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4 natural ways to give yourself an energy boost

The lives we lead are busy, whether it’s work, family, kids and other commitments, by the time we finally sink into bed we either don’t get our eight recommended hours of sleep or we just wake up feeling grotty and unrefreshed. Sleep is something we all want but very few of us get so many of us are looking for other ways to get a much needed energy boost to get them through the day.

You might be thinking of a trip to the spa to refresh your tired skin, or you might have found the best under eye concealer to hide the bags, but have you considered some natural ways to give yourself an energy boost?

Step away from the energy drinks and caffeine and read on for 4 totally natural ways to give yourself an energy boost.

Take yourself for a walk

It might seem like the worse thing you can do if you’re feeling low on energy, but taking a walk gets the blood pumping, the fresh air wakes up your mind and you’ll feel great afterwards. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to have a three mile hike – that would be counterproductive…but if you’ve run out of milk, walk to the nearest shop instead of driving to the bigger store several miles away. Need to book an appointment? Take your phone with you and make the call when you’re on your walk. Anyone can fit a quick stroll into their routine. Give it a try.


We think of essential oils and aromatherapy as calming and relaxing ways to destress. So perhaps not the first place you would look for a pick me up. Well, some essential oils and fragrances have the opposite effect! The most powerful? Peppermint! Peppermint has amazing properties that make us feel more awake and it smells delicious. You can incorporate it into your day by chewing peppermint gum, using peppermint body wash in your morning shower, or even sniffing some peppermint oil at your desk at work.

Drink. Water of course.

When we fail to replenish just 1.5 percent of the water and fluid we lose from our bodies, it’s a one way ticket to tired town. But the good news is that keeping hydrated it easy and free! The trick to drinking water on the go is to invest in a gorgeous reusable water bottle that you can keep with you at all times. If it fits in your bag – even better! And if plain water isn’t your thing, then don’t worry – add some fresh fruit in there for a taste infusion or even a squeeze of lemon to give it a zing. And speaking of lemons…


If you need an instant pick me up, then slice up some lemon and have a suck on some of the wedges. It might sound like a terrible idea but that tart citrus flavour will certainly pop those tired eyes wide open! It’s also packed with vitamin C – so your immune system gets a boost too.  



Practical Steps to Deal with a Relationship Breakup


Going through a breakup is extremely hard no matter who you are. And the ways in which you respond to it can make all the difference to your recovery. While it may feel tempting to sit on the sofa for hours on end with a tub of ice cream, this is not the most practical solution to the problem. So, you need to look into the coping mechanisms which are a little more practical, and it is these that we will be focusing on in this blog post.


Deal with the Big Issues

There are big issues and smaller ones which are involved in a relationship breakup. And the larger ones are likely to lead to higher stress levels, so you are better off trying to tackle these first. These often relate to your living situation or arrangements with the kids, and one of the best ways of handling these problems is by getting in touch with expert divorce solicitors. Once you tackle some of the larger issues, this can feel like a big weight off your shoulders.


Handle the Smaller Stuff

Now that the bigger issues are out of the way, you can start to deal with the smaller things. Just a few of the examples of what constitutes these include dividing up the stuff in your apartment, cancelling any shared accounts, changing the names on your bills etc. In comparison to the stuff in the previous section, these may seem like smaller issues. But they all need to be dealt with properly so that you transition through the phases of your breakup in the smoothest way possible.


Give Yourself Some Distractions


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The problem with the sitting on the sofa and eating ice cream method of getting through a breakup that we discussed earlier is that you simply aren’t doing anything to take your mind off things. Spending time with your friends is a great way of distracting your attention and focusing it on something positive. As well as this, you could try taking up an evening or weekend class of some kind or perhaps getting involved in a new sport or exercise. Even though you may not feel like doing any of these things at first, they can prove to be very helpful in the long-run.


Manage Your Health

When you go through a breakup, it is very easy for your physical health to start deteriorating as well. So, you need to make a special effort to manage your wellbeing properly. This means preparing some of your own meals and not simply ordering food every night of the week. It also means going out and exercising rather than lying around. And it can also be a case of changing up your routine and your environment to help focus your mind on something else.

Ultimately, you are better off dealing with relationship breakups in a practical way, and this will help you to come out the other side.



3 Steps for a More Positive Approach to Life


Life can be great, especially if we’ve got our ducks in a row and we’re doing the kinds of things we want to do, with the kinds of people we like, and are finding new and fulfilling reasons to get out of bed every morning and throw ourselves into the adventure of the day.

 Then again, life can be pretty miserable at other times; such as when our health is faltering, and our plans aren’t bearing fruit.

 While there are always steps we can take to improve things; such as refining our habits, and redecorating our homes with goods from, it’s not uncommon to find that we often end up feeling melancholy and negative even if things are generally going pretty well.

