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5 Things you may not have known about hair loss until this article

Hair loss is one of those problems that stress out a lot of people, especially when it happens in your youthful years. Many people try all kinds of hair loss products to reverse this phenomenon that can take a toll on their self-esteem. But even as you try to reverse hair loss, how much do you know about this problem? There is probably a bunch of things you didn’t know about it that may be negatively affecting your efforts to deal with hair loss. To help you out, here are 5 things you may not have known about hair loss until this article.


  1. Too much exercise can lead to hair loss

While we are constantly told to exercise in order to stay healthy, too much of it is counterproductive. That’s because when you over exercise, your body lacks the ability to replenish itself. As a result it starts taking nutrients from non-vital parts such as your scalp, leading to hair loss. That’s why you should try and exercise in moderation.


  1. Inconsistent dieting can lead to hair loss

Many people trying to lose weight turn to dieting. Unfortunately if you dieting routine is inconsistent, it can result in hair loss. For instance, if you embark on an all fruit diet for a week, then suddenly start binge eating, your body will take this as a signal to start storing up vital nutrients just in case the food intake drops again. In the course of this process, it will starve non-vital aspects of your body such as the hair of nutrients, leading to hair loss.


  1. Not all hair regrowth products work

There are so many hair loss products in the market, all promising great results. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of them work.  That’s why you need to do some serious due diligence before you buy a hair loss product. It’s only by buying top quality products such as those sold by Hairlossable that you can be sure of a successful hair regrowth journey. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money on useless products that might have negative side effects on you scalp.


  1. Hair loss could be a symptom of Thyroid problems

Many people don’t know this, but the thyroid has a critical role to play in how your body functions. If it develops any problems, your body might be unable to regulate energy levels leading to hair loss. For instance, if your thyroid is not active enough, your hair might starting thinning out and break. On the other hand, if it is overactive, it might cause your hair to shed excessively. In essence, sudden hair loss should trigger to seek medical advice and have your thyroid checked.


  1. Baby delivery can lead to hair loss

When delivering a baby, your body redirects most of its energy towards safeguarding your survival. This denies your scalp of the necessary nutrients it needs to keep your hair strong and healthy. That’s why you shouldn’t panic if you experience hair loss a month or so after delivery. It’s a normal occurrence and will reverse once your body returns to normal. Besides, you can always use a good hair regrowth product to hasten this process.

5 Tips to Prepping for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview is probably one of the most challenging and vital of times you may go through in life. It is a make or break situation, some would say. So, before this grueling day arrives, you might as well be armed and ready. Read on for some tips which can help you ace your job interview.


  1.  Read about the company.

Researching the company before your job interview will give you an edge over those candidates who are less prepared. Knowing the company’s background by reading the industry profile and knowing their mission and vision will be able to help you answer questions and express to your interviewer that you have a great interest in the company to want to become a part of it.


  1.  Match your skills to the job requirements.

Note the skills and abilities required for the job and see if it matches your strengths and knowledge. Be ready for when the interviewer asks a specific example of something that you did which can give him an idea of how you performed in it. If you are ready to answer such queries, you will have a good opportunity to discuss your skills and abilities.


  1.  Present yourself confidently.

It is essential to show your future employer your confidence; just do not overdo it. You can start off by standing straight, making eye contact and giving a firm handshake. You can provide a great first impression by practicing good nonverbal communication.


  1.  Dress to impress.

First impressions last so better make your first appearance count. You must look your best on your job interview. First and foremost, make sure that you look neat and clean and your outfit as well. It is always safe to wear business attire during job interviews. Err on the formal than feel sorry by dressing down. To increase your chance of getting noticed, you can add something to your attire. Wearing cologne or perfume can complete your winning attire. One such perfume which can harness attention as well as compliments from the people around you, is the pheromone perfume. Just as you are dressed to impress, the pheromone perfume can give you the boost of confidence you need on your job interview.


  1.  Prepare questions to ask.

Interviews usually end with the interviewer asking the interviewee if he/she has any questions. Mostly answer with “No”. It is high time to know that “No” is an incorrect answer to that question. The candidate should also be ready to ask questions, that way, the interviewer knows that you have interest in the goings on in the company. It is also an excellent way to see if you have applied for a job that matches your interests.


As the adage goes, there are no second chances in making the first impressions. With job hunting, it actually pays to be ready, pun intended. With the tips and strategies laid out, you now must do your part by doing your research, rehearsing your answers and keeping your confidence within arm’s reach. It will never hurt to put your best foot forward; you have your tools such as your winning outfit and attractive scent. Hopefully, the tips above will enhance your interview skills and get you that job you’re aiming for.


5 Tips to Looking Good at the Beach this Summer

Beach weather is just around the corner. Everyone has varied reasons for being pumped up for the summer. For some, it is the idea of being off of school while others enjoy time at the beach with family and friends. But before you can enjoy your days off at the beach with family and friends you have first to prepare your body. Achieving a toned and shapely body is often important to those who look forward to spending their time lounging on the beach in their swimwear. Having a great deal of self confidence in how you feel about yourself can show through in how you carry yourself on the beach. When you are confident, you may feel proud of certain aspects of your body which is a beautiful thing! If you are considering toning up, there are many ways to do so. If you are hoping to work on a specific area such as your dierriere, there are many ways to consider how to get a bigger butt fast, but of course, they are not that easy. Squats and working on your glutes takes a great deal of dedication and consistent work to be effective. Read on for other tips to look good before you hit the beach.


  1.  Keep your skin looking healthy.

A big plus to looking good this summer is having great skin while lounging under the sun. While the sun can help achieve the perfect tan, you should start out by protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure to use lotion or moisturizer with the right SPF to ward away aging effects and cancer-causing elements from the sun. Staying hydrated is a big help in achieving glowing and healthy skin.


  1.  Remove unwanted hair.

So you are going to wear sexy outfits at the beach. If hair removal is something that is part of your beauty regiment and something that you prefer on your body and makes you feel more confident and comfortable then before heading to the beach this might be something you want to do if you don’t want to be caught with stray hairs. 

  1.  Keep a chic haircut.

The whole package should look great when at the beach. So you need to think about how your hair should look, too. You can use a nice hair clip or headband to keep your hair out of your face. Or you can sport a nice haircut and have your stylist remove the frizz and split ends off your locks. You can also go natural and let nature take its toll on your hair, have it look wavy from the wind or straight just like coming out of the water. Just make sure to use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner after swimming at the beach to keep the glow to your hair.


  1.   Your body, your rules. 

There is no secret to having the body that you dream of  but whether you love the body you have or are in the process of tweaking yours, your body is beach ready now. And since you are looking forward to bikini season, you just might want to wear things that emphasize certain body parts like a big booty. You can do squats and butt lifting exercises regularly which can release growth hormones meaning more muscle growth for a bigger and better butt. Whatever you decide to do with your body, even if that’s nothing at all, you are ready to flaunt that great body.


  1.  Be confident.

Looking good actually radiates from feeling good about yourself. Finding the right swimwear that will suit your body can add to your confidence. Choose a swimsuit which can complement your skin and hair color. You can also look for swimwear with patterns or designs which can compliment your shape. Wear something that suits your personality so you can walk with your head up and give a swing to your hips as you stroll along the sands.


Looking good is all about having the confidence to carry yourself well, knowing you have done your best to achieve your goals. Here’s to hoping that the five tips above help you rock that perfect swimsuit on sandy beaches this summer.