A touch of luxury

I’m still in the process of decorating my home and I’m looking as the multitude of ways to improve living spaces. There are so many ways in which you can improve your home to suit your needs or the aesthetic you want. As I have written about before HERE one of the ways I like to create a nice open feel to a room is by letting in more light. All throughout all the seasons of the year the outdoors is a beautiful thing to behold so being able to enjoy it whilst in the comfort of your home across an entire wall of a room is just stunning. Bifold doors enable to you to be able to do just that. it makes a wall of windows, bringing the outside in.


Even when the bi fold doors are shut they make a beautiful wall of glass. They are very classy and allow for so much light to flood into a room. The doors obviously open as much or as little as you want to but when fully open it brings the outside in having such a large open space and is just stunning. It creates almost an entire wall of the outdoors pouring in. A beautiful addition to any room and definitely a focal point of your home interior.

Spending a lot of my time indoors I would really love to have a large window/wall of glass as I love light and airy rooms and in the spring my windows are constantly open. The smell and sounds out the outdoors really adds to the ambiance of a room and I think its just beautiful.

There are a number of places online where you can compare bifold door prices and find a set that will best suit your home. The website boasts that “Our bifold doors come in several configurations to suit any design and installation for your home. These bifold door configurations can also be open in, open out, stack from the left or the right, open in the centre, end or in between.” and “Our bifold doors are made from aluminiun aluminium and glide effortlessly back to reveal a large unobstructed opening, merging the home and garden and letting the light flood in. They can create a lighter, airier living space in which you can enjoy the garden, whatever the weather.”

bf1 The slim profile means you have maximum visibility to the outside when the doors are open yet they are completely weather proof so the outside stays outside when the doors are shut. Even though they provide great access they are very secure and are widely used in commercial and domestic environments. Also bifold doors require a lo t less maintenance than you might think, all they need is regular cleaning with a detergent which is a lot more simple than cleaning multi-pane glass windows and doors.

I personally love the luxury aspect of these types of doors, they really do look gorgeous and add a touch of glamour to any home.

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