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Plus Confidence in ME!

“I really wish a confident size 32 woman didn’t evoke amazement, it needs to just be normal.” – Me :)

There has been some blogger involvement requested by an organisation that I have been behind and have been following from the start, as soon as I heard about this I was very excited about getting involved and getting the word out.
As bloggers we have been asked to write a bit about the times we feel most confident, I feel like this is a great opportunity for my readers to learn a little bit about me and for me to learn some about the other bloggers taking part. If you want to see more of the contributions to this blog challenge look for the #plusconfidence2014 hastag.

I love posting pictures of myself on my blog, I love pushing fashion boundaries and wearing what that society says a fat girl cant wear, I love that women can see these images and feel my confidence and I have had enough feedback through my blog to know that I am making a small impact and making people reevaluate the ideas that have been forced on them that tells them that they should only be wearing this and that.
My blog is a space for me to express myself however I please and if I want to show my fat body in a crop top or a super tight dress that is exactly what I am going to do. I receive messages from girls and women who have come across my blog and are amazed at my confidence but I really wish a confident size 32 woman didn’t evoke amazement, it needs to just be normal.

Another thing that I feel gives me confidence is knowing that I am a nice person. I do my best to be a person I can be proud of. what my body looks like does not define the person that I am. I am confident in my decisions, I am confident that I am a good friend, I am confident that I can say without bending the truth that behind all the clothes and makeup I am the person that I want to be and that gives me more confidence than anything else.
This confidence post could not have come at a better time as I am at my most confident right now, I don’t mean today, I mean at this particular time of my life. I am 29 years old, I have been a lot bigger than I am now and I have also been smaller than I am now and I have discovered that no matter what size I am there will always be something that challenges my confidence. Acceptance has been a massive deal for me. I am very content in the body that I am in.

I believe that even if you are on a journey to change yourself you can still enjoy life and be confident in yourself while on your way to what you are trying to achieve.
I don’t believe in hiding away or trying to make yourself invisible until you are your perfect you, I think being at peace with who you are makes you perfect for you.
I am going to leave you with the images that I have submitted to the Plus Confidence campaign – These three images sprung to mind when I was asked for images of my personal confidence and I will explain why..

This is one of my favourite pictures from my blog. It was a night out and I wanted to do something a little different, I mixed floral print, leopard print and stripes, It was the first time I wore a crop top out and I bursting wit confidence all night. It is still one of my favourite outfits.
This is a size 18 crop top (I’m a size UK32), Like i said before playing with fashion that isn’t meant for me makes me happy and  I love showing people that they have a lot more to work with than they know.
This is a picture that was taken at a plus size event at the end of last year.

“Plus Confidence, is working on creating an explosive, eye opening, breath taking art exhibition around body confidence. The artwork will be of plus size women not the U.K average size, creating high glossy images.”
To find out more about Plus Confidence their details are all below;

 Plus Confidence


OneOneThree Fashion Show and my OOTN

OneOneThree Fashion Show and my OOTN
Recently I have been going to as many fashion events as I can, so when I heard about the oneonethree fashion show that was taking place on Monday I made sure I got tickets. I was already aware of the brand and have a few pieces from their current collection so I was excited to see what they had coming next.
As you are all aware I tend not to pay too much attention to clothing sizes and generally wear whatever I like, oneonethree pieces go up to a size 26 in most of their items and I wear a size 30/32 but the items of theirs that I do have fit very well.
Group shot of the models in the collection. 
Unfortunately I was unable to get very many pictures of the collection due to lighting etc.. but I’m sure there will be pictures of the collection available through social media.
The collection was very punk rock inspired (well at least it appeared that way to me) I liked the edginess of the collection and am really looking forward to seeing how people style some of the individual pieces. I feel the collection leaves a lot of room for interpretation which can be excellent for appealing to a wider demographic.
I saw a lot of leather and tartan on the catwalk and felt like I fit right in with my red and black ASOS curve midi skirt and new look leatherette jacket.
My crop top is a piece I got from H&M last year and is a UK size 16 (u cant wear that! lol)
The top is advertised and sold as over size which means that it fits me perfectly as a ‘my size’ crop top.
I love this top that reads ‘Find me backstage’ which is really appropriate as I am a makeup artist by trade and am usually found backstage at events like this.
Me in the venue
I am wearing my simply be extra wide calf fitting boots as it was absolutely freezing that evening.
This is a picture of me with my younger sister, who I took along with me to the show. I kept the makeup simple with winged liner and a classic red lip, MAC’s RiRi Woo  
Thought I would throw in my Instagram filtered pic as I really like it, this was taken while waiting for the doors to open for the show.
The show took place at the Metalworks in Angel, Islington.
There was a piece in the collection that I absolutely loved, Its a multicoloured (what almost looks like stained glass) jersey maxi dress. Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of it but I will definitely blog about it when its up on the site.
Thank you all for reading once again xxx

My personal best bargain ever!

I recently went to the Plus London plus size market evening. I was really excited to be going as a seller and a bargain hunter.  I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t find anything fat enough for me but fortunately I left with quite a few pieces that I will be sharing with you over the coming posts here.
This one I have to say I am the happiest with, it is such a versatile piece and I want to wear it all the time with everything and in my eyes that is reason enough to warrant a blog post all of its own.
However the best part is that I picked it up for only 50p.
I’m gonna say that one more time because even I still can’t believe it… I got this beautiful maroon oversized and deliciously comfy cardi FOR JUST 50p!!!!
It is a Jeffrey and Paula slouch cardigan that I bought from fellow blogger Chattermonkey (check out her blog here)
She initially showed it to me because it was one of her items that was roomy as I approached her table saying “Show me the mega fat stuff!”
I have to admit I bought it because it was big enough and because it was an absolute steal at fifty pence. However when I got it home and had a try on and a good look at the shape I was sooooooo excited.  I love the slouchyness of it and how I am able to just throw it on with anything and I also love the colour.


The Real Body Con

Where does our body confidence come from?

This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently and I’ve come up with a couple of theories but no definite answers (in terms of my own body confidence of course) I really wanna throw this question out into the plus size community and hear some other views…

I went out on Friday night and ended up in a gay bay where I was invited up onto the stage by a beautiful drag queen, this is the point in the past where I would have shied away from all the eyes on me and politely declined, but this time I decided that, you know what…why not… I was up on stage laughing, joking and would you believe DANCING in front of a bar full of people.

Afterwards I was really proud of myself, I had so much fun and realised that it was an experience I would have missed out on if I thought too much about what people thought of me.
I don’t know if its just that Im getting older and I don’t care as much or that my confidence has gotten to the point where I wont let anything hold me back. The last year or two I have changed completely, I am very happy and love living my life… My body has changed a lot in the last couple of years and at this stage of my life I am at my happiest…

Ladies where does your confidence come from… Im very interested to know and I also think it will be beneficial for people to hear from others…