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Staying organised at home.

One of the biggest things for me working at home is managing my time and staying organised so everything runs smoothly.

I like to keep and tidy workspace because it keeps my mind clear and I bullet journal because it allows me to structure all my activities and thoughts in a way that reflects by laid back schedule opposed to day to page planners aimed at people with a more regular routine.

I need to be able to organise work tasks as well as household tasks and social events and appointments and thoughts and to do lists and TV shows I’m watching and every else you can think of and bullet journaling gives you a huge wide open canvas for you to create something that suits your needs.

Along side my journal I am now looking for a noticeboard of some kind that is always out with the things I need to see day to day and also things that involve other household members that they may need to see too. I want something up in a communal space so both me and my sister can see when joint things are coming up for example the next landlord inspection or appointments for our dogs and maybe even things that need to be added to the next shopping list.

I have two desks (work stations) in my bedroom  one I use to work at and one is use as my make up vanity table, I got both desks at IKEA for a really great price and they work perfectly for what I use them for.

20180305_152440This is the desk I work at. Its the Linnmon desk which I chose with the black legs.

Having a noticeboard up in front of my work desk would be good for managing my time so I’m able to start and finish work at a set time knowing what tasks need to be completed that day. I think noticeboards are a good way to keep your mind clear because you have everything you need to remember in one place so your mind isn’t always cluttered thinking about what needs to be done. They are up and out of the way and easy to add to or change whether you choose a whiteboard or a pinboard.

The noticeboard I’m looking at, at the moment caught my eye for a few reasons  It’s the Camira Lucia pinboard from Sundeala.

Screenshot_20180313-100623Obviously my name is Lucia so who wouldn’t want something that had their name! Not only that but it comes in so many colours so whatever your colour scheme in your home it office you will be able to find a fabric colour that will work. Most important for me about this particular pinboard is that it has no frame, so if you can see in the picture of my desk area I have a hanging canvas on the wall behind my desk so I would much prefer a notice board that doesn’t have a metal frame.

Something I just got this week to get to help with staying organised at home is a small drawer unit that I can keep all the things I am working on at that time. I like to always keep my desk tidy all the time so being able to keep papers and notes and small items I’m reviewing close by and within reach but still out of eye sight is perfect for me.

Screenshot_20180313-100056This is the Lennart drawers under the Linnmon desk I have and the combo works great in my room. Creating the perfect work space in my home is really important to me as it helps to motivate me and encourages me to be creative.

What helps keep you motivated and what are your best organisational tools?

Keeping your home warm this winter.


There’s nothing worse than a cold home. Where just putting your leg out of bed in the morning is unbearable, and you simply don’t want to get out of the shower. A cold home can lead to coughs and colds, as well as issues with damp and condensation which can lead to the growth of black mould and further respiratory problems. It’s also uncomfortable. You don’t want to be sitting at home, cold and unable to relax, on top of health issues, this can lead to stress and depression.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking your only option is having your heating on full blast all winter long. This can cost a fortune, and if your home isn’t properly cared for and insulated, you may find all the heat is lost anyway. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your home is warm and you do not have to run around your living room to warm up first thing in the morning.




Underlay is something few people consider when it comes to keeping their home warm. They see it as an unnecessary addition that simply adds comfort to the floors. But, it’s much more than this, great underlay can not only add comfort, it can also stop heat escaping and protect your flooring.


Another mistake people make is assuming that laminate flooring is colder than carpet. With the right underlay, this doesn’t have to be the case. The best laminate underlay can ensure that your floor is warm and well protected as well as stylish and trendy.




Obviously, your heating warms your home. But, is it working at its best? Your boiler works very hard every year, so don’t just expect it to be at its best all of the time. Have it serviced every year, upgrade to smart systems and check your radiators for damage.

 If you have an old style hot water tank then consider changing to a new combi boiler. There’s a really useful boiler installation guide here.

