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I want to Simply Be comfortable.

I love dressing up and wearing fancy dresses but when I’m shopping I’m usually looking for cute items that I am comfortable in and can wear on a daily basis.

I wanted a couple of new items that I could wear with leggings and trainers and still be really cute. They are definitely my favourite buys as I get much more wear out of them than I would a party dress. Screenshot_20160928-124753

This is the Jameela Jamil off the shoulder dress. it is definitely a more fancy day time dress which I like and would be a great piece to transition from day to evening if you had drinks after work etc.

This one has no stretch in the fabric and is a little tight on my tummy but still absolutely wearable for me. Screenshot_20160928-124732 Screenshot_20160928-124717This one i love more than life, you know when you find an item and the fit is just perfect and its the most comfortable thing ever…. well this is that for me. its the Multi print jersey babydoll dress. On a normal day I like to be as comfortable as I can and this dress feels great, such an easy piece to wear and a really cute ditsy floral print.

Both of these dresses are listed as Simply be Party Dresses but they are definitely more day to day dresses for me.  I am very much into wearing whatever makes you feel good and what suits your lifestyle and dresses like these are just perfect for me and mine.


Simply Be Style Challenge – Embellished Dress

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to participate in a style challenge for Simply Be, so of course I jumped at the chance! Being right at the larger end of the plus size fashion size range, I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to show how you can make certain items work for you at any size.
What I enjoyed most about doing the challenge was taking a piece that wasn’t my ‘usual style’ and make it something that I would actually wear just through the styling. I kept the outfit pretty simple going for something that I would feel comfortable in.
We were asked to style the dress for a specific occasion, I didn’t want to focus too much on the occasion until I had the outfit on. Once I was dressed I decided that the place I was most likely to wear this outfit would be out for cocktails with the girls.
This is how bright the cami is, It doesnt show well at all in the outside pics)
I wore a neon orange cami underneath and paired it with a neon green handbag. I am in love with little neon pops of colour this summer and love throwing them in everywhere.
I wore this with a pair of old jeans that I cut up and a pair of Primark shoes.
I really like the dress and I love the shape it gives my body, Its very feminine and a very versatile piece.
I got this gorgeous neon green clutch bag from chunkycatcuddler who had a stall at the StyleXL event this month. They had it in three colours and the bag is absolutely stunning.
A little look at the shoulder embellishment on the dress
When the dress arrived I noticed just how ‘grown up’ it is, and i immediately knew I would be dressing it down for the challenge, The embellishments on the shoulder and the chiffon material make it it seem very dressy and would be what I would describe as an occasion dress, I wanted to take away from that feel with some denim but still wanted it to be suitable for an evening out.
I cant wait to see what the other ladies involved have done for the style challenge.
Dress – Simply be – Embellished Dress

Joe browns on the Town!

The perfect dress?
As the weather has gotten warmer one of my favourite dresses to wear has been the Joe Browns Colourful Coral 50s Dress *(very kindly gifted to me to review) I can sometimes struggle with the fit of the 50s style dresses but I found this one sat very well on my body.
I love that the dress has a structured feel when wearing it, it is 98% cotton and 2% elastane, There is enough stretch in it for it to hug me in the right places and I would say it is a perfect fit and I love the way it makes my boobs look, this is definitely a great dress for ladies with a large bust.
The material is a little thicker than most of the other dresses I have been wearing and I was worried that I would be way too hot in this dress but I haven’t been, I think that’s where the benefits of it being cotton come in.
This dress feels a bit like magic, its thick enough to give that structured authentic 50s feel but the fabric is very breathable so can comfortably be worn on a hot summers day.
After deciding that this dress would not have me sweltering I decided to give it a go on a night out in a club…
I love the big prints on this dress. This fat girl loves large prints!!!!
I don’t know what people were thinking saying big girls cant wear large prints, I think it looks fantastic! I love the coral in the dress and it’s such a welcome addition to my dress collection because I have nothing else like it.
I wore this dress on an evening out with a pair of leggings, nude shoes from Primark and a nude clutch from New Look
I’m a really big fan of this dress, I think it looks beautiful on and I think it is the perfect shape/material for a bigger girl who wants to flatter her shape.
I personally am not all that interested on flattering my body, I just wear whatever I feel good in, but I do understand that not everybody feels the same way I do. I feel very comfortable in this dress though and I feel that it looks good on my body so I will be wearing this again and again.
I think this is very close to being a perfect dress, It fits like a dream and is beautiful to look at.
Joe Browns… I am impressed!
*This dress was kindly gifted to me for review purposes, all opinions expressed here are true and my own* I really do LOVE this dress!

