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Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 2

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly

We’d all like to reduce our ecological footprint, whether it’s increasing the number of recyclable products we use to making a conscious effort to cycle, walk or use public transport to get around. We want to ensure our planet remains green and healthy for future generations and prevent further damage already caused to delicate eco-systems across the globe.

You don’t have to make massive lifestyle changes to support the planet. Instead, you could create a bigger impact by making lots of smaller tweaks that you don’t notice as much. Encouraging these changes in your personal and family life is the first step to a brighter future.

So, don’t rush to throw out your disposable tableware or plastic cups. Swap them out for an eco-friendly alternative and look at bio-degradable options in your local party supply store. Likewise, tossing your plastic bags out now means they are likely to spend years decomposing in a landfill or (more horrifyingly) end up in the ocean. Reuse the plastic bags you have lying around until they can function no more, small changes like this could mean big improvements for the planet.

While there are plenty of things we can do in our day-to-day life to become eco-friendlier. Have you considered how you can reduce the waste and become more environmentally-friendly in your beauty regime?

In the Shower

Have you got a shampoo or conditioner you always use and are constantly having to buy? Consider looking for a bulk-size bottle alternative or contact the manufacturer to see if they can offer one. This can cut down on a tremendous amount of plastic waste. Alternatively, swap to a shampoo bar – no plastic, just product and you use it just the way you’d normally use shampoo, rub the bar on your hair and rinse away.

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 1

This also applies to shower gels and liquid dispensers – stop using plastic packaged solutions and instead switch to a bar of soap. There are plenty of companies that offer everything from organic to hypoallergenic soap, without drastically harming your bank balance.

At the Sink

Did you know 50 million pounds of plastic waste is generated every year in the United States by…toothbrushes? Amazing, when you think about it. That’s an estimated 850 million to over a billion toothbrushes and it’s only one country (Although quite a big one). The eco-friendlier option is to use a bamboo toothbrush, a recent market development that is becoming more popular in the UK.

Toothpaste becomes a bit difficult, aside from the obvious – switch to larger packs of your favourite brand, there isn’t a lot of choice for ditching the plastic. Recently, some eco-friendly cosmetic companies have offered “chewable toothpaste” – a solid toothpaste tablet that you chew on to release the cleaning foam. These are great alternative to normal toothpaste and won’t cost you the earth either.

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 2

Out the Door

Have you ever considered skipping your daily or alternate day shower? I know what you’re thinking but hear me out. There IS an eco-friendly alternative and it’s not going to leave you the unpopular one. Several water-free body washes have been popping up on the market and they’ve been taking the world a little bit by surprise with the quality. Cleansers that foam up as you pump so there’s even less wet mess and many of them can be simply towelled off once you have refreshed.

Combined with a solid bar deodorant that acts as a roll-on and you’ll not only smell great and feel fresh, but you could be saving as much as 45litres of water. Wow.


Like we mentioned before, you don’t need to make big changes to have a big impact. All these little adjustments to your day routine will quickly add up over the long-term. It also won’t cost you a fortune to be eco-friendlier, buying bigger packages will eventually save you money. While the package-less alternatives aren’t unreasonably expensive like they have been in the past. So, what are you waiting for? Make a small change to your regime today and start saving the world for tomorrow!


Happy boobs from Molke

Hi guys,

This week I got a really cute and bright comfort bra in the post from Molke.

Firstly a little background about the brand… “It originated with our creative designer, Kirsty, who wanted a fun and comfortable bra to breastfeed in. It became a hit quickly and from there the size ranges have increased. We are very passionate about supporting women and we feel that so many of us are not catered for. We now have customers from ages 15-80 wearing our bras for the comfort they have found.” So the brand originally started out as a breast feeding bra, which would explain the way the bra is cut with a wrap over so you have easy access if you wanted to feed a child. I do not have any kids but I really appreciate the crap over style because it gives me a lot of cleavage on  show so when I put it on underneath a low cut top or dress you can’t tell that I don’t have on a regular bra. I wear a 46K bra and all the sports bras I have tried come up really high in the front.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As you can see from the pictures, the bra is a really nice fit, Im not bulging out at all and it has great support all round. It is made from a nice strong thick fabric and I think that is where a lot of the support comes from, the straps are nice and thick too so there is no digging in on the shoulders. I find it very nice and comfy to wear. I would definitely benefit from having a larger back that is just because I carry a lot of weight around my top half and need a little more room for rolls but they definitely have their sizing right.