If you notice that your radiators aren’t warm all the way through, the first thing to do is bleed them. Look online for advice on how to do this; it’s an easy job that you can do yourself without spending money on an engineer.




If your heating is working well, and your house still isn’t warm, it’s probably not retaining its heat. Most of your home’s heat is lost through the roof, windows, walls and floor. If you’ve already got underlay, look at the other areas. Window seals deteriorate over time, so you may be able to fix these without replacing the windows themselves.


Loft and cavity wall insulation can make a huge difference, but installing it depends on your home. Wall insulation isn’t always possible so check first. If your loft is accessible by a fixed staircase, and not just a ladder, you could be eligible for a loft insulation grant, so that’s another thing that is worth checking.



It’s amazing how much difference atmosphere can make to the warmth of your home. Look at a room with lots of white space and minimal designs, and you may feel cold. On the other hand, a room full of warm colours, soft furnishings and accessories can make you feel warm and cosy.


A bit of lifestyle…

The Big Move and bits n bobs.
OK, so this last month or so has been really hectic for me as I have moved half way across the country to Derbyshire from London.
I have been here now for nearly three weeks and I cant express just how different it all is from London.
I moved from a 4 bed house in right in the city of London with my parents and siblings, to a 2 bed house in the suburbs of Derby with my boyfriend.
The most exciting part about the whole moving process for me was the shopping for things for the house, I was given free reign to pick and buy pretty much whatever I liked for the house. I had a small Ikea wish list which I now have all the items from, to be fair though those were all pretty much essentials for the house.
I have been popping into places like Home Bargains, Wilkos, Ikea and Hobby Craft picking up little bits and bobs to make the house look really cute.
I want to share with you guys some of my favourite little pieces that I have picked up over the last couple of weeks.
In the living room, within an hour of moving in, I hung a large canvas on the chimney breast, I have actually had this canvas for around three years and it was just stored away at my mums house because I had nowhere to hang it and it was one of the first things that sprung to mind when I knew I could make my home what I wanted it to be.
I picked up two beautiful Rose Garlands, Available at Gifts and Pieces, one of them I have wound around my pillar candles and a housewarming plant on our living room window sill, I think its so cute and I plan on putting the other rose garland somewhere in the bedroom.
In the bathroom we have a lime green roller blind so when I saw these cute little apple candles in Ikea I knew that would look really nice in the bathroom, once we had all the essential things for the home I was on the hunt for some decorative bits that wouldn’t break the bank. These are the Sinnlig candles and are only 95p each, The cold smell is lovely but as far as the burning scent I have no idea and have no intention of burning them lol.
The little bucket that I am using as a toothbrush holder is something I picked up at our local Hobby Craft store (actually only popped in for some new yarn) I found so many cute little storage things and I could literally go crazy in there but I want to start out with things that would actually be useful and I had a toothbrush holder on my shopping list, but this little bucket is so much cuter. I don’t actually know what it is sold as but it serves its purpose in my house as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder perfectly. (Just looked it up and its a candle holder apparently available here)
These wooden statement words are eBay purchases, I got a large one for the bedroom window sill and you can see the small one in the bathroom picture above, they were really inexpensive and I just think they are very cute and simple. The one in the bedroom is about 4 times the size as the little one in the bathroom. I originally bought them so in white so i could paint them whatever colour I wanted but now I actually kinda like them how they are so they will be staying white. There are loads of sellers on eBay that have them, I found one of the large ones Here that is £3.15 delivered.
 This is my little corner on my side of the bed, I am absolutely in love with my Alex 9 Drawer unit From IKEA, As some of you may know I work as a freelance makeup artist and this unit holds all of my work makeup as well as my personal makeup, It is such a good and study unit and can be used for so many different things, I know it sounds silly but I love that all my nail polishes can stand up in one of the shallow drawers it just makes organising things that much easier, I know a lot of beauty bloggers and gurus love these drawers for storing makeup and i would have to agree.
I’m currently working on a new wishlist for my home, any suggestions on where to look???