5 outfits, 1 post!

What I’ve been wearing over the last couple of weeks. 
With moving house I have been dressing for comfort and practicality, I have taken a few pictures but haven’t really felt like I have worn much to blog about.
I am just doing this quick post about some of the things I have worn recently that I really love and have kept going back to and just show you where the items are available x
I got this maxi dress from new look inspire in their extended range up to a size 32 online, I have just had a look and can no longer find it on the website even though I know I saw it there last week :(
I love this dress so much, I’m not really one for bright colours and big prints but I really enjoyed wearing this dress, it felt so summery and all the pink makes it super girly. Its a Bandeau maxi and has no straps and comes with a weaved tan belt which you can see if you look closely lol.
Like I said i have been dressing mostly for comfort, this outfit was for a day of unpacking and then a quick trip to IKEA. I did however want to mention this T-Shirt at some point. This is the ASOS curve oversized T-shirt and is massive, I wear a size 32 and this top is a size 28 and it is huge. I love it, it is such a nice piece to just throw on and go I also wear it alot with black leggings. Here I have it on with a pair of old evans jeans and white converse. The jacket is the Khaki Asymmetric Military jacket with PU sleeves
I wore this outfit to have dinner with family in London, It is an old Simplybe floral blazer, Primark crop top, Primark shoes and old evans jeans. The reason I am including this outfit is because i feel like it pushes boundaries in that i think its rare to see women my size not trying to cover their tummies etc. i love this outfit and i felt so fierce in it. this is definitely one that I will recreate again.
 I love this Joe Browns dress, I is covered in a small bird print and is full of autumn colours, its such cute little day dress and I really enjoy wearing it. Its has 3/4 length sleeves and is a a light weight fabric and was great to wear between the seasons.
The jacket is the one I mentioned above, black leggings and black converse, This dress is a Pink clove jersey dress that I picked up a couple of months ago and has actually just gone into the sale today here – Pink Clove Skater Dress
The only thing I can say is that its is the most comfortable item I own! I could have easily sized down, I bought it in my true size and it is very loose and comfy, pair it with leggings and I swear its like you are not even wearing any clothes. This was me on moving day and it was the perfect choice.
Do you have any of these items? or any suggestions for me based on what I like?? I love people suggesting items for me :-)

In The Dressing Rooms of Derby!

A Plus Size Shoppers Paradise!Any of you who read my blog will know that I have just recently moved to Derby from London, a big concern when moving here was what the plus size shopping scene was like. I was so happy to find out that it is actually much better than London especially for someone who likes going into stores to try things on.

The main plus size stores that are in Derby town centre are:
Simply Be
Yours Clothing
New Look Inspire
Bon Marche
The last couple of weeks I have been enjoying visiting the stores, shopping and trying things on. It has been a big part of getting to know my area.
Last week I went into Simply be and tried on a few pieces that caught my eye, I have a couple of dressing room pictures, not great quality but will give you an idea of what they look like on. I bought a couple of the things I tried on and will probably write about them at a later time.


Joe Browns Tea Dress (Can’t find it on the website even though its still in store)

Simply be Kaftan

Twit Twoo Retro Tunic

I love the Derby Simply Be store, the staff are super helpful and he dressing rooms are really spacious and I don’t feel at all rushed if I take a whole load of items in with me.
I bought the Joe browns floral tea dress and the kaftan and I love them both for the summer.

Yesterday Debz at WannabePrincess Came to visit me and we went into town for a spot of shopping and one of the places I really wanted to pop back into was Yours Clothing, They have an amazing range of Kimonos (a little bit kimono obsessed at the minute). I had my eye on one on the website and i wanted to see what it looked like on. I have a couple of jersey kimonos already so I wanted to have a look at the sheer Georgette ones. I tried on two in Yours and took pics of a couple others as they have quite a few.

A variation of prints of a beautiful long tasseled kimono

Floral Printed Sheer Georgette

Longline Floral Print Sheer Kimono

Multi Tropical Print Longline kimono

I originally went in to try these and see what they look like on but i ended up buying the black longline floral kimono as once i had tried it on i couldn’t leave without it. I will definitely blog about it separately because I am totally in love and can see myself wearing it all the time.
The staff in the Yours Clothing store are so lovely, we were greeted by the store manager and had some lovely conversations with staff members, my clothes that I selected were waiting for me in a dressing room so I didn’t have to carry them around the store while I was browsing and staff are on hand to go and exchange sizes if you need it. It was a really really nice shopping experience.

