4 tips for treating acne prone skin

4 tips for treating acne prone skin


Are you longing to have beautiful, young looking skin? That may be everyone’s wish, but unfortunately, there are some people who are not blessed with naturally beautiful skin.

Many a person has gone through that period in their life when their skin has broken out and they lose their confidence.


Unfortunately, acne can still happen even when we grow older. Especially for women as they may still experience acne flare-ups even when they turn 40.


The main culprit of acne is when there is too much oil in the follicle which results to the pores being clogged up. So it’s important that your skin be free from clogged pores so as to avoid pimples and acne. Check out some other tips below to ensure that you never go back to that time in your teenage years when you were too afraid to get out of the house because of the state of your skin.


  1. Get enough sleep – not getting much-needed rest can not only cause tiredness but can greatly affect how your skin looks. If you sleep at irregular hours or sleep early morning, you are missing on valuable restoration time. You may not be aware, but scientists have said that the time between 11 pm and 4:00 am is when the body, including your skin, renews and repairs itself. When you are not able to rest during those times, the body will not be able to do its function of renewing, making your skin, and other body organs suffer 
  2. Eat the right food – what you take into your body is just as important as what you put on your face. There are certain types of food that can actually trigger an acne breakout and you should avoid them or at least do not eat them regularly. What are those foods? Processed food and those that are rich in refined sugar are just some of them. Everyone knows that eating fast food and junk food does not do your organs much good, but they tend to forget that the skin is actually the largest organ of the body. If you want a healthier-looking skin, stick to vegetables and other healthy foods. 
  3. Consult a doctor if the acne gets worse – while for some, the acne can be treated by over the counter products and the like, there are those whose skin is too sensitive and applying those products may make the condition worse. If you are one of those with really sensitive skin, it is better to go to a doctor so that they can give you expert advice and suggest a treatment that can work for you. Do not try to self-medicate as that may just aggravate your skin’s condition. 

    4. Make sure that you are buying the right type of product – whether the product is for your face or body, make sure you read the labels and ensure that the product will not make your skin condition worse. From makeup, body wash and lotion, choose products that can clean well and is non-comedogenic. This site has a list of the best body wash for acne prone skin so that you can narrow down your choices on what you may buy.

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