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British Plus Size Awards feat. Estella

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to attend the British Plus Size Awards held in London because my best friend won two tickets, she was also a nominee for  best blogger WannabePrincess.

I wore a Beautiful Lady V London Dress. This is the Damask print Estella Dress Designed by the gorgeous George at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust I have this dress in three prints as I am in love with the style and think its a great dress for my shape.


IMG-20141113-WA0002In the hotel lobby showing off this gorgeous dress.

My shoes, necklace and fluffy handbag are all from NewLook in the last two weeks and are all still available.

Overall it was a lovely evening, It was so nice to get all dressed up and have a really grown up sophisticated night, I’m more of a night out in a club type girl so this was a really nice change. We arrived to a champagne reception, which was lovely and it was so nice to see so many other bloggers in attendance. I’m usually really bad at taking pictures when I attend events so I made sure that I had my phone in hand at all times to snap a few pics.

The three course meal was really lovely, I had Pâté to start and then a beautiful beef roast dinner for main and had a citrus cheesecake for dessert.  It was so nice to see so many familiar faces in all their finery, I took a few pics with some fellow bloggers.


Me with the stunning Kate from How Kate does Fashion and Mary of Channelling Liz


Me with Beautiful plus size models Sarah Hadzipasic and Olivia Campbell.


Me with the absolutely stunning and always flawless Georgina of She Might be Loved

20141122_171416 20141122_185453

20141122_185459 20141122_201858

Me and the princess. (if you can’t tell, we love a good selfie) Saturday night was a great night for boobs and selfies lol

I think the nominees should have been given free tickets anyway if you ask me, it may have decreased the amount of ‘Unfortunately _______ was unable to attend to collect his/her award’ speeches. Aside from the lack of winners attendance it was a great evening with some really fun entertainment. I especially enjoyed the humour of presenter Matt Johnson. But I would have to say the highlight of the evening, performance wise, would definitely have to be by Ashleigh Owen. I have seen her perform before at the Hamburger Queen finals and she was amazing then too, a very well deserved standing ovation from our table.

Considering this is an event I wasn’t planning on going to I had a really nice time and got a chance to catch up a lot of people that I already know from various areas of my life, whether it be my makeup work, blogging or my general social nights out and I would definitely be up for going again should another ticket fall into my lap.

Lastly I would like to say a massive congratulations to all the winners and nominees on the night xx



It’s True Love – an ode to the Kimono

Any of you that read my blog or follow me on any form of social media you will know that I have a not so little obsession with Kimonos.
The kimono trend is one that I have fallen head over heels for, they are so versatile, I love that I am able to dress them up or down.
In some of my previous posts I have pictures in Kimonos dressed up and with more casual outfits.
For the purpose of this post I am showing my kimonos all with the same simple black outfit of a midi skirt and tucked in vest top just so that the kimonos are the focus.
This one is the Floral Print Kimono from Pink Clove
The pictures don’t do the colours in this kimono any justice at all, it is so lovely and vibrant. I love wearing this kimono to add a little summer to any outfit.
This is the Multi Print Floral Kimono from Yours Clothing
This Kimono I got in a size 36 so it is super comfy and I have enough material for it to come together when its windy, I tend to wear this one on casual days with leggings and a T-shirt.
This is the Floral Print Sheer Georgette longline from Yours Clothing
This is probably my most grown up and sophisticated of all my kimonos and the one I wear the least.
This is the Tropical Floral Print Kimono from ASOS Curve
This one is my favourite for casual days with jeans and a pair on converse.
The newest addition to my Kimono collection is this one…
This is the Neon Peach Oriental Floral Kimono from New Look
I got this one for my birthday last week and is my new favourite, I absolutely adore the colours and the light and airy fabric, It is coming in so handy at the moment because London is scorching hot.
I have just realised while writing this post that all five of my kimonos are floral print…. hmm maybe time to hunt for one with something else on lol
Whenever I am out and about and see a Kimono I always try it on just to see if I fall in love with it. I am trying so hard not to buy any more but they seem to call to me. One thing I do know is that I will continue wearing Kimonos long after the trend had died. I think they are the perfect item to throw on on a hot day and I’m actually looking forward to when the cold weather comes back so I can wear them with jeans and a roll neck jumper and boots…doesn’t sound awesome but trust me, just wait and see!!!
Are any of you as in love with these as I am? I can’t see how anyone can live without one lol
Thank you so much for stopping by xx

