Bedroom makeover on a budget

There are so many ways to makeover a bedroom without spending a ton of money. I’m going to give you a few ideas on how to give your bedroom a glamorous overhaul without breaking the bank. If you are in a rented home and I’m not allowed to paint or drill holes to add photos or artwork there are still many ways to change your space using stick on hooks and wall coverings.

Wall hangings and tapestries are great way to make big changes to a room, you can create a feature wall using large pieces or use smaller pieces to hang like art. Choosing the right colours and patterns are very important as large tapestries draw the eye immediately when entering the room, you can decorate the entire room based around the colours or patterns or theme of the fabric.

Fabric hangings and tapestries can give rooms are very bohemian look and feel and also makes a room feel less cold as fabrics are very warming and this goes for bedding, cushions and throws eccetera. If you’re going to go for a wall hanging tapestry I suggest this is one of the first things you purchase as it sets the tone for the whole room.


Just like a wall hangings, bedding has a huge bearing on how your bedroom looks. The bed is often the largest item in the room so covering it with a fabric definitely draws the eye so choosing bedding is very important as again it helps to set the theme or colour scheme that runs through the bedroom. The bedding tying into the theme/colour scheme of the room will create cohesion. When making over a bedroom on a budget bedding is a great place to start as it is something that will always be in the room.

Once you have decided on a theme for your room you can buy different bedding that all fall into the same category for example for beddings with peach tones or monochrome bedding sets or elephants depending on what you want to create in your room you can even mix and match bedding pieces if you want to go for a more boho vibe. If you buy a number of different bedding sets you will be able to mix and match the pieces to create anything that suits you. Bedding allows you to be creative in a space where a lot of furniture items can’t be changed frequently, so for example you’ll have a desk and a wardrobe and a chest of drawers that stay the same three years and years but changing the bedding and smaller items can make over your room entirely.


There were so many places that do great bedding for great prices so it allows you to have many bed sets to pick and choose from or mix and match for any bedrooms in the house. You can enjoy great savings on bedding at Groupon allowing you to get more for your money and therefore way more options to play with.

The most cost effective way to make changes to a room is to switch out smaller decorative accessories. Recently rose gold accessories have been huge in home decor and really add a touch of glam to a room. I personally like white accessories at the moment just because I like clean and simple looking pieces, also it’s very easy to add colour in different ways for example bedding and fabrics. White, gold and black accessories are nice and simple and will fit in any bedroom and if you every decide to change the colour scheme completely these items could still stay.
Accessories can range from plant pots to rugs, cushions, artwork, chair covers, lanterns, pen holders anything really and they make a room feel more you and will showcase your style and character. All of these things work together so you don’t have to replace any large furniture items to get a brand new room.

20180209_145424What tips do you have for making most effective changes to make over a room? I hope you found this post useful.



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