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Hue am I?

Hue am I? feat. Pink Clove

With summer fast approaching I have been looking for items to add a little colour to my wardrobe, I am a big fan of black and neutral colours but I have recently been getting a lot of compliments when I wear the occasional pop of colour.
So in the spirit of what my blog is all about, I want try and change up my hues this summer.
I have been experimenting with bright colours and bold prints and actually really enjoying it.
As everyone and their mother knows I am a big fan of kimonos at the moment so when i saw this one on the Pink Clove website I was really excited as I like my kimonos to be big and flowy so whenever a brand has one in my size or larger I am a happy girl. Since the launch of Pink clove I have been very impressed with their range of fashions, quality and price.
This is the Floral Print Kimono
and the Royal Blue Cami Vest
both from Pink Clove
I really love the Kimono, Its hard to tell in these pictures or on the website pictures but the floral print beautiful and super vibrant and of the four kimonos I have at the moment it is the most colourful and summery and a steal at just £20.
I really like the quality of the camisole, In the pictures on the model on the website the cami is very loose and flowy yet I found that it was tighter around the midsection that I thought it would be, it fits me like a regular camisole would without the flowyness. I still really like it but I would suggest sizing up one if you want it to be loose and swing.
I wore the cami tucked in to an ASOS midi skirt as I just wanted a small block of colour.
I got this small leather handbag for a couple of quid on eBay because when I picked up these shoes a month or two ago from Primark I had nothing to go with it.
I really like this all these pieces together,  I decided to go without jewellery as I felt like there was already quite a lot going on and I’m still trying to get used to all the colour and prints etc.
Want this post to show you that no matter your size, all fashion trends are open to every BODY!
*The Pink Clove items were gifted to me for review purposes, all opinions, positive and negative, are honest and my own*

OOTD Pink clove wrap dress.

I placed an order with Pink Clove around Christmas and one of the items I picked up was the Geo print wrap dress.
I thought about this item quite a lot before I ordered it as it’s not really my style, it’s very grown up and sophisticated but I really really like the colours in the dress for winter.
Thought I would do a quick OOTD post about this dress as it’s still only £10 in the pink clove sale!!!!


Pink Clove Launch and Review.

Better late than never? I certainly hope so

Hiya all you beautiful people…

I know this is kinda late but it’s something I really wanted to blog about.
I, along with a group of other plus size bloggers were invited to the launch of Pink Clove, a new plus size retailer based online with clothing up to a size 32.
What I wore to the event (New look Grecian maxi and denim jacket)

We were all treated to cocktails and a lovely three course meal in a private dining suite at the beautiful restaurant Hush in London’s Mayfair.

As pictured a lot of their line was available for us to peruse, they have some seriously nice items and it was nice to be able to have a good look, feel the material and get an idea of sizing.
There were a few items that really caught my eye that I ordered the next day and a beautiful jacket that I haven’t gotten round to getting yet but it will be mine!!!!!


I want to order that cream jacket as soon as possible as its the first thing that jumped out at me and I absolutely love it.

That studded bodycon dress was another of my favourites from the launch, and as you all know I cant resist a nice bodycon so I ordered one the next day in my size.
Just the dress…. stud neckline midi
Daytime look in the dress, with £8 Primark wooly boots and a denim jacket
Or Rock it up a little…. (ex evans jacket and new look heels)
All in all I really like what Pink Clove have to offer… they have some really nice pieces and fantastic prices and its lovely to see more places going up to a size 32.
I have my eye on a few more pieces from them and I will keep you all updated with my Pink Clove purchases.
Stay beautiful…..Talk soon xxx
(P.s. really sorry about the crap mirror selfies x)