A message to my sisters (That means all of you!)

If you read anything I have ever written, please let it be this xxx

Today I heard a big beautiful girl talking about how she wants her daughter to have more opportunities than she had, she wants her to have an easier life… which is fair enough and I expect most people would want the same for their children, then I heard her say something that absolutely stunned me.. She wants her daughter to be beautiful so that she can have that better, easier life,
Now it is often said that pretty girls have things easy but I would have to disagree. Just because you deem a person to be pretty/attractive this does not mean they have ‘things’ any easier than you do.
My heart hurts when I think about young girls who have been told by friends, family and/or society that they are not beautiful, whether that be told directly or indirectly.
I think instilling confidence into young people is the key to them being able to achieve all the things they want out of life.
This morning after hearing this I put up a Facebook status that read
                       If I had a magic power it would be to make all the girls (and women) in the world know how beautiful they are, it breaks my heart when I see/hear a beautiful young women who truly doesn’t know her worth. Feeling beautiful and having confidence is truly one of the most powerful things in the world! I believe this more than any of you will ever know.” – Lucia Morris

This status was liked by many of my friends and family but I had so much more to say on the topic hence this blog post. 
I have a beautiful 18 year old sister and it made me think about how she sees herself, and it would kill me to think she sees herself as anything less than the amazing, bright and beautiful young woman that I have watched her grow into so through tears I sent her this message through Whatsapp;

                    “you are one of the most beautiful people on this planet, inside and out. I love you more than you will ever know. I hope to god you value yourself as much as I and everyone else who knows you does. x”

We continued to have a very mushy conversation, which I will refrain from adding here, It was so lovely and heart warming to hear how much my impromptu message meant to her and made me wonder if had had a confident plus size influence when I was that age would I have viewed myself differently and in turn had a better experience growing up as a extra plus size girl. 
My sister is not a big girl, she is a size 16 and extremely beautiful but by her own admission has some issues with body confidence (as I am sure many girls do at that age). I don’t want a lack of confidence to prevent her (or anyone else for that matter) from accomplishing anything at all that she wishes.

I have two sisters and it goes for them both. 
Me and my two sisters <3

I want my sisters to love themselves from right now, not when they get older and develop an IDGAF attitude, going into new social situations like starting university and work, self confidence is the foundation of the amazing people they are going to be.

I don’t usually talk much about confidence on my blog but I think this is a massive issue in the plus size community, I don’t want to continuously write about pretty dresses, yes I do think its very important for people to see that a woman my size has many clothing options and I also think it is important to show that you can be as big as I am, be confident and be happy. These are the things I wish I had known at a much younger age and I feel like I would be doing a disservice having this platform and not reaching out and saying YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 

I’m going to be honest and say I have no idea what the point of this blog post is but I just feel so strongly about young girls knowing their worth and feeling beautiful. I think a confident girl will become a confident woman and a confident woman can accomplish anything. I don’t think people realise the power of self confidence and I know it is something I have only discovered in the last three years or so, But I know now that it is something that I want to share with everyone that I can.

5 thoughts on “A message to my sisters (That means all of you!)”

  1. Love this, love you and I love your beautiful family who have never ever made me feel less than welcome, loved and one of the family! It is a privilege to know you and I truly hope you are in my life forever xxx

  2. Such a great post, and something I try to instill in my Mam, in my Brownies, and in the other amazing women in my life. This should be on every person’s read list at least once a week!!


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