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Wearing sixteen47 twenty four seven.

Recently I got to experience  sixteen47, a brand that goes up to a size 42!!! I am always looking for brands that have items in a larger size than I am so I can have the luxury of oversized pieces in my wardrobe.

Looking through the website a lot of the items weren’t the usual style that I would go for but there are some definitely some treasures. I chose a staple black dress and the brand were kind enough to send me a second piece to review.IMG-20170511-WA0104

The black dress is a skater shape with panelling so there is so much fabric at the bottom it makes it very flowy and flattering on my shape. The fabric is thick and the sleeves are long so it is definitely an item that I will be wearing in the colder months. I love that the shape of the dress give it a alot of movement and it swishes when I walk. IMG-20170511-WA0111

The second piece I have isn’t something I would usually choose but I’ve actually worn it more than the black dress, it’s a nice piece to throw on with leggings when you have errands to run, I’ve been wearing it when I’ve been going out for walks. The colours are perfect for summer and so is the light fabric. This cappuccino jersey top is really nice to wear.IMG-20170511-WA0123It is so nice to be able to wear clothes and have space in the garment, these are easily two of my most comfortable items that I own. The thing that stands out the most about the items from sixteen47 is the quality! you can tell straight away that their pieces will wear and wash really well. The quality of the fabrics used and how clearly well made they are means you will have long lasting additions to your wardrobe.

Remember to be kind to yourself

If you have been following my blog you may have seen that I have been making the effort to be a little more active, walk around a bit more and try to see more of the new city I live in. I personally find walking more (basically an increase in the physical activity that i’m used to) makes me feel better, it has a huge impact on my mood and sets me up for the day.

I am all about doing things that help my mental state, whether that be going for a short walk with the dogs, tidying the house, going out and seeing friends or relaxing with some laid back acoustic pop and some amazing smells burning in the house.

Since I was a child my mum would always burn incense or essential oils around the house and when I moved out I developed a Yankee Candle obsession because I loved having my home filled with nice scents. Recently though I have bought a beautiful elephant oil burner that fits the decor of my bedroom and have been picking up different essential oils when I see them. I person love having citrus scents burning in my house, especially in the warmer months so I am fully stocked up on lemon oil (heart eye emoji)

My collection at the moment consists of lemon, orange, peppermint, coconut, lavender, cedarwood, strawberry, rose and tea tree. I use the tea tree and the lavender in an oil mix that I use for my hair, the lavender for the scent and because it is said to promote hair growth and I add the tea tree to nourish my roots. I also add coconut oil to my oil treatment quite simply because coconut oil is life lol

The other oils I have are mostly just because they are scents that I really like and I love people walking into my house to citrus scents. My sister had a cold recently as was burning peppermint in our house and since then I’ve been a little obsessed and have it burning (diluted with water) in my room all the time. I’ll be honest I’m not even sure what the peppermint oil is typically used for but it just smells amazing. Neal’s Yard Remedies has an amazing selection of essential oils which I had no idea about as I’d only used their skincare products before, they even have essential oil blends if you know exactly what it is you are looking for.

Mental health is being much more openly talked about now which I think is amazing and I think encourages more people to seek help. If you don’t know what works for you and need assistance there are a ton of resources online, including helplines if you need to speak to someone.

This post is in collaboration with Neal’s Yard Remedies but all the opinions and experience with oils and activities that help me relax and get out of my own head are my own,



Navabi- A new brand to me

Hey folks, me again!

This week I have been wearing an item from a brand that I didn’t even know carried my size, that brand is Navabi. I have heard a lot about them recently because everyone is wearing them but as far as i knew they only catered to smaller fats. so I was pleasantly surprised to find out they carry items up to a UK size 32.

Screenshot_20170510-142539Recently I haven’t been wearing many pretty dresses or really dressing up at all, Since the move out of London I have been adorning my body in much more casual pieces, things that suit my activities. I have been try to get out and get moving more and more so I have been looking for a lot more causal longline items that I can wear with leggings and running shoes and still shows that I love fashion and this piece is perfect.

