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some thoughts on dating…

How long is long enough to focus on yourself before starting to look for love again?
I have been single 3 years and I have been dating on and off during that time. I use online dating sites to meet new people so I have a little bit of experience to work with. Sometimes I go on a couple of dates a weeks and sometimes I go months without talking to anyone at all, it just kinda depends how I’m feeling.
I use recommendations from Friends to decide which sites I want to sign up with and listen to their experiences on said sites to chose the best one for me.
I like to use dating sites to meet new people and to get out more and learn what the dating scene was like again and its always nice to meet people you may not come across in your normal everyday life.

As a plus size woman I find a couple of things very handy when dating; I like to make sure I arrive at the bar/restaurant first. Personally I like to get there a few minutes early. That way I can walk in, get a drink and find an area of the bar/pub that I like the most. I can sit down and get comfortable and sorted before they arrive.

Choosing your time wisely is also something to think about. The time that you meet someone can help take the pressure off. Try and meet someone in the evening, rather than the afternoon where you could be stuck for hours on a date you aren’t comfortable. If you do have to meet in the afternoon, tell them beforehand you have somewhere to be at a set time so that you can leave as and when you need.

Dating in a new area is a really good way to see who and what is in that area and it also gives the opportunity to go on dates and visit bars and restaurants that you haven’t been to before.

A couple of sites that are really good for  daters are no strings dating and single women in Galloway.

There are so many things to think about when you are about to start dating, for example how far you’re willing to travel to date, what the age range is you are willing to date, what qualities you look for in a potential partner now etc because you may have changed and aged since your last relationship and may be looking for something completely different but the very first thing I had to establish with myself was that I was actually ready to meet somebody new. I also have a think about weather I was looking for the same qualities as I was when I was searching last time I’ve grown older I live in a different city so I had to make sure but I knew exactly what it was I was looking for before I started looking.

There are so many lesser known websites that help people find a whole host of different types of relationships and I’m going to share a few of them with you but there are so many more for you to decide what suits your particular needs. The following are all over 50’s dating sites. The sites are regional so you can find local people. Senior datingMerseyside dating and date Cheshire singles are just a handful.


Dating again?

People use dating sites for many different reasons, you’d be a fool to think everyone on a dating site wants to actually date and its important to know this before you start talking to people. You want to know what you are looking for and also not be too scared to ask people what they are looking for too so you’re not starting off on the wrong foot and already heading for disaster. This will also enable you to decide what type of site will be the best for you.  Not much good going on an adult arrangement focused site if you want to settle down as you’ll more than likely not find someone after the same. I would also say be honest about what you’re looking for when you make a profile, If you’re genuinely looking for something long term , say so! You can only help yourself by being cleat and upfront.


The ‘about me’ section on a dating profile is where all the magic happens and often a lot of the lies lol. I think too many people use this section as a place to sell themselves and I think those sound the most false. You can’t go wrong with a profile that is honest and  feels like a chat with a mate rather than a list of how incredible you think you are. Including a cute flaw or two shows that you are real person and it can open an opportunity to lay out something you may feel uncomfortable telling someone in person and will allow the reader to decide if they want to connect with you.

There are so many sites available for you to choose from now, compared with a few years ago. Including solely app based dating. A couple of sites worth taking a look at are Cheshire dating site , Northamptonshire singles and Surrey singles.

I think the process of online dating should be fun, I love meeting new people and I love chatting to different types of people. Through online dating I have made some great friends and have had some very very loving relationships that I wouldn’t change for the world. I definitely think it is something to enjoy so if at any time you’re not enjoying it stop doing it. There should be no pressure to find the perfect person right this second, it shouldn’t be something you rush.

I kind of expect to on and off the dating scene for a few years to come because I enjoy new experiences and new relationships with new people, its not for everyone but the resources are out there for everyone to find love no matter what your situation from single women in Humberside to naughty dating.

So whatever age you are or how much experience you have dating online or of it isn’t ‘dating’ specifically that you’re looking for, the Internet is a fantastic way to meet a multitude of people to choose from to get to know. These tips are just things that I have learnt from my experiences using many online dating sites but definitely find out what works for you and I wish you all the luck and fun

Dating during the festive season.

During the Christmas period, I think more single people start to wish they weren’t alone and are more open to making romantic connections. Being around friends and family who are paid off and spending time with their significant others or contemplating what gifts to buy for or places to visit with their partners can make being single a little difficult for some. On the other hand though, Christmas and New year are a great time to be single if you enjoy the dating process and meeting new people. People are in relationship mode and more open to meeting potential partners.