My Birthday week so far…

Hello home slices. 
My name is Lucia and I am a shopahol…. Just kidding. I actually don’t know what to write so this is pretty awkward, I think I’m just gonna talk to you guys about my week so far. I am visiting my hometown of London this week, I came down on Sunday so that I would be able to celebrate my birthday (which was on Monday) with my family and friends. I didn’t really have anything planned but I thought it would be nice to be home. I left my boyfriend in Derby as he was going to be working anyway.

I went out with my sisters and cousins on the Monday evening, we just had dinner and cocktails in Wetherspoons in Angel, and after cocktails turned into shots I was ready for bed. It was a lovely quiet night. Didn’t take many pictures but here are the ones I do have from that evening.
Pretty casual birthday outfit. 
Oh god the shots!
Fresh cream and white chocolate birthday cake (That’s 30th not 50th btw!)
Pub selfie with one of my sisters. 
I had some lovely presents delivered to me from a certain Princess who was unable to be there for my birthday due to a big move of her own. I got a beautiful Kimono that I have been after for ages and she knows I am Yankee Candle obsessed so I got some lovely smellies.
On Wednesday night I went out for dinner and drinks with a few friends. We went to a Mexican street food restaurant called Wahaca in Angel (seems like I don’t veer very far from the Angel lol) and then onto the Glassworks for drinks afterwards. As you can see from the pics below I wore my newest Kmono that I got from my Bestie and a simple black maxi dress. 
My Wednesday night outfit.

Not gonna give any info on the outfit as I will blog about this one soon.
Moving away from London was a big change for me as I was born and raised here so it’s been really lovely being able to see all my London friends and family.
I will be staying in London for a few more days as it’s my mums birthday on Sunday, then I will make plans to go back home.
I don’t really have much going on here til I go home, All I know is that I need an emergency trip to Mac as I have zero eyebrow products here lol

Hope everyone is having a lovely week and I hope you liked this post.
Lucia x


5 outfits, 1 post!

What I’ve been wearing over the last couple of weeks. 
With moving house I have been dressing for comfort and practicality, I have taken a few pictures but haven’t really felt like I have worn much to blog about.
I am just doing this quick post about some of the things I have worn recently that I really love and have kept going back to and just show you where the items are available x
I got this maxi dress from new look inspire in their extended range up to a size 32 online, I have just had a look and can no longer find it on the website even though I know I saw it there last week :(
I love this dress so much, I’m not really one for bright colours and big prints but I really enjoyed wearing this dress, it felt so summery and all the pink makes it super girly. Its a Bandeau maxi and has no straps and comes with a weaved tan belt which you can see if you look closely lol.
Like I said i have been dressing mostly for comfort, this outfit was for a day of unpacking and then a quick trip to IKEA. I did however want to mention this T-Shirt at some point. This is the ASOS curve oversized T-shirt and is massive, I wear a size 32 and this top is a size 28 and it is huge. I love it, it is such a nice piece to just throw on and go I also wear it alot with black leggings. Here I have it on with a pair of old evans jeans and white converse. The jacket is the Khaki Asymmetric Military jacket with PU sleeves
I wore this outfit to have dinner with family in London, It is an old Simplybe floral blazer, Primark crop top, Primark shoes and old evans jeans. The reason I am including this outfit is because i feel like it pushes boundaries in that i think its rare to see women my size not trying to cover their tummies etc. i love this outfit and i felt so fierce in it. this is definitely one that I will recreate again.
 I love this Joe Browns dress, I is covered in a small bird print and is full of autumn colours, its such cute little day dress and I really enjoy wearing it. Its has 3/4 length sleeves and is a a light weight fabric and was great to wear between the seasons.
The jacket is the one I mentioned above, black leggings and black converse, This dress is a Pink clove jersey dress that I picked up a couple of months ago and has actually just gone into the sale today here – Pink Clove Skater Dress
The only thing I can say is that its is the most comfortable item I own! I could have easily sized down, I bought it in my true size and it is very loose and comfy, pair it with leggings and I swear its like you are not even wearing any clothes. This was me on moving day and it was the perfect choice.
Do you have any of these items? or any suggestions for me based on what I like?? I love people suggesting items for me :-)

