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My plan for my body in 2018

With the New year fast approaching, the weight loss resolutions are already starting. I feel very lucky that I am able to ignore the social pressures to be in the mindset that my value as a person is connected to a number on a scale. I do however realise I am getting older and I want to keep my body active. I go through phases of wanting to exercise more and increase my fitness but like with anything, it can be difficult to stick to.

I have been over weight since I was around 8 years old so I don’t really know anything else. As a fat child and a fat adolescent I was always very active but then came to a halt when I entered into adulthood. As a child I think it it a lot easier to find activities that you enjoy that count as exercise, I just remember always loving swimming. I know for me as an adult the only form of exercise that I genuinely enjoy and don’t ever tire of is aqua aerobics. I absolutely love swimming and just being in the water in general and will take any opportunity to go for a swim. For this reason it is always the first thing that springs to mind when I decide that I need to increase the amount of exercise in my routine.


I hadn’t been swimming in over a year but during a trip to the coast last month I was able to spend a few hours in a beautiful pool and it reminded me just how much I miss being in the water and because of that I want to incorporate swimming and/or aqua aerobics into some form of exercise plan for the coming year. Because I don’t want to wait for January 1st to be proactive I have already started to add some moderate exercise into my routine an already feel much better for it.

My plan is a simple one… do the things that make you feel good. Going out for long walks isn’t something I enjoy while I’m doing it but I love the sense of pride and achievement that I get from doing something that is good for me. Getting off the bus a stop early every time I take a ride so I get a few extra steps in. Basically the little things, the things that aren’t too strenuous and should in turn be easier to keep going. Swimming… lots and lots of swimming, everyone who knows me, knows how much I love being in water so of course in 2018 I will be in water as much as possible . Being a plus size blogger and having plus size blogger friends, between us all we know all the places to get plus size clothing and accessories. Lots of swimming will require… you guessed it… plus size swimwear. I have a lot of great swimwear from 2 piece sets to sarongs. A nice swimsuit is great for having confidence and good support at the pool too.

More important than the physical things I want to do for my body, is the love I show my body. I have great respect for my body and the things it has helped me to do in life. I think it is very easy to think about all the things about your body you would like to change but I think it is so much more important to appreciate the body you have. in 2018 I want to continue to love my body, practice self care and swim much more.

What goals do you have for your body in the coming year?