A Look at the Benefits of Social Media Background Checks

A Look at the Benefits of Social Media Background Checks

Your employees can assume an angelic-like-character in the office. However, their social life is a totally different thing. Due to rules governing the workplace, the formality that comes with being in an office and the strictness of the employer, your employees can be as docile as a lamb. However, when the weekend comes, the same employees become as wild as a buck. As an employer, this side of your employees remains unknown to you for as long as they want. Fortunately enough, the relatively young ones want to appear cool among their peers so that they will publish everything on their social media sites. With the advent of social media screening, the life that your employees work so hard to keep hidden from you is no longer secret.

Innovative businesses such as Fama have made it easy for employers to keep tabs on the lives of their employees. This technique has a high success rate with a certain demographic of employees; generation Z, millennials and generation X. This is the demographic of people who understand and use all social media sites. Unfortunately, most of them are still in the developmental age, self-discovery, and self-realization. They will do things because a good number of their peers are doing it, hold an opinion because it is the trend. They will pick fights online and bully each other online because they are young enough to succumb to pressure.

For the later generations, it might be hard to gather incriminating details about them. They probably just signed up to social media sites because someone recommended it to them. They rarely post anything such as drunken images of themselves or controversial political sentiments. However, there are always deviations from the norm. If a social media background check on your employees unearths an employee in this age bracket with drunken photos, drug-related content, and paraphernalia that should raise your red flags that something is seriously wrong. For the younger generations, you can understand and forgive the drunken photos only if they have no bearing on your organization.

Of concern to employers is who the person is in the office and outside the office. Can the person carry the organization’s brand name outside? Do their actions contradict the values the organization stand for? If your employees’ social media accounts are full of curse and dirty words, sex innuendos, discrimination against a group of people, religious intolerance, then such an individual is not fit to carry your brand name. Regardless of how angel-like they appear in the office or how important they are to the organization or even their age; you have no business with them. A person should illuminate the same light they do in the workplace outside.

Social media screening is a lens through which employers can peep through the lives of their employees and even potential employees. It provides a window into the lifestyle of the employees, who they are when the employer is not around. Their nature without the pretense in the workplace.

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