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Blooming good tights!

Blooming Good Tights! 
Last week I was really kindly sent a pair of cotton tights from The Big Bloomers Company, I was really excited about this because this is the first time I have ever seen thick cotton tights available in such a large size. Normally tights that are advertised as being in my size I still struggle with but I was assured but Laura from the company that they are really really stretchy. …And they are… when I received them and took them out of the packet I was so surprised at just how much stretch there was to them and because they are so thick the they don’t turn transparent.
These are so perfect for the cold months that we are experiencing at the moment.
The tops of my legs are massive and I thought I would have trouble getting the tights up high enough, the brief part of the tights could have come up higher but that is purely due to my mega thighs but is not a issue for me at all as I wont be wearing them with any mini skirts lol
The waistband of the tights are pulled up really high and is really stretchy and comfortable and is not tight at all in the slightest.
I got these tights in the largest size available as I wear a size 32 and they are perfect, they are so comfortable and well made, I wasn’t concerned about ruining them while putting them on or sitting down carefully so I didn’t burst out of them lol
These tights have provided me with a welcome break from wearing leggings with everything and I still get to have warm legs.
I am not a fan of thin tights at all as they always end up being one wear only as by the end of the night I have destroyed them. These cotton tights are a welcome addition to plus size fashion if you ask me and I will be shouting about them from the mountain tops!
I would say that this is the best pair of tights that I have ever owned and will be getting another pair asap.
They have solved a problem for me that I know a lot of plus size women have, especially women at the higher end of plus size like I am.
What other items would you all like to see available in plus size hosiery??
I’d quite like to see more patterned tights available in bigger sizes <3
Thanks for reading x

Christmas Party Dress

I was really kindly offered a dress from Fashion Worlds dress selection and as I already had my eye on a beautiful sequin AX Paris Curve dress it wasn’t difficult for me to choose.

I was so excited when the dress came and I was not disappointed at all. Its such a beautiful piece. I like the fact that the sequins are not super shiny which means I don’t look like a disco ball and would be happy to wear it any time of the year.

The AX Paris Black Sequin Prom Dress is the perfect fun and flirty party dress.
I thought  would team this review up with a ‘ways to wear’ post so I have styled this dress two different ways.

I first kept it really simple with sheer black tights and cute black kitten heels from yours.

I wouldn’t be able to wear this dress bare legged as it comes up quite short on me so I tried it on with a pair of sheer tights and I think it looked really cute.

I am very clumsy with tights especially since I have stiletto nails… the two don’t really work hand in hand together so I tend to stay away from tights.. this was confirmed a good idea when I laddered them putting them on

laddering my tights provided the perfect opportunity for me to find an alternative way to wear this dress as I know after a couple of drinks and going to the ladies room my tights would be left in shreds.
I reached for a faithful friend, a pair of leggings, which I think was perfect since the weather is so cold and there is no chance of me ripping them with my nails. I wore the dress with black leggings and my Camden boots from new look with a big chunky gold necklace from Primark.
New look Biker Jacket.

I personally prefer the ‘Rocked up’ version of this dress, I think it all depends on what you feel comfortable in but I do think there are many ways to wear this dress as its another take on a Little Black Dress and is a really nice addition to my wardrobe as I have nothing else like it.

What are you guys wearing this party season?


Ms Curvaceous UK

Ms Curvaceous UK 2013

On Sunday I attended Ms Curvaceous UK at the Camden Centre in Kings Cross.

This event was unlike any of the other fashion/bloggers events that I have been to recently, as soon as I walked in I was greeted with the smell of West Indian food and immediately thought of my childhood, I straight away bumped into some familiar faces which pleased me no end

Syreeta Badu fashion designer, Gemma Cruickshank fashion designer, Hollie Pretty Big Butterfies, and Debz Wannabe Princess
I wasn’t sure what to wear to the event so I ended up keeping the outfit really simple and focusing on the makeup. I wore an Evans skater dress, leggings and a pair of flat brown ankle boots again from Evans

The jacket/cape is from Topshop… and will feature in a future UCantWearThat Blog Post!

I enjoyed the whole night, the fashion, food and entertainment were all fantastic.

There were performances by Bashy, James Anderson, Che Lingo and Afro Beats artist Ezi Emela (who I really really enjoyed)

Ezi Emela – My favourite performance of the night

There were 18 beautiful finalists competing for the title of Ms Curvaceous and it was lovely to see them all walking the runway in some amazing fashions from Syreeta Badu, Dea London.

Above are my personal faves from the Syreeta Badu Collection.