They have a range of soft bras and matching pants and I think what they are most known for is the super pretty range of prints and colours. I love that they realise just because someone has a really large bust doesn’t mean they don’t want cute underwear.

Sizes… They go up to a XXL back size which I believe is up to a 46 back and they have cup sizes from regular to mega (with the thundercup that I have coming very soon). I also enquired for you guys about any scope for bigger back sizes and they have said that they will hopefully be adding another size to give more space around the band. I have the XXL/Thundercup but I could definitely do with a little more space in the back.


Molke have sold out of the ore-orders on the new Thundercup size but they have assured me that they have a ton of new stock coming soon in the thundercup and lots of new prints! I am so excited, they have a gorgeous unicorn print that I want next.

They have a very comprehensive size chart on the website so you know what to choose but if you are at all unsure I’m sure you can shoot them a quick message if you need any advice.

I would really love to know what you think of yours if you get one.


If Someone Tries To Judge Your Style, Tell Them Wear To Stick It!


It’s bizarre just how much judgment there is in the world aimed at people doing nothing more than trying to embrace their own style. As though one person feeling good about themselves is just so awful to a lot of other people that they have to do whatever they can to try and drag that person down again. And it’s not just from other people either. It comes from all sides with the media and advertising all doing the same thing. Well, if you’ve ever felt like people have tried to judge you on your own style, the best thing you can do is to tell them where to shove it! With that in mind, here are some ways to embrace your own personal style.


Your hair

It’s amazing to think that people try to police other people’s hair so much considering what an integral part of their bodies it really is. After all, your hair isn’t just a fashion statement. For a lot of people, it’s a sign of their cultural and ancestral heritage a well. The last thing you want to is to feel like you have to change your hair to fit with society’s expectations. You can get more info on ways to embrace your own natural hair while finding styles that suit you. The key is to hold on to what makes your hair unique to you, rather than trying to fit it around society’s expectations.


Your wardrobe

Here’s the big secret that a lot of people will avoid telling you: you can wear whatever you want. Seriously, no matter who you are, how old you are, or what shape and size you are, you can wear any clothes. This idea that certain clothes are only for people of specific shapes and sizes is just ridiculous, and there’s no reason that you should have to put up with it. If you see something that you think that you’d look really cute in it, then don’t let anything stand in your way. As long as you carry yourself with confidence, you’ll be able to pull off any outfit.


Your makeup

It’s a real shame that so many women are forced to wear makeup as a way of fitting society’s expectations. It’s not a shame because makeup is bad, but because it’s such a waste of its potential;. Rather than using it to force people to look the same, think about how much better things would be if everyone used makeup to be creative and to express something about themselves. Rather than trying to meet society’s expectations, why not try your hand at breaking them instead?

Of course, none of this is meant to make it seem as though breaking out of the habits that modern society gets so many of us into is somehow easy. The truth is that it can be incredibly difficult to get out of the kind of feelings that the modern world creates in us. However, by taking the time to really think about these things and to try to shut out the sound of outside influences, you’re going to be able to finally embrace your own sense of style.


Divine Plus-Size Skirts

I love skirts. They are a great way to give yourself plenty of outfit choices. With just a couple of skirts, a few tops and maybe loose fitting wide belt, you can create enough outfits to take you through an entire week.

Right now, there are some lovely plus size skirts available from retailers like They sell skirts for ladies who are sized between 8 and a 34. This retailer stocks nearly 200 different cuts or designs, so you really can´t go wrong with them. Here is a quick roundup of some of my favorite 2018 skirt cuts.