20170408_114354 20170425_122739

I chose this top by Yoek on Navabi because I like the nautical stripes and unlike most nautical pieces like this the stripes are in black and white instead of the traditional navy blue.20170425_130441

Its such a simple piece and so easy to wear, it is absolutely perfect for what I was looking for, it is marketed as a dress but with my body shape I knew it would come up short on me and I love that. It’s long enough to cover everything I want to cover when I’m focusing on getting my steps in and that’s the level of comfort i was after and its cute as hell.

Navabi really felt a little like a dark horse brand when I was browsing their site, so much to offer and sadly I was missing out all this time. It’s definitely a brand I would say to keep an eye on, I certainly will be,

This item was kindly gifted to me, It was chosen by me and all opinions here are my own,



Make working out more fun with fashion

As the weather has started to improve I have been making more of a effort to get out and walk more.

I know it sounds silly but one thing that makes me a little more interested in doing more exercise is having cute workout clothes and to honest anything that makes me want to do more can only be a positive. I personally need to increase my daily activities since I was diagnosed with asthma.

When I am taking walks, whether its just me or with the dogs, around my local area I still like to look nice, I’m new to the area so it’s nice to get out and see the lay of the land.

When I’m getting ready to go for a walk I always grab a pair of black leggings and an oversized tee.  Because I have plantar fasciitis, the footwear I choose is the most important part, the last couple of years I have been sticking to New Balance and I’m on my third pair because they are so comfortable but I recently realised that I haven’t tried any other brands that claim to be good and supportive walking/running shoes. Skate Hut

I recently got myself a pair of Nike Roshe runs and they are absolutely fantastic! just like the new balance I find they don’t aggravate the plantar fasciitis and they are definitely more my style than the new balance. Not only that but I find that the nikes are a little more supportive and don’t put any strain on my ankle.

20150124_105512 20150201_130046These are the new balance that I wear most often when I know I will be walking a lot.

20170504_142623These are my brand new Nike Roshe runs that I’m adoring at the moment and are my go to shoe when walking any distance and so far they have served me well.

When you’re my size and wanting to work out I would say footwear might just be the most important element when looking at sportswear.

All items in the post have been paid for by me and all opinions are my own, post in is collaboration with Skate Hut.

Stay Active with all the Family

Are you trying to be more active with your family? If yes then this is for you…

I am an advocate for doing what makes you feel good , whether that is putting on a pretty dress, chucking on some lippie, going out for a walk to get some air and stretch your legs or going to the local diner for a burger.

We’re all well-versed in the benefits of leading an active lifestyle and how it can do wonders for our energy levels and health. But we also know that at times, things can get a bit hectic between the school runs, a full-time job, cooking the meals and getting the packed lunches ready. Planning exercise into your day might not necessarily be your first priority.

The Benefits of Exercise

There’s overwhelming evidence that leading an active lifestyle can help to reduce the chances of illnesses in later life, as well as giving you more energy.

The NHS recommends a certain amount of exercise dependant on the individual, but you’ll be able to feel a difference by just doing more than you are now, again if exercise is something you are trying to do more of (as I am) then an increase in any activity will make a difference. I think fun activities alone or with the family make exercise more bearable and something to look forward to.

If you don’t have the time to schedule vigorous exercise into your day, here are some easy ways to keep the whole family active.


  1. Download a Health App

Most of us have smart phones now and carry them with us throughout the day. So why not download an app to monitor how many steps you’ve taken in the day, or how far you ran on your daily jog?

Then, you could compare your data with the rest of your family. A bit of healthy competition goes a long way and you might find that it gives you that extra motivation to go for that walk on a lunchtime or cycle to work instead of driving.

  1. Encourage the Kids to Play Out

The lure of the TV or games console might be strong in your household, but try to think of ways to encourage your kids to venture outdoors, even if it’s just out in the garden.

Consider buying them inline skates, skateboards or scooters, like the ones from Proline Skates, when their birthdays or Christmas comes around. They’ll be so excited about their shiny new gadgets that they probably won’t realise you’re helping them do more exercise.

  1. Muck in with the Housework

Mowing the lawn, heavy gardening, doing a spring clean of the garage, even vacuuming the house – all of these household chores can contribute to helping the whole family stay active, as well as helping you strengthen your muscles. If that means that everyone is staying active and helping you keep the house tidy, then we’re all for it!

