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British Plus Size Awards feat. Estella

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend the British Plus Size Awards held in London because my best friend won two tickets, she was also a nominee for  best blogger WannabePrincess.

I wore a Beautiful Lady V London Dress. This is the Damask print Estella Dress Designed by the gorgeous George at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust I have this dress in three prints as I am in love with the style and think its a great dress for my shape.


IMG-20141113-WA0002In the hotel lobby showing off this gorgeous dress.

My shoes, necklace and fluffy handbag are all from NewLook in the last two weeks and are all still available.

Overall it was a lovely evening, It was so nice to get all dressed up and have a really grown up sophisticated night, I’m more of a night out in a club type girl so this was a really nice change. We arrived to a champagne reception, which was lovely and it was so nice to see so many other bloggers in attendance. I’m usually really bad at taking pictures when I attend events so I made sure that I had my phone in hand at all times to snap a few pics.

The three course meal was really lovely, I had Pâté to start and then a beautiful beef roast dinner for main and had a citrus cheesecake for dessert.  It was so nice to see so many familiar faces in all their finery, I took a few pics with some fellow bloggers.


Me with the stunning Kate from How Kate does Fashion and Mary of Channelling Liz


Me with Beautiful plus size models Sarah Hadzipasic and Olivia Campbell.


Me with the absolutely stunning and always flawless Georgina of She Might be Loved

20141122_171416 20141122_185453

20141122_185459 20141122_201858

Me and the princess. (if you can’t tell, we love a good selfie) Saturday night was a great night for boobs and selfies lol

I think the nominees should have been given free tickets anyway if you ask me, it may have decreased the amount of ‘Unfortunately _______ was unable to attend to collect his/her award’ speeches. Aside from the lack of winners attendance it was a great evening with some really fun entertainment. I especially enjoyed the humour of presenter Matt Johnson. But I would have to say the highlight of the evening, performance wise, would definitely have to be by Ashleigh Owen. I have seen her perform before at the Hamburger Queen finals and she was amazing then too, a very well deserved standing ovation from our table.

Considering this is an event I wasn’t planning on going to I had a really nice time and got a chance to catch up a lot of people that I already know from various areas of my life, whether it be my makeup work, blogging or my general social nights out and I would definitely be up for going again should another ticket fall into my lap.

Lastly I would like to say a massive congratulations to all the winners and nominees on the night xx



The Stellar Estella

This is the dress my dreams are made of.


I have been on the hunt for a vintage style dress in my size for the longest time. I have come across a few but they have always been in a jersey fabric, which is fine when it comes to fast fashion but I wanted something that was going to last me years.

When I heard on the blogger grapevine that Lady V London were releasing a vintage dress in a number of prints in a size 30/32 I was over the moon.

The Estella Dresses are available here! and were designed by the gorgeous Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

I bought the Estella in the black and white polkadot as I knew it would be very easy to style and I could wear it practically anywhere.

20141101_120808 20141101_12063520141101_12075820141101_120633

When the cupcake print Estella was released on the website I was literally screaming “Oh my God, Oh my God” Two of my favourite things combined just for me… Surely a gift from the Angels!!! I went on the site and bought the cupcake dress without a second thought… just look at it… I had to!


Love how I can still look fierce in a cupcake dress lol

20141101_113842 20141101_114101 20141101_114126 20141101_113637

The Estella dresses are 97% Cotton and 3% Elastane,  the quality is so good and I feel like they are a total investment, I plan on taking really good care of the ones I have so they will last forever.  A problem I find being my size is that it is very difficult to find good quality clothes that are a good fit, I know the bigger I am the more my body will vary from someone else who wears the same dress size. The Estella Dress feels like it was made for my body, the little bit of elastane allows the dress to hug you in just the right places but still has enough structure to fit how it is meant to.

I am really hoping to see more of these dresses coming out and I would especially like to see the dress in some solid colours.


Pretty in PolkaDots – 99p dress challenge

99p Dress Challenge – Navy Polkadot Midi dress.
Debz of Wannabe Princess start the #99pdresschallenge in which plus size bloggers showcase any of the 99p dresses they were able to pick up from Yours Clothing.
Talk about saving the best for last….
This one is by far my favourite of all of the 99p dresses, I love it so much!!
If they had more colours I would totally buy another one full price.
*another picture heavy post*
This is how the dress is sold with the red belt, I actually really like it worn like this. I have it on here with a pair of Yours Clothing dolly shoes.
This is how I prefer to wear the dress as I love the navy with the tan.
I’m wearing my tan brogues and my tan Zara bag again.
I love the length of this dress as I am able to wear it without leggings. I have so many skater dresses so its really nice to have something that’s a little longer but is still that shape that I like.
I wore this dress on my weekend away last weekend, I wore it with leggings because it was freezing and I wore a skinny tan plaited belt. (sorry for the blurry bathroom selfie)
The dress is still available Here

Pretty Polkadot Polly Pieces.

Polka Dot Polly Love
Over the Xmas period Polka Dot Polly was having an incredible advent calendar sale.
I had never ordered from them before so I decided to pick up a custom made piece of each, a dress, a top and a skirt.
The dress that I ordered was a deep red with small polka dots, when it came in the post I was soooo excited, I haven’t been able to find anything in a style like this in my size and it is so beautifully made. The shape of the bodice is not the one that I had wanted but unfortunately after reviewing my measurements I was told that this one was the only on that was going to work.
I think the style of bodice on this dress actually works to my advantage in that it makes my boobs look incredible!!!!!! lol
The seam across the back sits quite a bit higher than I would like but to save on having it altered I will be wearing it with a bolero or some such appropriate garment. I got this dress custom made for me with my choice of fabric and choice of skirt style for only £40.

I absolutely love the full circle skirt. I love how flowy it is and it makes me feel like a princess every time I move.
I went for the circle skirt again when I ordered the second outfit. This deal was a top and skirt set for only £25, again in their special Xmas calendar sale.   
I looks miserable…but I’m not…see next pic lol 
For the top I chose a fabric with a bit of stretch as my boobs are kinda huge and I didn’t want it too tight, if I’m honest I wasn’t really interested in the top when I was ordering, I just wanted a really nicely made cotton circle skirt in my size (which I still cant find anywhere else) so the top was just a bonus. saying that I am really happy with the top as it does look lovely with the skirt.
The skirt is really nice quality heavy cotton (I’m guessing from the sheer quantity of fabric that was used) I would definitely have paid the £25 for the skirt alone, which is probably why I see the top as a bonus.
The skirt reminds me of being a little girl wanting what I used to call a ‘spin around skirt’  
I love how much fabric they used to get the full circle skirt effect which I thought would be lacking in skirt in my size.
I will definitely keeping an eye out to see when they have a sale again as I would love another skirt… maybe in an adventurous print next time.
You really must check out their fabric selection… its amazing! They have so may different food prints and character prints…you could really have a lot of fun designing something beautiful and more importantly made to last.  
*I ordered and paid for these items myself, these were not sent to me for review.*