I am really enjoying the shopping experience in Derby on a whole, all the plus size stores I mentioned are located in and around the Westfields Centre so we didn’t have to travel far between stores which is always a plus in my book.

Is your local town centre a plus size shopping paradise??


Yours skirt is now my skirt!

Really quick confession post… 
I was up in the Midlands house hunting with my boyfriend and we have decided on a totally new area to live in so the house search has to start from scratch…. I have been saving for a while now and decided to get involved in the #shopmywardrobeforlent and not buy any new clothes. Since we have chosen a new area to live in we have pushed our moving date back by Approx. 4 weeks (which means more time to save) So I decided to treat myself and buy a couple of items of clothing
(#brokemyspendingban) lol
Saw this lovely skirt in the Yours Derby store and had to try it on!
I dont have very many maxi skirts but I fell in love with this one, Cant wait to wear it properly, probably with a vest top, converse and a denim jacket <3
I love the thick elastic waistband, It reminds me a lot of the waistband on the Scarlett and Jo Floral prom dress that everyone has been drooling over recently.
Closer look at the waistband.
(This is a size 18 top from Primark that I picked up and will talk about in a later post, I have tucked it up so you can see the skirts waitband)
Broke the spending ban quite badly…. but guess what,,,, I dont feel any guilt at all, I am very happy with everything I bought.
Stay tuned this week to see what else was in those bags!!!!!!

OneOneThree Fashion Show and my OOTN

OneOneThree Fashion Show and my OOTN
Recently I have been going to as many fashion events as I can, so when I heard about the oneonethree fashion show that was taking place on Monday I made sure I got tickets. I was already aware of the brand and have a few pieces from their current collection so I was excited to see what they had coming next.
As you are all aware I tend not to pay too much attention to clothing sizes and generally wear whatever I like, oneonethree pieces go up to a size 26 in most of their items and I wear a size 30/32 but the items of theirs that I do have fit very well.
Group shot of the models in the collection. 
Unfortunately I was unable to get very many pictures of the collection due to lighting etc.. but I’m sure there will be pictures of the collection available through social media.
The collection was very punk rock inspired (well at least it appeared that way to me) I liked the edginess of the collection and am really looking forward to seeing how people style some of the individual pieces. I feel the collection leaves a lot of room for interpretation which can be excellent for appealing to a wider demographic.
I saw a lot of leather and tartan on the catwalk and felt like I fit right in with my red and black ASOS curve midi skirt and new look leatherette jacket.
My crop top is a piece I got from H&M last year and is a UK size 16 (u cant wear that! lol)
The top is advertised and sold as over size which means that it fits me perfectly as a ‘my size’ crop top.
I love this top that reads ‘Find me backstage’ which is really appropriate as I am a makeup artist by trade and am usually found backstage at events like this.
Me in the venue
I am wearing my simply be extra wide calf fitting boots as it was absolutely freezing that evening.
This is a picture of me with my younger sister, who I took along with me to the show. I kept the makeup simple with winged liner and a classic red lip, MAC’s RiRi Woo  
Thought I would throw in my Instagram filtered pic as I really like it, this was taken while waiting for the doors to open for the show.
The show took place at the Metalworks in Angel, Islington.
There was a piece in the collection that I absolutely loved, Its a multicoloured (what almost looks like stained glass) jersey maxi dress. Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of it but I will definitely blog about it when its up on the site.
Thank you all for reading once again xxx

Christmas Party Dress

I was really kindly offered a dress from Fashion Worlds dress selection and as I already had my eye on a beautiful sequin AX Paris Curve dress it wasn’t difficult for me to choose.

I was so excited when the dress came and I was not disappointed at all. Its such a beautiful piece. I like the fact that the sequins are not super shiny which means I don’t look like a disco ball and would be happy to wear it any time of the year.

The AX Paris Black Sequin Prom Dress is the perfect fun and flirty party dress.
I thought  would team this review up with a ‘ways to wear’ post so I have styled this dress two different ways.

I first kept it really simple with sheer black tights and cute black kitten heels from yours.

I wouldn’t be able to wear this dress bare legged as it comes up quite short on me so I tried it on with a pair of sheer tights and I think it looked really cute.

