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If Someone Tries To Judge Your Style, Tell Them Wear To Stick It!


It’s bizarre just how much judgment there is in the world aimed at people doing nothing more than trying to embrace their own style. As though one person feeling good about themselves is just so awful to a lot of other people that they have to do whatever they can to try and drag that person down again. And it’s not just from other people either. It comes from all sides with the media and advertising all doing the same thing. Well, if you’ve ever felt like people have tried to judge you on your own style, the best thing you can do is to tell them where to shove it! With that in mind, here are some ways to embrace your own personal style.


Your hair

It’s amazing to think that people try to police other people’s hair so much considering what an integral part of their bodies it really is. After all, your hair isn’t just a fashion statement. For a lot of people, it’s a sign of their cultural and ancestral heritage a well. The last thing you want to is to feel like you have to change your hair to fit with society’s expectations. You can get more info on ways to embrace your own natural hair while finding styles that suit you. The key is to hold on to what makes your hair unique to you, rather than trying to fit it around society’s expectations.


Your wardrobe

Here’s the big secret that a lot of people will avoid telling you: you can wear whatever you want. Seriously, no matter who you are, how old you are, or what shape and size you are, you can wear any clothes. This idea that certain clothes are only for people of specific shapes and sizes is just ridiculous, and there’s no reason that you should have to put up with it. If you see something that you think that you’d look really cute in it, then don’t let anything stand in your way. As long as you carry yourself with confidence, you’ll be able to pull off any outfit.


Your makeup

It’s a real shame that so many women are forced to wear makeup as a way of fitting society’s expectations. It’s not a shame because makeup is bad, but because it’s such a waste of its potential;. Rather than using it to force people to look the same, think about how much better things would be if everyone used makeup to be creative and to express something about themselves. Rather than trying to meet society’s expectations, why not try your hand at breaking them instead?

Of course, none of this is meant to make it seem as though breaking out of the habits that modern society gets so many of us into is somehow easy. The truth is that it can be incredibly difficult to get out of the kind of feelings that the modern world creates in us. However, by taking the time to really think about these things and to try to shut out the sound of outside influences, you’re going to be able to finally embrace your own sense of style.


An Exercise In Decluttering – Clearing Out Your Wardrobe In The New Year

When your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it’s time to do something about it. When better to enjoy a wardrobe clearout than the New Year? A good decluttering is therapeutic, freeing and could even help you rediscover some old wardrobe favourites. A newly-organised wardrobe is the perfect way to start off the New Year, so take a look at the following tips to see how it’s done.


Image: Pxhere

Get it all out

You’re never going to get full site of all your clothes if you don’t get every single item out. Yes, it’s going to be a mess – but think of the light at the end of the tunnel. Go through all your drawers as well; this isn’t the time to leave any stone unturned. Dump it on your bed, your chairs and even create ‘zones’ for different items of clothing to help make it easier for you to categorise things and rebuild your wardrobe.

Be brutal

It can be tough to decide to get rid of your clothes. Clothing can hold a lot of sentimental value, as well as be a bit of a memory box. However, if things are just rotting away in the back of your wardrobe going unworn, it’s time to get rid of them. Take a look at each item of clothing and ask yourself:


  • Have I worn this in the last 12 months?
  • Is it still wearable?
  • Does it fit me?
  • Can I honestly see myself wearing this again?


If you’ve answered no to one or more of these questions, it’s time to let it go. You’ll feel much better for it, knowing your wardrobe is actually full of things you want to wear.

Sell what you can

Everyone finds January a tough time money-wise, so a cash boost could be just what you need at the beginning of the year. You’ll probably find that there are more items in your wardrobe to sell than you realise, especially those one-off items like occasion dresses or shoes that have barely been worn. It’s easy to get started on eBay or Depop, and Shiply makes it so much easier to get your items posted out to buyers. Remember to take some good photos to help give the best impression of your products.

Recycle or donate the rest

Anything you don’t want to sell can find a good home somewhere else. Zara and H&M are among the stores who will recycle your clothes for you, no matter what condition they’re in. If you want to donate other clothing to good causes, someone else will be sure to appreciate your treasures.

Keep seasonal clothing together

To help you plan better outfits, it makes sense to keep your seasonal clothing together. You’ll be much better able to see what you have for each season, making it easy to coordinate items when you’re getting dressed. If you’ve got other storage space, you could pack away next season’s clothes so that all that’s left in your wardrobe is relevant for now.


With all that new space in your wardrobe, you’ve got an excuse to treat yourself to some new things. Why not take a look at these great plus-sized influencers who are killing it in the style stakes – the perfect inspiration! Start your new off with a fresh new wardrobe and enjoy being able to put together some fierce and fabulous looks.


Festive Fashion: From Office To Party!

The festive season is upon us again, and for most of us that means a jam packed social calendar this month. From the office Christmas party to drinks with friends, family parties and more, if you want to fit in the festive fun you might have to get a bit creative. One way you can do this is by creating a work look that can easily be glammed up for the evening. That way you don’t have to go all the way home and start from scratch, you can simply add or remove a couple of items and you’re ready to go. Here are some of the ways you can go about it!