Hamburger Queen Final OOTD

At the end of last month I attended the Hamburger Queen final
It was a little bitter sweet as this was the last Hamburger Queen competition ever :( I went  a couple of times last year and I loved it so I wasn’t going to miss this finals this year.
if you don’t know what Hamburger Queen is I wrote about it a few weeks ago and you can read about it HERE
I mainly wanted to write this post because of the awesome skirt I wore that night. I picked this skirt up from a fellow blogger at a clothes swap a couple of months ago. The skirt was made by another blogger on the scene. I love how clothes get to be passed around and loved like new.

Little Ladybug
I kept the rest of the outfit really really simple with a black form fitting top that I have had for years and a pair of black leggings. 
This skirt is amazing! I would love to have it in black and white too. Its falls like a full circle skirt, Its so floaty and feminine. There is so much movement when you are walking I felt like a ladybird princess.  

Before I left home I put on a skinny red belt that came with a YoursClothing dress that I have. 
I have on my Primark wide fit shoes that everyone is going crazy about. I love them sooo much, they are probably my most comfortable shoes!

 I kept the makeup really simple too. 
False lashes and my trusty red lippy (Ruby Woo by MAC)
 All of the jewellery I am wearing is costume pieces that I picked up Primark. 
Here I am pictured with the gorgeous and talented Ginger Johnson 
(had to get a pic with her again as I have a lovely pic with her from last year too) 
People suggest some awesome Drag events for me to go to!!!
I am in search of some fabulous Diva-ness


Set the birds free!!!

“Welcome to the Shop Your Stash Challenge. This is all about finding a gem in what you already own and creating a blog post on it. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger – even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes draws. You might surprise yourself!”
I had plans to go out to club Indulge last night and I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to wear so when I remembered that the Shop Your Stash post was due today I used that as an opportunity to find an outfit in some of the older items in my wardrobe.
I went for a ex Evans jersey shirt with bird print and a pair of old Evans jeans.
This handbag is one I picked up in Primark about a year or so ago and bought it with the shirt in mind. (the bags second ever outing) The shoes however are new, picked up last week in Primark.
I actually really like this outfit and thanks to the #shopyourstash challenge some old gems got to see a night out lol.
Kisses xx

Giving me Butterflies.

Heeellllllooooooo :-)
So I went into the Evans flagship store in marble arch and to be honest I wasn’t sure what I was looking for and in the end I picked up a couple of dresses the first one being this… the Evans Navy Crinkle Midi dress It does not look like a dress that I would normally pick up as I am not a fan of butterfly print, I do feel though that this dress has enough going on, print wise, that you almost don’t notice the butterflies. I wanted a couple of dresses in colours that I don’t already have and that are nice fabrics for the summer (this dress is cotton)
This dress is available in both Midi and Maxi lengths. I have a couple of maxi dresses for this summer so I opted for the midi, (looks like I will be getting the old cankles out)
I’m not sure how I feel about the dress without the jacket as I feel like it whispers ‘Grandma’ but again I love the colours, the print and the fabric so I will be getting a lot of wear out of this dress.
I really like the colours in this dress and picked it up with my denim jacket in mind, due to all the different shades of blue in this dress I knew it would be lovely with any shade of denim.
I picked up these really cute shoes in Primark this week and I absolutely love them, so much so in fact I plan on going back to get the pair they have in electric blue (and any other colour I can find)
They are wide fit and are so comfortable and I just love the wide strap and buckle.
This week I will show you guys the second dress I picked up too… Its super cute!
Thanks for reading :-)

Casual Lucia in a lovely swap jacket.

