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Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 2

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly

We’d all like to reduce our ecological footprint, whether it’s increasing the number of recyclable products we use to making a conscious effort to cycle, walk or use public transport to get around. We want to ensure our planet remains green and healthy for future generations and prevent further damage already caused to delicate eco-systems across the globe.

You don’t have to make massive lifestyle changes to support the planet. Instead, you could create a bigger impact by making lots of smaller tweaks that you don’t notice as much. Encouraging these changes in your personal and family life is the first step to a brighter future.

So, don’t rush to throw out your disposable tableware or plastic cups. Swap them out for an eco-friendly alternative and look at bio-degradable options in your local party supply store. Likewise, tossing your plastic bags out now means they are likely to spend years decomposing in a landfill or (more horrifyingly) end up in the ocean. Reuse the plastic bags you have lying around until they can function no more, small changes like this could mean big improvements for the planet.

While there are plenty of things we can do in our day-to-day life to become eco-friendlier. Have you considered how you can reduce the waste and become more environmentally-friendly in your beauty regime?

In the Shower

Have you got a shampoo or conditioner you always use and are constantly having to buy? Consider looking for a bulk-size bottle alternative or contact the manufacturer to see if they can offer one. This can cut down on a tremendous amount of plastic waste. Alternatively, swap to a shampoo bar – no plastic, just product and you use it just the way you’d normally use shampoo, rub the bar on your hair and rinse away.

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 1

This also applies to shower gels and liquid dispensers – stop using plastic packaged solutions and instead switch to a bar of soap. There are plenty of companies that offer everything from organic to hypoallergenic soap, without drastically harming your bank balance.

At the Sink

Did you know 50 million pounds of plastic waste is generated every year in the United States by…toothbrushes? Amazing, when you think about it. That’s an estimated 850 million to over a billion toothbrushes and it’s only one country (Although quite a big one). The eco-friendlier option is to use a bamboo toothbrush, a recent market development that is becoming more popular in the UK.

Toothpaste becomes a bit difficult, aside from the obvious – switch to larger packs of your favourite brand, there isn’t a lot of choice for ditching the plastic. Recently, some eco-friendly cosmetic companies have offered “chewable toothpaste” – a solid toothpaste tablet that you chew on to release the cleaning foam. These are great alternative to normal toothpaste and won’t cost you the earth either.

Make Your Beauty Regime More Eco-Friendly 2

Out the Door

Have you ever considered skipping your daily or alternate day shower? I know what you’re thinking but hear me out. There IS an eco-friendly alternative and it’s not going to leave you the unpopular one. Several water-free body washes have been popping up on the market and they’ve been taking the world a little bit by surprise with the quality. Cleansers that foam up as you pump so there’s even less wet mess and many of them can be simply towelled off once you have refreshed.

Combined with a solid bar deodorant that acts as a roll-on and you’ll not only smell great and feel fresh, but you could be saving as much as 45litres of water. Wow.


Like we mentioned before, you don’t need to make big changes to have a big impact. All these little adjustments to your day routine will quickly add up over the long-term. It also won’t cost you a fortune to be eco-friendlier, buying bigger packages will eventually save you money. While the package-less alternatives aren’t unreasonably expensive like they have been in the past. So, what are you waiting for? Make a small change to your regime today and start saving the world for tomorrow!



My Skin care routine.

Care for the skin you’re in!
As some of you may know I am a makeup artist in  nd I have decided to start incorporating some beauty into my blog.
I am a huge fan of makeup and what it can do but I think the foundation for your makeup if far more important. By foundation I’m not talking about base makeup I am talking about our skin!
I have had problems with my skin in the past but at the moment my skin is in the best condition it has ever been purely because I have been taking care of it.
I will be 30 this year (eek) and I have only been making an effort with my skin for approx. the last two years.
My skin care routine is pretty simple and it works for me. I must stress at this point that what works for one person may not work for another and I feel like finding your best routine is a matter of either trial and error or thorough research.
In this post I am just going to show you what works for me and show you that you don’t need a 100 step programme to achieve and maintain good skin.

1. Simple kind to skin moisturising facial wash I use this everyday when washing my face in the shower, I love the simple range because it is so gentle. 
2.Bioderma Sensibio H2O This is my daily cleanser, I swear by it and use it on myself and my makeup clients. I use it to remove makeup and find it super effective (even with water proof eye makeup) I also use it when I have no makeup on just as an everyday cleanser. 
3. Clinique clarifying lotion This is a liquid exfoliator and I only use this about 2-3 times a week and has worked well for me for the last two years. 
4. Avene Cleanance toner. This is a very new addition to my skin care routine as I have never used a separate toner before but I heard wonderful things about this one so I am now giving it a try out.
When it comes to moisturisers I jump between these three depending solely on the weather
1. Clinque dramatically Different Moisturising Gel I use this one when the weather is really warm, as its a gel it is very very light weight and even though it feels as though you have nothing on your skin it is very moisturising. 
2. No7 Essential Moisture day fluid This is my go to face cream most of the time, I find it works very well and is again very light weight (which I prefer for having under makeup as well) This is a great cream to chuck on every day and sometime i mix it with a foundation to make a tinted moisturiser for day when i just want to even out my skin tone without a full face of slap.
3. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate This is a very heavy cream popular in the makeup world at the moment. I use this cream only in the winter it is very thick and luxurious but not a good cream for people with oily skin. Even in the winter I only use it at night before bed and skin is beautiful in the morning.
I’m loving my skin at the moment. sometimes on lazy days I will just cleanse and moisturise, I tend not to deviate away from these products because they have been working so well for me. Sometimes I hear about wonder products and give those a shot but I always come back to my old faithfuls. 
I have just recently heard a lot of talk about a new cream to help with breakouts and problem skin, I placed an order for a tube this morning and I will definitely be doing a review once I have given it a whirl.  
Please let me know if you think I should add some beauty posts into my blog…I would really like to hear your thoughts xxx