I was happy (as I always am) to see plus size women being celebrated, I would however have liked to see some even more curvy women in this competition , which I think has less to do with the event organisers and more to do with what the industry describe as plus size… but that’s a separate issue.

The finalists
The winner of Ms Curvaceous UK 2013
All in all I have a really enjoyable evening and am really looking forward to attending again next year, I’m going to be on the lookout for similar event… if anyone knows of any please let me know.
Thanks for reading xxxx

Taking Shape Vera Cardigan

A new piece from a new (to the UK) brand.

Taking Shape, an Austrailian plus size fashion retailer that are currently trying to establish themselves in the UK, kindly offered me a piece from their range for review.
Initially I was a little worried as they stock sizes 14-26 and I wear a size 30, I went onto their website to have a look at what might fit me. The first thing I noticed about the brand was how grown up and sophisticated the majority of their pieces are, they also have some beautiful prints and fabrics, I was on the look out for something that had some stretch so I had a chance of it fitting. I don’t really do sophisticated and I was happy to find they have some younger more casual pieces. I wanted to make sure I chose something that I would actually want to wear over and over again, a wardrobe staple if you like. One piece in particular that I kept going back to was the Vera Cardigan, it looked so warm and perfect for the weather we are having here in the UK.
My cardigan came speedily and beautifully packaged and I’m so happy it fits like a dream.


 Vera Cardigan

This is yet another example of how many more options we have than we think in terms of what we should and shouldn’t be able to wear. I love trying out new brands and expanding on the places that are available for me to shop in.

 Gotta love a Cardi with a hood #justsaying

 This is a such a great item to have and I’m so glad I chose it, I will be reaching for this cardigan over and over again this winter, Its also great for me as I love layering and this fits comfortably under my biker jackets.

I wore this outfit out shopping in oxford street. I have on a black roll neck jumper from Evans, a tube skirt from New Look, a pair of leggings and my comfy Primark winter boots.

I wore the cardigan again to meet up with a friend for a movie day, layered with a Pink Clove T-shirt and my New Look Biker jacket.

I got the Cardigan in a size XXL which I’m guessing is around a size 24/26, which again just shows that you are not to be fooled by sizing…. the only way to know is to try!


Outfit of the day… Love this dress by ASOS Curve

First time I’ve worn this dress and I love it!

Last week ASOS has a 50% off 50 items sale… I went on the site and was really pleased to see that the sale carried over into their ASOS Curve department too… One item in particular stood out to me and it was actually something that I had looked at before so when I saw that it was half price I had to snap it up!

love how this dress makes my boobs look lol

Its the ‘ASOS CURVE Pinafore Dress In Paisley Print’ I absolutely love this dress, I wore it with a Simplybe bodysuit, and new look leggings underneath. This dress is now back up to its full price of £36.00
I am a massive fan of paisley print and I love earth tones in the winter. I wore this with a pair of brown ankle boots from Evans  and a tan tassel bag from new look.

I wanted to try and dress the look up a little so I put on a pair of tan suede ankle boots with a Cuban heel but as soon as I saw the rain outside I went straight back to my Evans boots lol.

Hope everyone is having a good day x


U Can’t Wear That…Its too small…

Wasn’t made for me…but guess what…I’m wearing it!

Its pieces like this that made me want to start a blog in the first place. Me (a size 30) wearing a Primark (size 18/20) Jumper

(Don’t mind the rest of the outfit…I’m home today lol)


This little gem is a jumper I picked up earlier this year from Primark… yes PRIMARK!!!! what is a UK size 30 doing shopping in primark, I hear you all wondering… well let me explain…
originally I started shopping in Primark for their costume jewellery, cute socks and handbags… the things a lot of plus size women buy from shops that don’t stock their size. Then I came across their knickers and as I went from knicker to knicker stretching them to within an inch of their life I decided that some of them would fit my chunky butt so I bought a couple and never looked back! They currently only go up to a size 18-20 in their knickers and the boxer short style and the thongs fit me just fine.. anyway back to the original point….

This is The point of this post is just that I want to stress just how much more is available to us plus size girls than we think. This is a size XXL from Primark (which I believe is like an 18/20 ish) and I love it.  Its not super tight and its not too short either. Its has a really warm roll neck and 3/4 length sleeves. I love it so much I bought it in the two colours they had available… Cream and Grey..
I think we all kinda get stuck in the whole “I’m a size **, so that wont fit me” mind-set and so was I for the longest of times, now I like to try things on or give them a good old pull and stretch in the store. I know my body fairly well and can often judge whether something will fit me or not. I’m not saying I can walk into any store and pick up a size 18/20 and it will fit, I’m just saying some clothes that I marketed as ‘oversize’ to a smaller size can work for us too.
I just wanna say have a look in places your normally wouldn’t and you may just find some hidden gems!!!!!
I would love to hear about anything like this people have found as I’m always on the lookout for new items I can grab and play around with…..
Thanks for reading <3