How I potter about day to day!!!
I don’t wear makeup everyday and I wear glasses so I can see stuff haha.
This is a really random post, but I kinda wanted to show what I look like and what I wear when I am not doing an actual outfit post.
Converse, Jeans and an Oversized Tee!
Pretty much sums me up when I’m working or popping out to run errands.
I had to do a post about this Jacket as it is something I picked up at the clothes swap that a few of us bloggers went to, I love it so much, I never noticed how popular they are until I wore it the first time and felt like everyone and their cat had a similar jacket on lol.
Its a Khaki Combat style jacket with PU sleeves.
Its a new Look jacket and its a size 26 So I cant actually button it up but as the weather is improving I find its perfect to just chuck on and I still feel rather trendy even though I have made no effort at all.

Love Love Lovehearts Summer Onesie

My “Summer Onesie” from Yours Clothing came in the post today and I love it!
I have a few onsies and I love them to bits so when I spotted the two summer onesies that Yours have available I knew I had to have one.
I bought the Love heart Print one and they also do a pink cherry one.
In the summer it gets way too hot to wear some of my other ones.
These onesies are cotton and sleeveless and I can wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can wear onesies all year round.
Never put a pic up of myself in my jammies on my blog before but I couldn’t not its just too cute.
This is my ‘Build a bear’ Bella in her blog debut lol
I love this so much I’m thinking about getting the other one too as I know I will be sad once they are all sold out.
*I bought this myself and all views are my own.
Does anyone love onesies as much as I do????

OneOneThree Fashion Show and my OOTN

OneOneThree Fashion Show and my OOTN
Recently I have been going to as many fashion events as I can, so when I heard about the oneonethree fashion show that was taking place on Monday I made sure I got tickets. I was already aware of the brand and have a few pieces from their current collection so I was excited to see what they had coming next.
As you are all aware I tend not to pay too much attention to clothing sizes and generally wear whatever I like, oneonethree pieces go up to a size 26 in most of their items and I wear a size 30/32 but the items of theirs that I do have fit very well.
Group shot of the models in the collection. 
Unfortunately I was unable to get very many pictures of the collection due to lighting etc.. but I’m sure there will be pictures of the collection available through social media.
The collection was very punk rock inspired (well at least it appeared that way to me) I liked the edginess of the collection and am really looking forward to seeing how people style some of the individual pieces. I feel the collection leaves a lot of room for interpretation which can be excellent for appealing to a wider demographic.
I saw a lot of leather and tartan on the catwalk and felt like I fit right in with my red and black ASOS curve midi skirt and new look leatherette jacket.
My crop top is a piece I got from H&M last year and is a UK size 16 (u cant wear that! lol)
The top is advertised and sold as over size which means that it fits me perfectly as a ‘my size’ crop top.
I love this top that reads ‘Find me backstage’ which is really appropriate as I am a makeup artist by trade and am usually found backstage at events like this.
Me in the venue
I am wearing my simply be extra wide calf fitting boots as it was absolutely freezing that evening.
This is a picture of me with my younger sister, who I took along with me to the show. I kept the makeup simple with winged liner and a classic red lip, MAC’s RiRi Woo  
Thought I would throw in my Instagram filtered pic as I really like it, this was taken while waiting for the doors to open for the show.
The show took place at the Metalworks in Angel, Islington.
There was a piece in the collection that I absolutely loved, Its a multicoloured (what almost looks like stained glass) jersey maxi dress. Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of it but I will definitely blog about it when its up on the site.
Thank you all for reading once again xxx