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Cutting it all off and starting over

Ever since I was a little girl, hair has always been an important part of my life. I remember my mum being very into hair and always doing my hair in different hairstyles and me always being complimented on it. In the black community, hair plays a major role in the way you present yourself, with natural hair considered scruffy looking and European influenced styles like straightened hair being the more professional and acceptable look. In the last few years the natural hair movement has become huge, with increasing numbers of women of colour giving up the chemicals to straighten their hair and embracing it in its natural state.

Over the years I have had many many different hair styles. From chemically straightening my hair, wearing braids, weaves, extentions, colouring my hair, having an undercut and side cut and cutting it into various styles. Anyone who knows me or has had a scroll through my Instagram will see that I change up my hair, sometimes as often as weekly.  It’s one of the ways I like to express myself, that as well as the clothes I wear and the makeup I choose on any particular day.

In August last year I decided that I wanted to stop damaging my hair with the chemicals that made it bone straight and I would “go natural” and embrace and leave about my hair in its natural state.

20180325_140008 My hair six months ago when I did the big chop.

I’ve been very lucky in that I have never experienced drastic hair loss from all the things I put my hair through, especially using hair relaxers to permanently straighten. I have seen so many horror stories about people who have used the at home system incorrectly or left the product on for too long and it had caused irreversible damage resulting in either their hair falling out or being forced to cut their hair off because there is just no saving it. When this happens people tend to turn to wigs or even look into hair transplantation in extreme cases when the hair may not grow back.

In August when I decided to go natural I did the big chop and cut off all of my straight hair, leaving just the curly roots that had been growing in since my last relaxer. In the months since then I have been taking good care of my hair, not putting any heat on it at all, keeping it moisturised and watching it flourish!

While my hair is at it’s short awkward length and I am struggling to find many cute styles, I have been turning to wigs to express myself and fulfills my need to change up my hair every so often, I’ve shown you one of my favourite wigs in a previous post but I have a nice handful of them now that I like to switch between when I’m not just wearing my real hair out.

IMG_20180325_134248The four wigs I currently have in rotation while I’m waiting for my hair to grow back.

Today is six months to the day since I cut all my hair off so it seemed fitting to post a hair post today. Cutting off all my hair and starting over is 100 percent the best thing I could have done for my hair and I plan to continue to keep it natural and let it be what it wants to be.

Looking for new lace wigs?

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As a woman of colour who loves to experiment with her hair, I am always on the lookout for good quality, inexpensive lace wigs. If you look at my Instagram you will see that I always change up my hair. I recently tried out a new wig that is synthetic, which is new for me, as I wanted to try out some longer units and didn’t want to spend too much in case it didn’t suit me. I ended up going with the Freetress wig in the style Karissa and I absolutely love it! It reminds me of wearing bundles, you get that super long, thick, diva hair without the price of bundles.



Freetress Equal deep invisible L part – Karissa, this unit is great for nights out and for feeling glam in general. Below are a couple of pictures of me wearing the Karissa wig Screenshot_20180227-132629I tweezed the parting a little bit and added a little of my face powder to the part just to help it blend a nit better but its such a natural part that it was very easy. Screenshot_20180227-132604


The website has so many different units to choose from, no matter what style suits you best. Wigs are a great way to change up your look without committing to a hair cut or colour.

Its definitely worth taking a look and seeing if anything takes your fancy as synthetic units are so inexpensive, for me I like to try out different styles before investing in a Brazilian lace unit.

If you have tried any of these wigs I’d love to know what you think.

5 tips to treating hair loss

Hair loss is a condition that most people dread. According to statistics, scientists found out that 50 percent of men and 30 percent of women in the US experience hair loss in some parts of their lives.

Doctors have found numerous causes of hair loss. Some result from poor diets, lack of certain minerals and vitamins, medications, hormones and genes, excessive styling, and so forth. Experts classify hair loss as either temporary or permanent.

For instance, temporary hair loss happens if a patient is undergoing chemotherapy, he or she will lose some of the hair on their head because of the strong medication he or she is taking. Nevertheless, the hair will grow back as soon as the patient completes the chemotherapy.


Hair is essential to our body because it keeps us warm and attractive. Take time to read this article to discover tips that treat hair loss.


  1. Consume a better diet

Most people do not look after their diet. Good food will not just fill your stomach. It does more than that.

