A whole new dating pool

Dating in a new pool

In my adult life I have moved cities a few times,  I have lived in Bedfordshire, London Derby and now Birmingham

When I move to a new city I like to learn about what’s around me, I like to do the restaurants and bars and clubs so I know what good places there are to socialise.

In three of the four cities I have lived in I have had friends who also lived there so I’ve always had mate’s to explore the cities with so whenever I start to date I usually know where I like to go.

I really like going on first dates,  I like going to places that I’ve been before and I know the layout of and know the menu to some degree and I find that very useful in geelong comfortable on dates. I also like dating because it gives me the opportunity to go to places that I wouldn’t necessarily choose myself so it’s always a nice surprise to go somewhere and have an amazing time.

Once I’m settled in the new city and I start thinking about dating I’ll think about locations of potential partners,  how far am I willing to travel as a person who does not drive, what are transport links like, how far would I expect somebody else to travel, could I realistically date somebody who lives in a different city, how much free time do I have to make a long or semi long distance relationship work and things of that nature.

There are some great dating sites that are city specific like Cumbria dating site, Nottinghamshire dating site and Edinburgh dating site.

When I have lived in the same place for a long time I recognise familiar faces popping up over and over again on dating sites so it’s always nice to move to a new city,  start a dating app and see a whole new pool full of people to meet.

Something I found quite funny when I moved to Birmingham but also really obvious that I didn’t think about was that people assumed I would have a Birmingham accent so I’ve had to put in all my profiles that I am actually a Londoner who has recently relocated to Birmingham and that I absolutely do not have a Birmingham accent haha. If like me you’re in Brum there is Birmingham dating site and also Over 50s dating Birmingham.

Socialising in Birmingham is amazing it’s not very different to London there are so many places to go to eat,  there are so many places to go to drink and so many places to go for good music so dating here is a very fun experience in itself and I think Birmingham men differ from the men I met in London so as much as it is fun to date in a different place it is also nice to date different types of people than you’re accustomed to too.

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