Choose a Plain, Staple Outfit

The trick to getting a ‘work to party’ look right is to get your basic outfit right. This could be a plain black dress, or even a pair of black trousers or a skirt with a black vest top. For work you could wear a white shirt over the top (or under the dress depending on the style) and afterwards you can take it off for your party outfit. If you’re looking for nice basics like this, brands like Ruby Rd clothing have a variety of different options you can choose from. All black looks formal for the office but can easily be glammed up for the party with a few extra things. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress, you could wear tights underneath for work but then take them off for the evening. So don’t forget to shave your legs!


Image source: Pexels



The best way to transform your plain work outfit so it looks party ready is with accessories. A statement necklace, earrings or a bracelet will instantly make it look more evening appropriate. You could add a sparkly waist belt and switch up your work bag for an evening clutch. You could wear a cardigan to work during the day, and switch this to a trendy white or pastel coloured blazer for the evening.



Another way to turn an outfit from day to night is with shoes. If you’ve worn flats or plain black stillettos to the office, at the end of the work day switch these out for a stunning party- ready pair. It could be strappy heels, sparkle stilettos, peep toe wedges- whatever works with the rest of your outfit. Ankle boots and shoe boots are a good choice for this time of year when it’s cold outside, they still look cute and trendy but keep your feet warm.



During the daytime you of course want to keep your makeup looking work appropriate. One way you can do this is apply a smokey eye shadow in neutral colours such as browns and golds. And then keep the rest of your look very simple. That way at the end of the work day your eyeshadow is already done but you could amp it up with some black eyeliner and maybe even some false eyelashes. You could wear a nude or light pink lipstick to work, and then redo it with a bold shade for the evening which will totally change up the way you look. Since it’s party season red would be a good choice, you could be extra festive by adding a swipe of sparkly lip gloss over the top. A highlight and contour palette in your makeup bag with a fluffy brush can help to give you definition to your face without much time or effort.


image source: Pexels


Finally, a spritz of perfume can go a long way in finishing your look and give you a confidence boost. If you wear perfume to the office, chances are it’s a lighter fragrance for the daytime. For the evening you could put on something a little more sultry. If you have lots of miniature perfumes and samples from things like beauty boxes now is the perfect time to use them. Pop one into your makeup bag and apply it before you leave for the party for an ultra glam and feminine finish to your outfit.


December is a busy time of year, but it’s worth making the effort to go to these social events. If you’ve not seen loved ones much during the year Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do so. So find a way to make it work, even if you have to attend straight from the office!


Will you be going from the office to the party much during December?


Yours Clothing Maxi Dress



If you follow me anywhere at all on social media you’ll know that I have been loving this maxi dresses from Yours Clothing. They are so comfortable and easy to wear.IMG_20171013_160743_253

As you can see I literally throw them on with various jackets (which I mix and match depending on how I feel) and I’m out the door.


I’m a little bit obsessed with dresses with pockets so I love these.

I just wanted to drop in quickly and show you one of my fave dresses for when you want to be casual and don’t know what to wear. IMG_20171013_162038_115Do you have any go to items that always make you feel good? If so what at are they?



Curve fashion festival.

The Curve Fashion Festival in partnerships with New Look is in it’s third year this year and is set to be a huge event in the plus size fashion community once again. This will, however, be my first time attending and I can’t wait. As a plus size blogger I really look forward to attending fashion based events to see what the plus size brands have in store for us in the coming seasons and getting to pop to various stands to have a looks a pieces on the market from smaller brands that I may not have heard or heard of just being able to touch and try on items that are usually only available online. For me these events are the best opportunity to see friends and fellow bloggers from all over the country that I don’t get to see very often and events like TCFF get us all in one  place at the same time and it’s always a great time.

This year returning to Curve Fashion fest will be Tess Holliday.


The UK’s largest plus size fashion event The Curve Fashion Festival in partnership with New Look is delighted to announce the return of Plus Size Model Tess Holliday.

Tess Holliday will be doing a book signing of the new book The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl alongside an audience Q&A.

Looking at this years sponsors and supporters, one of the event supporters Debenhams stood out to me because it isn’t who I first think of when I’m looking for plus size women’s fashion but they have a huge range of plus size clothes for women, being a plus size woman who loves fashion I thought I would give them a mention. Debenhams plus size women’s range currently has over 3500 items from a number of brands from Evans and Studio 8 to Scarlett & Jo so I would definitely say worth having a look at next time you’re looking for something new.

Have you been to TCFF before and will I be seeing you there this weekend? what are you looking forward to the most??? let me know!


Wearing sixteen47 twenty four seven.

Recently I got to experience  sixteen47, a brand that goes up to a size 42!!! I am always looking for brands that have items in a larger size than I am so I can have the luxury of oversized pieces in my wardrobe.

