2018 Destination wishlist

With 2018 just around the corner I have realised that I haven’t been overseas this year. My last holiday was last summer in July 2016 when I went to Las Vegas for a fortnight.


Whenever I go on holiday I always opt for the United States as I’m more interested in shopping and being in a place that is similar to the UK, than I am about beaches and sight seeing. I have been to Florida a few times, France a few times and Vegas once. The next time I go away, I definitely want to go somewhere that is new to me.

As I get older I have been more interested in seeing more of the world, especially seeing the parts of the world my parents are from and less interest in seeing the same places I have been before. Watching travel shows and reading travel blogs has made me realise there is so much more of the world that I would enjoy seeing.

Both of my parents are St Lucian. My mum was born here to two St Lucian parents and my dad is St Lucia born. My dad regularly visits St.Lucia for business and to see family and in recent years my siblings have been accompanying him and spending time there getting to know family and the overall culture of the place.


I have never wanted to visit as I always figured it wasn’t my scene.  Now age 33 I really really want to go and she where my family is from and St Lucia is number one on my Places to visit list.

My destination bucket list;

1. St Lucia

2. New Orleans

3. New York

4. Dominican Republic

5. Dubai

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Where is your next holiday destination?

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