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Meet Me Halfway!

Meet me half way!

Hiya guys…

Now I’m a girl that can’t resist a pair of sexy heels and I also love a night out drinking and dancing with the girls (and guys) but I feel the two don’t do hand in hand.
I always end up taking a bigger handbag so I can stash a pair of flats for when the inevitable ‘ouch my feet kill’ moment hits.
 A few of my heels

I went out to a club in a pair of 4 inch wedges and decided to leave the flats at home as I was so sure the wedge would be a safe choice…. how wrong I was!!!

So… I recently went on the hunt for a pair or partying heels and asked the universe to meet me halfway. I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, probably some sort of midi heel but they all screamed GRANDMA!!!!!! That was until I got to New Look and found these….
Cue angels singing
The cutest black midi platform, I was so sure they were put there just for me as they are exactly what I needed, at first glace I thought the look a little clumpy but they are the perfect shoes for a night out. The platform gives you enough heel to still feel dresses up and girly but still keep your foot at a comfortable angle, and I feel like because my body is big the shoes doesn’t look so clumpy in comparison lol

I have super chubby feet so I had to cute the strap off as it was too tight but I still love the shoe and will be wearing them on a big night out this weekend for my birthday!(leaving the flats at home)
My new shoes without the straps