The Gemma Cruickshank Clothing Collection Launch

Gemma Cruickshank Collexions

Last week Tuesday I went down to Mary Janes Bar in the City of London for the official launch of Gemma’s clothing line

 Details of my outfit will be in a later post <3

 Not only did we get a preview of Gemma’s collection we were entertained by an amazing acoustic artist on the night. A wonderful evening was had by all and it was such a friendly environment with friends, family and a host of plus size bloggers coming together to show support.

 A sneak peak at some of the beautiful pieces available from Gemma are below

Even though I look like a pregnant little person, I really like this picture of me and Gemma, She is an amazing girl and I will show support 100% she is definitely an asset to the plus size world of fashion <3

Talk soon ladies xxx


Live Unlimited….What a nice surprise…

Hiya Guys x

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the Live Unlimited offices to have a look at their new collection.

All of us bloggers that attended the event were welcomed by the LU team who created a really friendly and relaxed environment, plus there were cupcakes which always helps lol



I myself don’t own any of the items from any of their previous collections as they go up to a size 28 and I never saw myself fitting into anything, but after trying on a couple of their sample pieces I am pleased to say that I am wrong. Just like with a lot of clothing brands they have some items that come up big, or have enough stretch that I, at a size 30/32 can comfortably wear.

I saw a few pieces that I completely fell in love with and I have some pics to share with you… The items I am featuring are my faves and luckily ones that will be able to fit me.

 I have never really considered myself a fan of Gillets, but this one caught my eye as soon as I entered the LU office, Its such a nice piece and feels amazing to touch its so soft and I imagine myself just stroking it all day when wearing it. I would have this as a staple winter piece that I could dress up or down as I saw fit.

 I absolutely love any kind of biker jacket but this one would have to be my fave from the collection, I like that its black so its versatile but what I love most is the material, I have a couple of faux leather biker jackets and I often have to take them off and carry them when I’m out shopping once in gone in to store from being outside because I get really warm. So I love the idea of a lighter weight jacket but still with the biker shape.

(me at the event- farmer chic lol)
This kimono-esque top I really like, a little classy for me I think but beautiful nonetheless. I love that its so floaty and light and also that it could be dressed down with a pair of jeans.  Its great for women who want to cover their arms but still want to feel unrestricted by heavy layers or still be sexy by showing skin through the fabric.
My favourite piece of the collection would have to be the Midnight blue sequined evening dress!

Personally I prefer the dress without the black overlay but however you look at it this is one stunning dress…and guess what?!?!?! IT STRETCHES!!! You must all know by now that I am not afraid of a tight dress, This dress will be perfect for Christmas parties or any other party for that matter. I would like the dress a little more without the overlay but that’s just a personal preference but the LU team did good with this dress!

I’ve been rubbish with blogging so far but I have had such good feedback so I really wanna do more. So expect some regular posts from me.
Hope everyone is well

Talk soon!


Pink Clove Launch and Review.

Better late than never? I certainly hope so

Hiya all you beautiful people…

I know this is kinda late but it’s something I really wanted to blog about.
I, along with a group of other plus size bloggers were invited to the launch of Pink Clove, a new plus size retailer based online with clothing up to a size 32.
What I wore to the event (New look Grecian maxi and denim jacket)

We were all treated to cocktails and a lovely three course meal in a private dining suite at the beautiful restaurant Hush in London’s Mayfair.

As pictured a lot of their line was available for us to peruse, they have some seriously nice items and it was nice to be able to have a good look, feel the material and get an idea of sizing.
There were a few items that really caught my eye that I ordered the next day and a beautiful jacket that I haven’t gotten round to getting yet but it will be mine!!!!!


I want to order that cream jacket as soon as possible as its the first thing that jumped out at me and I absolutely love it.

That studded bodycon dress was another of my favourites from the launch, and as you all know I cant resist a nice bodycon so I ordered one the next day in my size.
Just the dress…. stud neckline midi
Daytime look in the dress, with £8 Primark wooly boots and a denim jacket
Or Rock it up a little…. (ex evans jacket and new look heels)
All in all I really like what Pink Clove have to offer… they have some really nice pieces and fantastic prices and its lovely to see more places going up to a size 32.
I have my eye on a few more pieces from them and I will keep you all updated with my Pink Clove purchases.
Stay beautiful…..Talk soon xxx
(P.s. really sorry about the crap mirror selfies x)