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Shopping for stationery again

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been into stationary. Getting excited about shopping for new pens, pencil cases and tools before a new year at school. Besides the regular back to school supplies I have always been into arts and crafts. In the past I’ve crocheted, knitted, painted, drawn fashion sketches, made scrap books and worked with coals all outside of normal school learning.
I was a regular patron of my local art supplies shop and was always in the process of doing something creative in my spare time.

In the last few years my biggest creative outlet has been working with makeup and regular art took a back seat so I haven’t been buying stationery very much at all.
However since January I have started bullet journaling and as much as it’s very practical and it helps me a lot in organising my life, it also gives me space to be creative.


When I first started looking into bullet journaling I was so impressed with how decorative people’s journals were and how many ways you can add personality to them. Me being me I went in search of all the pens and colours and washi tape that would allow me to make my bullet journal exactly what I wanted.
The very first thing I did was I purchased a Leuchttrum1947 dotted notebook and a Lamy Safari petrol blue fountain pen to get me started. Once I had those ordered I started to research what types of pens I wanted to add headers and add colour to my journal. I wanted to find some coloured pens that would mimic the effect of watercolours to add a light wash of colour to pages without being too over powering and finally decided on a few Tombow ABT pens, they are duel ended with a fine liner and a soft brush point and I absolutely adore them. I decided to buy individual pens instead of any of the sets as I wanted specific colours only to create an overall colour scheme to run through my entire journal.


I bought a set of four Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens for writing and calligraphy and I bought a Tombow fudenosuke for all my standard calligraphy headers on each page.

After doing a whole lot of research and having all the pens and washi tape I wanted in my arsenal I set about starting my bullet journal and making it functional and pretty. Since starting I have added some really great sets to supplies including gold, silver and bronze sharpies to add a bit of glitz and glam where needed and also a set of stabilo fine point 88 colours for fine pops of bold colours. A lot of these things are available at office stationery. 


It all reminds me of being a kid again and when I get ne stationary the excitement is real. I’m in a few bullet journal groups on Facebook and I love hearing about new items that I might be interested in trying. Bullet journaling for me is way more that just an organisation tool, it’s definitely a fun and creative hobby too.