Keeping the family active doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to plan a day of family hiking or cycling (although doing that would help too!) For those busy families with hectic schedules, it’s easy to find ways to include activity and exercise in your day. Follow our three top tips to make sure your whole family is staying healthy and happy, with plenty of activity built into their days.


Breast embrace with Elomi

So if you have been reading my blog or following my social media and haven’t noticed …I have a pretty large bust and I’m always looking for good bras to give me the support I need. Finding a brand that caters to my 46K bust and also caters to my budget isn’t easy.

A few brands offer option in  very large sizes but they are often not very pretty bras and/or they are soft cup and I prefer a good amount of scaffolding to support the girls.

I have tried an Elomi bra before and I absolutely love it, I have to wear a bra extender on all the bras I wear because I like wearing cute bras.

The two bras I am showing you are in a 42K and I wear one stretch extender. I love these bras because they are literally like a boobie cuddle, I have had so many bras that my breast does not sit comfortably in, giving the appearance of quad boobs and all round excess spillage.

The Caitlyn

I find the Caitlyn to be a great every day bra, it offers me great support and the soft wide straps add an extra level of comfort


The Carmen

The Carmen is absolutely gorgeous! this one has a mocha detailing which matches my skin tone and makes me look a little bit naked (which I love lol). I don’t have any other bras like this one so its one of my new special bras that I wouldn’t wear on a normal day. It’s also a little lower cut in the bust and gives great cleavage in tops.IMG_20170428_161613


This post is in collab with Elomi Lingerie, a brand that can handle my whoppers and I’m oh so grateful.

My big busted sisters…where do you get your bras from, any suggestions as to where I can get some cute large bras? please comment below

Tips for starting a home based business

Tips for Starting a Home Based Business
Are you ready to take the plunge and start your own home based business? Whether you’re a landscaper, CPA, child care provider or stylist, many small businesses can be operated out of your home. Follow these recommendations from the business professionals to ensure your business gets started on the right foot and is a huge success.
One of the most important items to confirm is the zoning laws in your area. Some municipalities allow for certain types of home based businesses, such as those that will not have any clients or customers in the home, and those that will. Check with your local city hall for the ordinances in your area. You’ll also need to apply for a business license. While this involves a small fee, it’s required of home based businesses as well. If you’re providing a service, make sure your industry licensees and credentials are up to date.
Select a software to keep track of your clients, expenses and income. Many software programs will also provide profit and loss analysis, track costs and determine margins for profitability. This is the basis of your business plan. Do you plan to offer a product or service for which there is an unmet need in the market? Have you priced your product or service at a price the market can bear and that will also allow for adequate profits? Maintain the integrity and on line security of this data. This is especially important if you maintain client information on your computer. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a virus protection software plan through Norton. It will be money well spent.
Develop a marketing plan. How will prospective clients learn about your business? Word of mouth and referrals are by far the best way to gain loyal clients. Develop a simple website that describes your business, the value of your product or service and the options available to customers. Include all of your contact information on the website. As you begin to secure customers and deliver your service or product, it is critical that you deliver on all of your promises. Provide excellence and exceed client expectations and your business will be off to a great start. Continue on this path and your business will be sustainable for years to come!


Bidvine has something for everyone.

It’s not very often that I am pointed in the direction of a non fashion site and I instantly fall in love with it, however this is exactly what happened with the website I am about to tell you about but I want to say first that these opinions are MY OWN and all the gushing to follow is for real!

Bidvine is a website that offer a huge ( and I mean HUGE) range of professional services. They offer people looking for a particular service a range of service providers so you can find the match that works best for you. Have  a little look at the How it works page where it explains much better than I can.

As far as the range of services I honestly don’t even know where to start so I’m going to talk a little bit about the services I would and will be using on the site. I have moved to a new city four months ago so a lot of my focus has been on getting the house sorted and making it look pretty so as soon as I went on the site the first thing I looked for was gardening services and fence repair as I have two small dogs and one of the little beasts keep escaping and I have tried and failed at a makeshift repair using chicken wire haha don’t ask? being new here I don’t know where to look to find someone specifically for the job I need and that is the main reason I feel like I found Bidvine at the perfect time.

