny new gadgets that they probably won’t realise you’re helping them do more exercise.

  1. Muck in with the Housework

Mowing the lawn, heavy gardening, doing a spring clean of the garage, even vacuuming the house – all of these household chores can contribute to helping the whole family stay active, as well as helping you strengthen your muscles. If that means that everyone is staying active and helping you keep the house tidy, then we’re all for it!

Keeping the family active doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to plan a day of family hiking or cycling (although doing that would help too!) For those busy families with hectic schedules, it’s easy to find ways to include activity and exercise in your day. Follow our three top tips to make sure your whole family is staying healthy and happy, with plenty of activity built into their days.

2 thoughts on “Stay Active with all the Family”

  1. Great post! I used to exercise really regularly but have fallen off the wagon working so much, so trying to get back into it. This encourages me so thanks!

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