Bidvine has something for everyone.

It’s not very often that I am pointed in the direction of a non fashion site and I instantly fall in love with it, however this is exactly what happened with the website I am about to tell you about but I want to say first that these opinions are MY OWN and all the gushing to follow is for real!

Bidvine is a website that offer a huge ( and I mean HUGE) range of professional services. They offer people looking for a particular service a range of service providers so you can find the match that works best for you. Have  a little look at the How it works page where it explains much better than I can.

As far as the range of services I honestly don’t even know where to start so I’m going to talk a little bit about the services I would and will be using on the site. I have moved to a new city four months ago so a lot of my focus has been on getting the house sorted and making it look pretty so as soon as I went on the site the first thing I looked for was gardening services and fence repair as I have two small dogs and one of the little beasts keep escaping and I have tried and failed at a makeshift repair using chicken wire haha don’t ask? being new here I don’t know where to look to find someone specifically for the job I need and that is the main reason I feel like I found Bidvine at the perfect time.

I am living in a big rented house so I will be having  a six month landlord inspection of the property and I want the garden to be as neat as when I moved in so I will be using Bidvine to get someone out to cut the grass and make the garden  look presentable for that but the weather is starting to get so nice I’m thinking of a good time to organise a BBQ or something drunken and outdoorsy at my house because I’m lucky enough to have a large garden, so again a nice neat lawn will be perfect. I have no grass cutting equipment and not a green finger in sight so Bidvine here I come.

There are so many other useful services from health and beauty, fitness,  nutrition and yoga to learning services like languages and musical instruments, its amazing!

For all my bloggers out the reading this they also have photographers local for blog shots and people to take pics for portfolios for any of the wannabe plus size models. I will personally be using the site to make contact with people who can help me get the house the way I want it but there is so much on offer I can’t stop browsing (if my next blog post is written in Spanish you’ll know who to blame lol)


*this post is in collaboration with Bidvine but again all the excitement is my own and I love love the how useful the site is and will 100% be using it this summer.

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