I am very clumsy with tights especially since I have stiletto nails… the two don’t really work hand in hand together so I tend to stay away from tights.. this was confirmed a good idea when I laddered them putting them on

laddering my tights provided the perfect opportunity for me to find an alternative way to wear this dress as I know after a couple of drinks and going to the ladies room my tights would be left in shreds.
I reached for a faithful friend, a pair of leggings, which I think was perfect since the weather is so cold and there is no chance of me ripping them with my nails. I wore the dress with black leggings and my Camden boots from new look with a big chunky gold necklace from Primark.
New look Biker Jacket.

I personally prefer the ‘Rocked up’ version of this dress, I think it all depends on what you feel comfortable in but I do think there are many ways to wear this dress as its another take on a Little Black Dress and is a really nice addition to my wardrobe as I have nothing else like it.

What are you guys wearing this party season?


Outfit of the day… Love this dress by ASOS Curve

First time I’ve worn this dress and I love it!

Last week ASOS has a 50% off 50 items sale… I went on the site and was really pleased to see that the sale carried over into their ASOS Curve department too… One item in particular stood out to me and it was actually something that I had looked at before so when I saw that it was half price I had to snap it up!

love how this dress makes my boobs look lol

Its the ‘ASOS CURVE Pinafore Dress In Paisley Print’ I absolutely love this dress, I wore it with a Simplybe bodysuit, and new look leggings underneath. This dress is now back up to its full price of £36.00
I am a massive fan of paisley print and I love earth tones in the winter. I wore this with a pair of brown ankle boots from Evans  and a tan tassel bag from new look.

I wanted to try and dress the look up a little so I put on a pair of tan suede ankle boots with a Cuban heel but as soon as I saw the rain outside I went straight back to my Evans boots lol.

Hope everyone is having a good day x


My day at Plus London!

Lucia @ Plus London

Last Saturday I attended Plus London Three held at The Hoxton Arches. I am relatively new to Fatshion Blogging and have never been to a Plus London or Plus North event before. Leading up to the event I was really excited but obsessing over what to wear, having met a lot of the plus size bloggers before at various events and following them on social media I know how well turned out everyone always is.
In the end I decided to just go for something that I would feel comfortable in so I could just focus on enjoying the day.

I ended up going for a plain black roll neck jumper from evans that I got about a year ago, the infamous Pink Clove Tartan Skater Skirt, a faux leather studded biker jacket again from evans at the start of the year and my tan Zara bag. I wore this with black leggings and comfy tan boots from Primark.

I was worried that everyone would be sporting the Pink clove tartan, whether it be the skirt or the dress so I decided to make mine slightly different by wearing a black tutu underneath, which I actually really liked.

I had a really good day and it was lovely to meet more of the amazing bloggers that I follow and to have a closer look at what the brands had to offer. A couple of the smaller brands really stood out to me, two of which were jewellery makers… Black Heart Creatives are already known to me as I have two pieces from them already, the infamous ‘Fat Bitch’ necklace and a Custom Name piece both of which I love so much, Im currently trying to decide what I want next.

I saw this necklace on the table of Twisted Siren and completely fell in love with it, Its a heart filled with tiny pink and black candy, then a candy filled bangle caught my eye so I bought both pieces (I’m actually gonna write a separate blog post about this company as their items are amazing and I already want more)

A clothing brand that I hadn’t yet heard of was Miss Lacy Ltd they had a dress on their rail that I have to have in my life, this brand go up to a size 26 on their website, but what I love the most was that when I pulled a sad face that the dress that I love so much wouldn’t fit me I was told to email them and they would make one bigger so that I could have dream dress!!!!!

Its the most gorgeous black and white vintage looking Tea Dress, I am totally obsessed with tea dresses but I still don’t have one so I’m determined to make this one my first!!!!

In the evening I pulled my hair up and changed my top, It was nice to chill out and have a couple of drinks with some friends and new faces.

We took some fun pic with Blast Photo (see more in an upcoming post) and just had a fun day in general. I already cant wait for the next one.
I think these events are such a good idea, its so nice to see up close and personal some of the items that you see online, its was also really good to have an opportunity to listen to the brands talk and ask them questions and get a sneak peak at upcoming items.

Oooooh I nearly forgot… I got a picture drawn by an amazingly talented illustrator…. I absolutely love this picture!

Thanks for reading guys…
Talk soon <3