Looking through the website a lot of the items weren’t the usual style that I would go for but there are some definitely some treasures. I chose a staple black dress and the brand were kind enough to send me a second piece to review.IMG-20170511-WA0104

The black dress is a skater shape with panelling so there is so much fabric at the bottom it makes it very flowy and flattering on my shape. The fabric is thick and the sleeves are long so it is definitely an item that I will be wearing in the colder months. I love that the shape of the dress give it a alot of movement and it swishes when I walk. IMG-20170511-WA0111

The second piece I have isn’t something I would usually choose but I’ve actually worn it more than the black dress, it’s a nice piece to throw on with leggings when you have errands to run, I’ve been wearing it when I’ve been going out for walks. The colours are perfect for summer and so is the light fabric. This cappuccino jersey top is really nice to wear.IMG-20170511-WA0123It is so nice to be able to wear clothes and have space in the garment, these are easily two of my most comfortable items that I own. The thing that stands out the most about the items from sixteen47 is the quality! you can tell straight away that their pieces will wear and wash really well. The quality of the fabrics used and how clearly well made they are means you will have long lasting additions to your wardrobe.


workout footwear wishlist

For me its that time again when I promise myself I will do more, I want to start going out for regular walks outside of the everyday stuff we normally do. I usually wear one of my New Balance trainers when I’m going to do some form of exercise but I wanted to see what else is out there. I’m specifically looking for something good for walking, comfortable and definitely something pretty to look at.

I have found 2 pairs of  gorgeous trainers that I would love to own one is a bit higher end offered by UGG and the second is equally as cute from Adidas.

My high end pick…


UGG trainers from Daniel Footwear I am so in love with these , I’m not really a pink shoe type person but when it comes to working out and sportswear I would definitely make an exception. They have the signature UGG logo on the back of the shoe too if that statement is important to you, I’m not gonna lie its definitely a plus point for me.


My lower end pick…cloud1

Adidas Cloudfoam qt racer from Brantano ladies I love the floral design on this shoe, I don’t like doing exercise and going out for walks so it always helps when the sportswear clothes and shoes are cute and reflect your personality. I’ve heard this particular shoe is super comfortable and great for walking and running. At the moment Adidas are doing amazing things when it comes to running shoes, with the flex being sooooooo comfortable and a very popular choice.

If you have either of these shoes already please let me know what you think of them.


I want to Simply Be comfortable.

I love dressing up and wearing fancy dresses but when I’m shopping I’m usually looking for cute items that I am comfortable in and can wear on a daily basis.

I wanted a couple of new items that I could wear with leggings and trainers and still be really cute. They are definitely my favourite buys as I get much more wear out of them than I would a party dress. Screenshot_20160928-124753

This is the Jameela Jamil off the shoulder dress. it is definitely a more fancy day time dress which I like and would be a great piece to transition from day to evening if you had drinks after work etc.

This one has no stretch in the fabric and is a little tight on my tummy but still absolutely wearable for me. Screenshot_20160928-124732 Screenshot_20160928-124717This one i love more than life, you know when you find an item and the fit is just perfect and its the most comfortable thing ever…. well this is that for me. its the Multi print jersey babydoll dress. On a normal day I like to be as comfortable as I can and this dress feels great, such an easy piece to wear and a really cute ditsy floral print.

Both of these dresses are listed as Simply be Party Dresses but they are definitely more day to day dresses for me.  I am very much into wearing whatever makes you feel good and what suits your lifestyle and dresses like these are just perfect for me and mine.


My Time is Valuable!

Really quick post to show you guys a little something I bought recently..


Naomi of Diamonds & Pearls in collab with XL.Promodoro created a really cute slogan tee with a really good message. If you want to find out more about the idea and what it means to her, have a look at Naomi’s post here.

I’m going to leave you with some pics of me looking cute in my tee :)


Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-20-53 Screenshot_2016-08-30-13-20-24


New ways to shop. (via

There are a lot of sites popping up that give you access to multiple shopping sites in one place and I think its a great way to shop. As someone at the higher end of plus size, I very rarely even look at websites that don’t carry plus size items so I miss out on a lot of accessory items available from those places.  I heard about a site called LoveTheSales and I thought I’d check it out to see of they had any plus size brands and to my surprise they do! This is always a pleasure to see as we are so often forgotten. Being able to shop for clothes and have access to non clothing items from brands that do not cater their clothing to plus size people, provides more opportunities to create great outfits.

They have items up to a size 32 available through the Simply Be Sale and also include other big name plus size brands including but not limited to Dorothy Perkins, Studio 8, Junarose and Frock and Frills curve.

I remember in my late teens going shopping with my friends to big shops like topshop and only being able to look at the bags and accessories and always being really bitter about it and subconsciously just counting it as a store that just isn’t for me but while browsing  the lovethesales site I found myself constantly drawn to items in the Topshop Sale, specifically the handbags. The Topshop sale is incredible with massive reductions, I keep filling my basket with so many bags and then closing the window like a form of modern torture lol.

I just think it makes shopping more fun. A huge variety, and a lot more brands that you may not have ever heard of before, much more accessible. Definitely worth checking them out if your looking to put together an outfit or just want to shop a whole load of sales in one place.