Pencil skirts

If you like the tailored look, a pencil skirt is the way to go. They can be very sexy and glamorous as well as being very smart. If you have an interview to go to or already work in an office environment a pencil skirt is an especially good option. You can pair it with a nice jacket or, on a hot day, just wear one with a blouse.

All you need to do is to choose the cut that works best for your body shape. Click here to learn exactly how to do that. Generally speaking, you need to avoid the straight-cut versions. Tapered pencil skirts with high-waistlines are a good place to start. This cut tends to accentuate your womanly curves and is more likely to actually stay in place, so they hang better. Try one on and I think you will see what I mean.

A-line skirts

A lot of women look good in A-line skirts. Although you do need to be a bit careful with this cut. You do not want to choose one that flares out too quickly. They tend to look a bit tent like. If you feel self-conscious about your hips be sure to choose one that skims over that area. In all likelihood, you will have to try quite a few on to find the perfect one for you. But, once you do, you will be able to look at photos online or see one in the shop and know almost instantly whether it will work for you. So, buying your second A-line skirt will be much easier.


Chino skirts

If you are looking for something a bit more casual, consider buying a chino or denim skirt. Again, be careful with the cut. Generally speaking, the dead straight cuts are best avoided. Also, ignore the ones with pockets. On a woman with curvy hips, the pockets will have a tendency to gape.

This style of skirt is generally made from quite a heavy cotton fabric, which has a sculpting effect and provides a bit of support. If you can find one that is embellished, that is even better. The embroidery adds a little extra weight, which will help the skirt to hang properly and stay in place. Plus, the embroidered area will not crease. This is an important consideration if you spend a lot of your day sitting at a desk or workbench. A heavily creased skirt can look pretty scruffy.

Light summery skirts

If you come across a lightweight floaty skirt, in your size, definitely order yourself one. Provided the waistband is well-made and sits in the right place, you will look great in this type of skirt. I was lucky enough to find a couple of 100% cotton print skirts a few years ago. As you can see here, they looked great.



When shopping for this type of skirt follow the same principles as you would when buying an A-line cut. Provided you do this, you really cannot go wrong with this style of skirt.

Ok, so those are my favorites. I would really like to hear which styles of skirt you like best, so, please, let me know by leaving a comment.



Get a handle on your money

How I Handle My Money?…

…Well I kinda don’t which is my biggest problem. I’m not bad with money but I’m not good with it either.

I’ve never been in money trouble or owed the bank anything. I’ve been in debt to a clothing catalogue a long time ago lol but looking at my blog that can’t really come as a surprise.

So… when I was approached to feature a loan company on my blog I  was in two minds but in an attempt to educate myself provide information on a company to anyone in my situation that reads this, I’m going to give it a whirl.

Cashlady is actually one of the best loan companies I could be writing about because they have a unique selling point that even I thought was pretty smart and its what stood out to me the most. It is a free service, they don’t charge their customers to make applications when using them.

They boast a simple and quick service, by applying through a broker such as cash lady you stand more chance of being accepted as your application will be seen by more lenders. You can apply online and get an instant decision . They have a comprehensive website and a team of staff available to call, which I would strongly suggest making full use of if you are as green as me when it comes to borrowing.

This has always been something I feel should be taught in schools. Growing up I had so many friends that knew almost nothing about managing money and it’s something  that is so so important to everyday life. Companies that provide payday loans really must be a life saver for people that get into the odd sticky situation when the next pay day just isn’t quite soon enough.

When dipping your foot into the world of borrowing it can be overwhelming at the best of times and I think people make rash decisions when the pressure is on and money is needed immediately. You need to choose the right service, borrow only what you need and make sure there are no hidden charges. Services that have a help team are the best especially for first time borrowers who need short term financial help.