The key to meeting new people that could be a potential spouse is putting yourself out there. There are a tonne of singles parties and speed dating events that will be teaming with people in the same position as you and looking to meet other people looking to date. If dating specific events are not your thing another great way to meet people is at Christmas parties. During this time of year there will be an abundance of Christmas and New year parties happening. Whether its a work Christmas party or a party friends or family are hosting, its a good way to meet new people and they may even be people that a colleague or friend knows so you’re able to get an idea of what the person you have your eye on is like and maybe get advice as to whether you may be suited or not, or even find out is the person is even single or not without having to go up and ask. Meeting potential dates through people you know can be one of the best ways to get introduced to people you may have similar interests too, if this is important to you.

There are many ways to meet people face to face but dating online is a great way to make contact with many people without even getting out of your jammies. A lot of people tend to assume that online dating opens the door to people all across the country and across the world… It can, but not if you don’t want it to. There are a number of dating sites catered specifically to connecting local people to each other, a few really good ones are listed below;

Yorkshire dating site, Belfast dating, Bedfordshire dating, Nottingham dating and  Guernsey singles.

If you decide you want to meet someone and however you decide to go about that, or if you are happy being single or if you’re in a committed relationship or anywhere in between, I hope everyone has a great Christmas.

New partner at Christmas?

Whether you have been seeing someone for a few weeks or a few months by the time Christmas rolls around, there are a number of things you will have to think about.

Gift giving

When a relationship is very new it’s difficult to know what to give the other person for Christmas. If for example you started dating a fortnight before Christmas, what would be an appropriate gift? or do you just give them a card? You don’t want to spend a fortune on a gift for someone you have been seeing for just a week or two but you don’t want to get them nothing just in case you find yourself in the awkward situation of receiving a gift and having nothing to present in return. There a many gift guides online if you need help finding the perfect gift for a new partner.


Meeting friends and family

Once you have met someone and you have started dating, when do you introduce your new partner to your friends and family? during the rest of the year this is something that you can play by ear but when Christmas comes around and people spend more time with family and friends there comes a pressure to meet the new person in your life. With so many parties and gatherings around this time of year it is very easy to feel like you have to bring the new person in your life along. Not only because you want to include them and not have them feeling left out but in some cases it is not often the entire family or entire group of friends all come together at the same time.

You should, however, speak to your new partner about this as the time approaches and see how you both feel about it and come to a join decision as you don’t want to make any assumptions and have anyone feelind awkward.



If you aren’t currently dating anyone and you do want to find someone , the Internet is a great way to meet new people. Gloucestershire singles, senior dating, Glasgow dating, senior dating sites and Berkshire dating could have exactly what you need. No matter your age , sex or location, dating online has something for everyone.


Gay and Lesbian dating by area

We are living in an age where everything is carried out using modern technology so I guess it stands to reason that people (including myself) have taken to the internet to find people to date.

It is literally as simple as taking 5 minutes out of your day to set up an online profile and upload a picture or two and you’re ready to meet some potential dates. Whether you are looking for a long term relationship, casual dating, a friends with benefits situation, some fun for one night,  same sex dating, heterosexual dating and even sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangements the internet has multiple places for you to find just that.

Most online dating sites and apps have the option for same sex matches but of course there are websites tailored specifically for LGBTQ users. Even more specific than that though are websites that focus on Gay and Lesbian dating in certain cities across the United Kingdom so people looking to date can look for someone that fits what they are looking for and are close on a map too.

This way of looking for someone to date makes so much sense for people that don’t want to travel for love. Below are a small handful of examples of gay and lesbian dating sites by specific area.

Gay dating in woking

Lesbian dating in Somerset

Gay dating in Portsmouth

Gay dating in Torquay

Lesbian dating in London

If your family situation or the love of a current job prevents relocating, finding a partner who lives a small enough distance from you so there wouldn’t be any major changes to your life should things go well with this person ,is probably the best option.

If you are a hopeless romantic and believe that your soul mate may be next door or across an ocean and are willing to pack up your life and move for love then there are definitely a whole host of places online to find your other half.

But if like me you want to find a partner that is nearby to making getting to know each other in person that little bit easier then there are dating sites specifically for the town/city that you live in.