A bit of me.

Like a lot of people, I use my phone throughout the day every single day, so when it comes to personal items I want to customise, my phone is way up there.
I customise so many things from the font on my phone, ring tone and screensaver all the way to speech bubble colours for each individual text conversation. I love changing up my phone because it keeps something new that you may have for up to two years.
When I was younger I used to have multiple cases for my phones in a multitude of colours and designs to suit outfit or mood but as I’ve grown up I’ve only ever had one at a time and I use it strictly for function (although it is always something cute).
The opportunity arose to get a personalised phone case for my current phone, Samsung Galaxy S7, so I thought it could be really fun to make something I love that I can’t just pick up on the high street. I know a lot of people would use this opportunity to get a photo or something personal to them printed onto a case but that’s just not me at all. When I think of a personalised item I think of something I’ve always wanted but haven’t been able to find rather than “ohhh I can put my face on this” lol.

I love roses and at the moment the screen saver on my phone is of some beautiful roses that I spent a long time searching for because I wanted specific colours and I even put a filter over them to give them a vintage look, I’ve only had this screen saver for a couple of weeks and I absolutely love it so when I was offered a personalised phone case I knew that I would want that rose design (with the vintage filter) on it. It’s an image that I love and its a phone case I would 100% buy if I saw it. Just to make it more personalised I had my name printed on it too. On nights out in bars and clubs I always leave my phone on the table with my friends when I go to the bar or the bathroom so I thought having my name on the back would be fun and handy.

When the case came I was very surprised by the quality, its very well made and sturdy, I’ve had a lot of cases in the past that are cute but you know immediately that it’s not going to last long at all but this one is really well made and I feel very safe with my phone in it. The printing job is really nice and it definitely captured the vintage look I was going for and I love it.

Check them out if you want to make your own phone case like I did.

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