As you have probably gathered by now, I am no financial guru but all I will say is that you should find out as much as you can about who you are borrowing from and make sure you know everything about the loan you are getting so you don’t get any nasty surprises if you do decide to go ahead.

As well as taking out a small loan you can also find ways to save money when doing things like decorating your home , when you save money buying inexpensive pieces for your home in places like Ikea and Home bargains you have more money to spend on the more important things.

I hope this post is even a little bit informative.

All content and opinions in the post are my own despite the fact that the post is sponsored.


My own holiday must haves

These tips are all based on my personal experience travelling and are things I cannot holiday without. You can find a bog standard packing list anywhere on the net if that is what you are looking for but nothing beats the experiences of a fellow plus size holiday maker.

So for me the number one thing I cannot travel without is a plan. As a plus sized traveler I need to consider things that straight size people may not think about like seat dimensions. Being a UK size 32 I have concerns about plane seat sizes and bathrooms so I like to know who I’m travelling with (airline) and if I haven’t flown with them before I call ahead to ask any questions or air my concerns to get reassurance before I travel.

I like to make a very loose itinerary just so I know what I want to see, places I want to go and places I wanna shop while I’m away. It saves me having any wasted days sitting around on holiday not knowing what to do with my time. I by no means stick to the itinerary, it’s just nice to know what things are in the local area that have peaked my interest while research them. I like to have a stress-free experience when I’m travelling therefore planning is the first thing I do when I decide I want to go away it eases my mind and gives my trip more of a focus.

Once I have a plan I move on to the more exciting things…

When I’m on holiday one of the most important things for me is having good swimwear. Having a large bust means support in swimwear is crucial the last holiday I went on to Vegas, I took 11 pieces of swimwear with me and only two of those had the right amount of support and I found myself reaching for those the most.

I think investing in good swimwear is the way to go as they will last you many many years and they are something we are all like to feel comfortable in whether that be good boob support or firm tummy support or just a really well structured swimsuit/bikini. Paying that little bit extra for support or design really has is good investment as once you feel good in it you’ll definitely wear it year after year after year. Shopping for good swimwear online can be difficult especially if you don’t know your exact size. I always suggest buying swimwear and underwear in store where you can try them on and get the best fit, but if that is not an option there are many places online where you can get fantastic fitting, well made designer swimwear in plus sizes.

Finally, something I will always have with me well when I’m away on holiday now is good supportive footwear. I cannot stress enough how important footwear is, whenever I’m on holiday I always walk so much more than I do at home. There’s so much to see and do and you don’t want to waste any time so you’re constantly on your feet and the biggest mistake is not having the right shoes. When I’m on holiday I thought I having a pair of trainers it was good enough but having a right kind of trainers is so important I find that trainers that have good arch support and are made for walking or running are the best bet. Last time I was away I chose shows for fashion and not practicality and that was a mistake. Not taking the right shoes affected my entire holiday even once I bought the right type of shoes my feet still hurt and I was feeling the effects of the first few days wearing the wrong shoes. Even now back in the UK I still wear supportive trainers for when I’m going on long walks and I will never make that mistake again when I’m going on holiday.

So everyone has a few things that are personal must haves for their travels and these are mine, what are yours?



Bedroom makeover on a budget

There are so many ways to makeover a bedroom without spending a ton of money. I’m going to give you a few ideas on how to give your bedroom a glamorous overhaul without breaking the bank. If you are in a rented home and I’m not allowed to paint or drill holes to add photos or artwork there are still many ways to change your space using stick on hooks and wall coverings.

Wall hangings and tapestries are great way to make big changes to a room, you can create a feature wall using large pieces or use smaller pieces to hang like art. Choosing the right colours and patterns are very important as large tapestries draw the eye immediately when entering the room, you can decorate the entire room based around the colours or patterns or theme of the fabric.

Fabric hangings and tapestries can give rooms are very bohemian look and feel and also makes a room feel less cold as fabrics are very warming and this goes for bedding, cushions and throws eccetera. If you’re going to go for a wall hanging tapestry I suggest this is one of the first things you purchase as it sets the tone for the whole room.