I am living in a big rented house so I will be having  a six month landlord inspection of the property and I want the garden to be as neat as when I moved in so I will be using Bidvine to get someone out to cut the grass and make the garden  look presentable for that but the weather is starting to get so nice I’m thinking of a good time to organise a BBQ or something drunken and outdoorsy at my house because I’m lucky enough to have a large garden, so again a nice neat lawn will be perfect. I have no grass cutting equipment and not a green finger in sight so Bidvine here I come.

There are so many other useful services from health and beauty, fitness,  nutrition and yoga to learning services like languages and musical instruments, its amazing!

For all my bloggers out the reading this they also have photographers local for blog shots and people to take pics for portfolios for any of the wannabe plus size models. I will personally be using the site to make contact with people who can help me get the house the way I want it but there is so much on offer I can’t stop browsing (if my next blog post is written in Spanish you’ll know who to blame lol)


*this post is in collaboration with Bidvine but again all the excitement is my own and I love love the how useful the site is and will 100% be using it this summer.

Use Energy to make some money

You might have noticed that I have a bit of a shopping habit! Being a lover of fashion means that I am always looking for something new to wear or just window shopping to see what is out there. I love internet shopping because it means that everything is so accessible – I love being able to shop from the comfort of my own home, it makes life so much easier!

However, the temptation to shop is always there and my bank balance doesn’t always appreciate this! That is why I have recently tried to be more proactive when it comes to using promo codes. When I discovered promo codes I couldn’t believe that such a simple concept would save me money – it felt too good to be true! There are some promo codes that aren’t for physical items though. Energy Casino   It guarantees 100% of the initial deposit up to £200 plus up to 100 free spins . I’m not suggesting anyone take up online gambling but if this is a type of site you already use this is a great deal to get. I lose patience playing online bingo and online pool but I imagine it could be quite fun.

With Christmas around the corner everyone would welcome a little extra cash and although I don’t suggest anyone start gambling sometimes it can be a fun and exciting way to spend a bit of time. I went to Vegas this summer and it was an amazing trip but I’m not much of a gambler so that side of it was a little wasted on me.  Thankfully using promo codes is really easy – just like using vouchers in a physical store. Now I never buy anything online without seeing what sort of discount code is out there first. To use them you simply enter the code at the checkout point of your order and it immediately takes your discount off of the total – sometimes it can be a percentage off and others it can be free postage. Either way it’s a way to save a few pennies and when it comes to shopping for things online, I need all the help I can get!

The good news is that there are loads of different codes out there so you don’t even have to use them just for fashion.  Online shopping for almost any product comes with the opportunity to use a discount code of some kind, so make sure you check for one the next time you shop online and let me know if it saved you any money.

Beauty for me in 2017

Having been a beauty/makeup influencer on YouTube years ago and working as a makeup artist in London and just loving to paint my face in general, beauty has been a big part of my life for many years now.

I have started to lose inspiration as I haven’t been working in makeup since I moved away from London so I really want to incorporate makeup and beauty into my blog to get me excited again and also to make more use of the abundance of beauty products and makeup that I own lol

2016 was a very quiet makeup year for me, I pretty much did the same natural makeup look each time I had to put a face on and I want to make 2017 much more exciting and experiment so much more.

With my blog being named ucantwearthat I love to dispel myths about what fat people/black people etc can and can’t wear. I have recently posted pics and a video on Instagram of myself playing around with pink and green makeup highlighters by Radioactive Unicorn to show that when used correctly they can be brown girl friendly.

I realise beauty products are much more than just makeup and skin care however. A large chunk of the population use spray tanning and self tan products as party of their beauty regime. I personally have only used a self tan lotion once just to see if it made any difference, the skin tone on my legs is very fair so I used self tan to see if it would even up my skintone to match the rest of my body, it didn’t, but it did give me a beautiful golden glow to my skin which was really pretty. As not all of my readers are my skintone I still wanted to mention tanning products as part of my post for popular beauty trends Ellison supply spray tanning kits has a tonne of products to help create that gorgeous summer tan without having to go on a holiday. Tanning products are definitely something I would use again but most likely on my face this time as I really like the health glow it gave my skin.

Something else I want to play around with more this year is unusual lip colours, again just to show people that no matter your skintone all areas of beauty are open to us.

Look forward to more beauty related posts from me this year as well as more make up of the day and tutorials. I intend to revisit my beauty YouTuber days and play around with a lot more beauty products and trends.