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Are you ready for the party season? I am!

Its the start of December and in my eyes we have officially hit party season with so many festive events coming up I have been preparing all my outfits for each event.

Two weeks ago I received a Party Survival pack from Fashion World and I when I opened it I thought all the little items were such a good idea for party handbag essentials and it made me think about what other extras us ladies might need over the party season aside from the perfect dress and shoes.

I think my idea of what is essential in a night out bag maybe very different to some of you but I will let you know what my essentials are anyway…

Items I will not leave my house without when off on a night out, besides the obvious, keys and money etc;

  • Tissues
  • Lip balm and lipstick
  • Compact Mirror
  • Spare hairband
  • Comfy flats (How big is my bag, I know right!)

The Fashion World part survival pack consists of hair pins, hair spray, emery boards, vaseline and body tape. I love how small each of the items are so you can fit all, or whichever you need, comfortably into a small party bag.


Fashion World have also created an online Party Season Survival Guide that is full of hints and tips and suggestions for ways to get through the party season without a hitch.

An item that I have been introduced to recently is Wingz, which when I first saw them I figured they would be every plus size woman’s dream.  No more falling in love with a dress and having to bypass it because it doesn’t have sleeves. Wingz have a wide range of arm covering piece that don’t effect the overall look of your outfit aside from covering your arms.  They have different lengths and materials so you don’t have to cover your entire arm if you don’t want to.


They have plain stretch sleeves that can be worn with everyday outfits and loads of different material, colours and patterns to suit what you are looking for. Perfect for the party season they have more dressy Wingz to complement you party dresses. w1 w2

Personally I am a fan of the lace Wingz, I love a bit of lace! lol

20141201_114050 IMG-20141201-WA0013

*Excuse the makeupless face, I just wanted to show what the Wingz look like on me*

Half sleeve Wingz, Full sleeve Wingz

I love the lace Wingz, I love that I can cover my arms without covering up a pretty dress. I prefer the look of the long sleeve lace sleeves but the short sleeve ones are more comfortable for be because I have really large arms, I have however heard on the grapevine that they are going to being introducing a larger size (size 4) for trial in March next year which is very exciting news,

As you can see from the pics I have the short sleeved lace and the long sleeved lace Wingz, I’m thinking of getting the plain stretch Wingz so that I can wear more of my vest tops in the colder weather and just for throwing on under jumpers because I’m always cold.

These are something I wish I knew about a few years ago as I hated having my arms on display, they really are a great item to have as yo can literally wear them with anything.

I know I mentioned this a little earlier but I always carry a pair of comfortable flats in my handbag on a night out. I know some companies to small foldable shoes made specifically for carrying around with you but I always find them really uncomfortable. I have found that Primark always have sooooooo many cute little dolly shoes in these days and their wide fit section just keeps getting better and better.

These are the Primark wide fit flats that I have most recently been chucking into my oversized clutch bags.

There must be a ton of places to pick up cute flats but for a pair that’s just for chilling in your handbag for ‘just in case’ times I think Primark is excellent for little cheapies.

Do you have any tips for me for the party season or anything a little bit different that you always keep on you just in case? I would love to hear them :-)

*Wingz were very kindly gifted to me for review*


Giving me Butterflies.

Heeellllllooooooo :-)
So I went into the Evans flagship store in marble arch and to be honest I wasn’t sure what I was looking for and in the end I picked up a couple of dresses the first one being this… the Evans Navy Crinkle Midi dress It does not look like a dress that I would normally pick up as I am not a fan of butterfly print, I do feel though that this dress has enough going on, print wise, that you almost don’t notice the butterflies. I wanted a couple of dresses in colours that I don’t already have and that are nice fabrics for the summer (this dress is cotton)
This dress is available in both Midi and Maxi lengths. I have a couple of maxi dresses for this summer so I opted for the midi, (looks like I will be getting the old cankles out)
I’m not sure how I feel about the dress without the jacket as I feel like it whispers ‘Grandma’ but again I love the colours, the print and the fabric so I will be getting a lot of wear out of this dress.
I really like the colours in this dress and picked it up with my denim jacket in mind, due to all the different shades of blue in this dress I knew it would be lovely with any shade of denim.
I picked up these really cute shoes in Primark this week and I absolutely love them, so much so in fact I plan on going back to get the pair they have in electric blue (and any other colour I can find)
They are wide fit and are so comfortable and I just love the wide strap and buckle.
This week I will show you guys the second dress I picked up too… Its super cute!
Thanks for reading :-)

The Right to Bare Arms!

The Right to Bare Arms!

My arms have been an issue for me for as long as I remember, I always wear a cardigan or a shrug to cover them up. Even in the summer I choose to wear t-shirts instead of vests so that the tops of my arms are covered. At dinner a couple nights ago a friend of mine gave me an ‘aha’ moment when she said “You have fat arms, everyone can see that whether you take your jacket off or not” I thought about it for a second and do you know what… she was right.

I have spent so much time making myself uncomfortable, overheating to boiling point just so I don’t make other people uncomfortable, when in actual fact I don’t think anyone actually cares if I have my arms out or not.

I recently bought a beautiful Aztec maxi dress from yours clothing and I wore it on Wednesday with a denim jacket even though it was scorching hot outside, so in the spirit of this new blog and for all the people I hope will read it, I took off the jacket and went about my day bare armed.


I think this blog will be like therapy to me, I am pushing boundaries for me and for all the other plus size women who don’t think they can wear ‘that’.

I love this maxi dress, I got it in a size 30/32 it was very long so I had to take a couple inches off the bottom, Its big and I have lots of space in it which is nice, it’s such a comfortable and trendy piece for the summer. this dress is still available on the yours clothing website for £32.00