Digested food gets into the blood, which is distributed to different parts of the body. The supplements within the food assist in developing cells, and growth of different parts of your body.

The hair follicle is part of a protein known as keratin. Therefore, if you experience hair loss, start treating it with some good food. Include sweet potatoes, onion juice, spinach, carrots and eggs into your diet.


  1. Say goodbye to certain shampoos


Some hair loss problems result from using excessive chemicals on your hair.

Additionally, blow dryers, and styling tools are harmful to your head, especially if you have a dry scalp. Experts will advocate that users should avoid certain chemicals because of the effects they bring to your hair.

Lean on natural homemade remedies to solve this problem. Avocados, coconut milk, aloe vera, are excellent examples of treatments you should have in mind.

You can also look for regrowth shampoos at Hairlossable by Andrea. In this website, you will find all the shampoos that your hair needs to grow back within a few weeks of use.


  1. Fall in love with the sun

One constituent that hair contains is vitamin D. Vitamin D not only strengthens our bones but also develops hair.

Most people do not know this truth. Exposing your head to the sun in the morning or evening hours provides enough vitamin D for our hair. Doctors also say that stress is a catalyst for hair loss. While you rest under the sun, you will be able to clear your head because the sun is a stress reliever.


  1.  Exercise and meditation

Exercise is good for our bodies. In addition to that, it has massive effects on how our hair grows. Take walks, jogs, or even go to the gym.

Yoga and meditation is also an essential remedy for your hair.


  1. Take medication

Some medications slow down hair growth. On the other side, medical scientists then developed drugs to counter this process. The pill ensures that the remaining hair is still healthy and prevents other losses. Some of the medications to take include Rogaine, Propecia, spironolactone, and hair transplantation.

During hair transplants, the doctor will take some skin that contains active follicles and move them to the bald section.



Both men and women should take care of their hair. People who have much hair loss go for tattoos and wigs. Therefore, it is crucial, and you will look more healthy. Women should avoid too much styling as it weakens the hair sometimes.

For people under medication such as chemotherapy,take these pills to control hair loss or bring back the lost glory.


5 Tips to Properly Maintaining Your Beard


5 Tips to Properly Maintaining Your Beard

Growing a beard has once again become a fashionable trend in the recent past. A whole month every year, November, is dedicated to growing beards, with hashtags trending on all social media platforms. However, grooming and taking care of beards is not as easy as people might think. A man has first to learn tips on how to make it grow. When it is of a satisfactory length, he ought to learn how to keep it presentable and make sure it stays dazzling. There are various ways to maintain your beard and keep it constantly radiant. Below are tips to follow:

1) Washing

Practicing hygiene when maintaining a beard is necessary, considering it is still an extension of the body. Just like hair, it is capable of absorbing particles from all sorts of things and trapping them within the hair strands. The bigger the beard, the higher the number of times it needs washing. There are many products that one can use, but the simplest is ordinary shampoo or soap and water. Regular washing of a beard enables it to stay soft, making sure that it is easy to comb and shape into various fashionable styles. It also hastens its growth. One is advised to wash his beard a number of times weekly, preferably 3 or 2.

2) Trimming

Trimming beards is very essential. A beard should match a face shape for it to look neat. The best way to trim it would be to use a cordless beard trimmer. They come in a range of models that are customized to meet the clients’ specific needs. There is also a comprehensive guideline that shows one every step he has to follow to take full advantage of the device’s capabilities. The trimmers are affordable and very portable, making them efficient tools that come in handy even when one is travelling.

3) Using Beard Oil

Just like normal hair, beards need to be taken care off with oil. This is the only way to tame its growth and not have a bushy and ugly facial hair. When it is extremely dry, it can also cause high levels of discomfort, tending to be prickly, spiky, and itchy. Regular use of beard oil is also advised to improve the outlook of the beard and increase the glossy effect. The oils also come with a range of scents that work well for the owners.  

4) Using a Softener

Some softeners work like hair conditioners that are designed to keep a beard soft. Softeners also create a velvety feeling to the beard, eliminating all possibilities of constant itching. When using these softeners, men are always advised to make sure it reaches the follicles of the beard to ensure maximum efficiency  

5) Styling

Beards require regular styling to avoid looking rugged. The styles are relative, depending on the owner’s preferences. Numerous styling balms can be used for the beard. They function effectively by helping one control the facial hair and keep it in place or shape. The balms also create a bouncy look that improves appearance.