 If that sounds at all like you, here are some tips for acquiring a more positive and feel-good approach to life.


Getting in the habit of arguing with your negative thinking

 At the root of much, if not all, of our pessimism and negativity, is habitual, ongoing negative thinking. This kind of negative thinking can occur at any moment, and tends to affect just about every aspect of our lives.

 We may start off by having breakfast, but then notice that one piece of toast is a bit more burnt than we would have liked. “Breakfast’s ruined, I just keep messing everything up” might be the negative thought process that goes along with the event.

 The psychologist Martin Seligman, famous for his work on positivity and his book “Learned Optimism” pointed out the importance of arguing against your negative thinking on a regular basis.

 If you notice yourself spiralling into negative thinking, first identify the event that triggered the negative thought. Then identify the negative belief. Then identify the negative effects of that belief (depression, for example), then dispute that belief. Is there a different way of looking at things? Could you be wrong?


Remember that how you think about the world affects how you see and experience it

 Studies have found evidence that the way you think about the world, and the things you pay attention to, change the way you see the world, literally.

 But you don’t even need scientific studies to realise that this is true. Consider the following example:

 If someone asks you to look around the room intensively for 10 seconds, and count as many blue objects as you can see, and then, once the buzzer has gone off, they ask you how many red objects you saw, what will be your answer?

 Clearly, you either wouldn’t have noticed or wouldn’t have paid attention to the red objects. It’s the same with our emotions. If you look only for the negative, you won’t see the positive.

 Keep reminding yourself that you don’t see the world “accurately” so you may as well see it optimistically.


Practice mindfulness meditation to get some space away from your thoughts

 Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice which has the ability to open up a bit of space between us and our thoughts, by training us to observe them in a non-judgemental way, while directing our attention towards a specific point of focus.

 Many services, apps, and books exist to teach the basics of meditation.

 According to research, regular meditation really can change the brain in some fundamental ways that make us feel less controlled by our thoughts.


5 Ways to Look After Yourself in 2018

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this January? While the first month of the year may almost be over, it’s still important to remember to look after yourself. Of course, self-care might not always be at the top of your list of priorities, but at the end of the day, it should be one of the most important parts of your daily routine.

Looking after yourself is essential, not least because it helps to combat stress and reduce levels of anxiety. Even just a few minutes of dedicated ‘me’ time a day has the ability to do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing – something which is increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world.

The first step towards creating a better self-care routine is to realise the need for looking after yourself. Once you understand exactly why it is so important, it’s then much easier to go about working to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.

So, to give you some inspiration and get you started on the road to a happier, more relaxed you, here are five ways you can look after yourself this year.

Pamper Yourself

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing pamper session to get you feeling good about yourself! Whether it’s a pamper night at home or with a few friends, even something as simple as a facemask and a manicure or pedicure can help you to look good and feel great. If you’re really feeling the stress, why not treat yourself to a massage or a spa day? 5 Ways to Look After Yourself in 2018 2


Indulge Your Taste Buds

When you’re feeling down, treating yourself to your favourite comfort food is a surefire way to provide an instant pick-me-up. Of course, it’s still important to eat well, but allowing yourself the occasional treat will make it seem all the more worthwhile. If drinks are more your thing, enjoying a delicious mug of luxury coffee is a great excuse to take five minutes out of your day. Click here to discover the perfect blend of coffee to suit your tastes! 5 Ways to Look After Yourself in 2018 1

Cross Something off Your Bucket List

Nowadays, almost everyone has a bucket list and the desire to mark items off the list is as strong as ever. Of course, some items are much easier to achieve than others, but the beauty of a bucket list is the freedom it allows you to work through the list in your own time. One of the most popular bucket list items is travel – whether it’s to revisit a favourite location or make new memories in a brand new part of the world, perhaps 2018 could be the year you head out on an adventure?

Make Time for the People Who Matter

When our daily lives are so busy, it can be all too easy to forget to leave time for the people who mean the most to us. Not only are friends great for having a catch-up, but positive social interaction can also bring a helpful boost to your mental wellbeing and levels of happiness. Pass the phone – it’s time to organise that long-overdue girly night!

Don’t Overwork Yourself

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to learn how to create a good balance between work and leisure time. Just as too much leisure time can leave you feeling demotivated and unsuccessful, trying to cram too much into your day and work on too many things at once can spell disaster for your peace of mind. If you are feeling stressed, it might be time to assess your workload and see what actually needs to be done. Organising things in terms of their priority order can be a great way to ensure that nothing important gets missed while leaving you the opportunity to spend some time on yourself for a change!

At the end of the day, there’s nothing that can set you up better for a long week than an hour relaxing on a Sunday night. Taking the time to do the things that you want to do is a surefire way to experience the rewards of self-care. While it may seem unnecessary to begin with, you will soon start to feel the benefits and begin the journey towards a more relaxed lifestyle.