Just like a wall hangings, bedding has a huge bearing on how your bedroom looks. The bed is often the largest item in the room so covering it with a fabric definitely draws the eye so choosing bedding is very important as again it helps to set the theme or colour scheme that runs through the bedroom. The bedding tying into the theme/colour scheme of the room will create cohesion. When making over a bedroom on a budget bedding is a great place to start as it is something that will always be in the room.

Once you have decided on a theme for your room you can buy different bedding that all fall into the same category for example for beddings with peach tones or monochrome bedding sets or elephants depending on what you want to create in your room you can even mix and match bedding pieces if you want to go for a more boho vibe. If you buy a number of different bedding sets you will be able to mix and match the pieces to create anything that suits you. Bedding allows you to be creative in a space where a lot of furniture items can’t be changed frequently, so for example you’ll have a desk and a wardrobe and a chest of drawers that stay the same three years and years but changing the bedding and smaller items can make over your room entirely.


There were so many places that do great bedding for great prices so it allows you to have many bed sets to pick and choose from or mix and match for any bedrooms in the house. You can enjoy great savings on bedding at Groupon allowing you to get more for your money and therefore way more options to play with.

The most cost effective way to make changes to a room is to switch out smaller decorative accessories. Recently rose gold accessories have been huge in home decor and really add a touch of glam to a room. I personally like white accessories at the moment just because I like clean and simple looking pieces, also it’s very easy to add colour in different ways for example bedding and fabrics. White, gold and black accessories are nice and simple and will fit in any bedroom and if you every decide to change the colour scheme completely these items could still stay.
Accessories can range from plant pots to rugs, cushions, artwork, chair covers, lanterns, pen holders anything really and they make a room feel more you and will showcase your style and character. All of these things work together so you don’t have to replace any large furniture items to get a brand new room.

20180209_145424What tips do you have for making most effective changes to make over a room? I hope you found this post useful.



Menswear? No fashion rules

As you all know I’m a fashion girl and love a little look on clothing sites to see whats new and what I might have missed and I’ve even blogged outfits wearing boyfriend fit clothes . I like to look at plus size men’s clothing sites to see what I can get as at my size its impossible to find anything oversized fitting on plus size women’s sites because I wear the largest size.

I have been following more and more plus size male fashion bloggers on Instagram and have been loving the smart outfits, plus size men in traditional well fitting suits look amazing in my opinion.

There are a number of UK based brand that stock plus size menswear and if you are anything like me and you don’t adhere to what clothing labels tell you will fit, then there is an abundance of straight size menswear stores that will have items that you can make work. nr1

Whether you are looking for simple everyday pieces like shorts or a jumper all the way to looking for classic suit items to get a real androgynous look, menswear stores are a great place to shop as a women. Obviously these stores are great if you are looking to shop for someone else too. I find shopping for men can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t know the person very well. I also find that its much harder to guess when choosing clothes for a man. In my experience with friends, family and ex partners they seem to like what they like and be less willing to try styles outside of their comfort zones. Maybe its because I’m often surrounded by fashion bloggers and very confident plus size women I find that we are more will to take an item and experiment with it and make it our own.

For my plus size ladies who read this I honestly suggest having a quick look at plus size mens sites if you like big baggy pieces like an oversized hoody or boyfriend fit jeans or blazer etc. style is limitless so getting nice pieces to make a great outfit is the important bit to me not where they come from. Its so nice to be able to create an outfit that not every single other fat girl has and menswear increases choices vastly.


Me, trying out a more androgynous look than I’m used to but absolutely loving it.
Whether you are wanting a boyfriend fit blazer, some boyfriend fit jeans or it you just want standard wardrobe staples that can be found in both the menswear and womenswear departments like Tshirts and trainers etc.. Mens clothing retailers are a great way to get new pieces into your wardrobe and also to oudh fashion boundaries and create new ensembles that you may not have discovered if you stuck to the regular stores you normally shop in.

The majority of sportswear is non gender specific so brands like Ellesse are great for adding stylish and practical items that you will get a lot of wear from.

Plus size mens fashion is a great way to get inspiration for cute outfits and I have been finding following plus size male bloggers has been great for inspiring androgynous looks which I absolutely love.

Do you have any plus size male blogger recommendations or plus size menswear brands that I should take a look at?

5 Ways to stay healthy while on vacation

Summer vacation time is approaching and if you want to continue with your fitness regime and/or healthy eating, being away doesn’t have to stop you! Of course, being on vacation typically results in the interruption of your fitness routine. However, that doesn’t have to be the case this year. There are plenty of ways to stay healthy and fit while still enjoying every moment of your leisure time. Here are some great tips to keep in mind, so that all of your hard work, isn’t ruined by a week away:


Grilled cuts: You will find fried food everywhere but this year, don’t give in! There will be plenty of places where you will be able to eat good quality grilled cuts or chicken and if you are not a vegetarian, there is no healthier way to eat meat than grilled. Likely your summer travels will take you to the beach and fresh seafood is another diet saver. Even if you go to the Caribbean and stay in an all-inclusive resort full of buffets, you always can find healthy options to eat.


 Salads everywhere: It doesn’t matter where you are, fresh vegetables will follow you wherever you go!  All cuisines have some type of vegetables on their menu.  There are always plenty of options wherever you go so you can choose a nice and tasty salad or the fried food that is always on offer, whatever you prefer to eat. Consider adding small portions of nuts, cheese and fruit onto your salad to make it feel like more of a treat.


Supplements are very important: If you travel to a place that will reduce your choices for healthy/balanced eating, make sure you bring good supplements with you. There are many options to choose from, like birth order plus, which will help you to keep yourself strong and healthy enough to enjoy your time off and all the activities that you have planned for your vacation.


 Find a gym: Even if you out of your habitual environment, you can always find a way to include one or two exercise hours in your plans. You just have to find a fitness center nearby the place where you will spend your vacation. Not breaking your workout routine will help you to also maintain your fitness regime. Stay focused because being on holiday doesn’t necessarily mean to change your habits.


 Use any resource: When you are on vacation, likely you will be exploring an area that is new to you. Use this as inspiration to go out and explore. Try to do this walking or jogging and explore as much as you can. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, at least you will be doing some sort of physical and cardiovascular activity. If you go to the beach, run or swim as a manner of exercise. The beach offers you a beautiful landscape for training.

Just because you are on vacation. With these tips and a little effort on your part, your upcoming summer vacation will be the best one, yet!




10 Simple Garden Maintenance Tips for the Non-Gardener

10 Simple Garden Maintenance Tips for the Non-Gardener


Gardening really isn’t for everyone. If you more of a sun bather than a delve right in with a spade in hand kind of person, then this guide is right up your street. Check out my top 10 gardening tips for the non-gardener:


  1. It doesn’t need to be a mammoth task! Flower beds need a top up 1-2 times a week maximum.
  2. Don’t drown your plants, an even covering of flower beds is suffice.
  3. Avoid plant heads to prevent damage.
  4. Forgotten to water? Add plant food to your next batch. This gives them a little spruce up for greener leaves and more vibrant colours.



  1. Don’t cut your grass too short – Leave it at least 5cm long.
  2. Don’t drown the grass. 10 – 15 litres of water per sq.m is enough.


  1. Pull weeds from the root to prevent further growth or spreading.

 Automate the Process

  1. Don’t have time to water the plants or lawn? Get some automatic sprinklers to do it for you.
  2. Don’t enjoy mowing the lawn? If you’ve got the budget – Automatic lawn mowers take the chore out of cutting the grass but can come at a cost.


Not feeling gardening at all?

10. Go artificial – Eliminate the process all together and opt for fake grass – There’s a range to suit every budget!