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More plus size underwear for you…

In two recent posts, here and here, I spoke about how I have been looking for and discussing plus size underwear options, specifically sports/soft cup bras. I have been wearing underwire bras less and less and I love the freedom it gives me as well as how much more comfortable it is.

When I am at home I only wear bralettes and crop tops and I will only wear an underwire bra when I feel it is completely necessary. Being the size that I am I have been finding it very difficult to find companies that cater to my large back size. Last week I was made aware of an online shop called Elle Courbee who actually carry up to a 48 back in their bras and they have soft cups for people who want underwire and comfort.

I wear shape wear but not to create a new or adjust my current shape because in all honesty I think that would take steel but I wear soft control shape wear on my bottom half when I wear form fitting dresses to control the amount of jiggle when I am walking or dancing and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable even if it doesn’t  make miles of difference. Elle Courbee have a huge range of shape wear from knickers to full body garments to suit your individual needs. Not only do they have great options, they styles are absolutely gorgeous.

Screenshot_20180606-081726They have some stunning plus size corsets that look like they should be outerwear and not be hidden beneath clothes because the fabric and detailing is so pretty. If like me you’re always on the lookout for functional and attractive under garments then is another brand worth looking at. Finding great looking plus size under garments is a struggle so whenever I see any I feel like it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

If you know of any less well known plus size underwear brands, please let me know :)


Saving pennies while clothes shopping.

Being someone who started out blogging only about fashion and being a fashionista through and through I’m always glad to hear about ways I can save money when shopping, especially when shopping for clothes. With summer fast approaching I have been on the lookout for some new maxi dresses and a few summer cami tops so I have been shopping around the main plus size stores that come to mind.

Forever 21 are a really good brand for low price throw away fashion, they are always on trend and have a huge range in the plus size section, which I love to see. One thing in particular I love about the brand is that the fashions are not only what society deem “plus size appropriate” and have a lot of items for people who are happy to wear tighter items and show more of their bodies.


Somewhere I never thought I would be stopping by when thinking about shopping for clothes as a plus size person is Groupon.  At the moment they have some great deals, check out Groupon’s latest clothes discounts including Forever21. They offer discounts codes for so many websites that its silly not to check them out before making any online purchases because there are so many opportunities to save some money. I love that you are able to save on so many things that you would normally buy anyway so you’re not having random things you don’t need shoved down your throat. You can save on your normal grocery shopping, things for your children such as nappies or toys and it’s especially good for buying gifts for people with special categories to help make finding the perfect gift easy.

The website is super easy to navigate and has a ton of categories for you choose from to narrow down what you are looking for. If you from electronics, gifts for him, pets and beauty to travel.

Any go to money saving ideas you have , I would love to hear x

Happy boobs from Molke

Hi guys,

This week I got a really cute and bright comfort bra in the post from Molke.

Firstly a little background about the brand… “It originated with our creative designer, Kirsty, who wanted a fun and comfortable bra to breastfeed in. It became a hit quickly and from there the size ranges have increased. We are very passionate about supporting women and we feel that so many of us are not catered for. We now have customers from ages 15-80 wearing our bras for the comfort they have found.” So the brand originally started out as a breast feeding bra, which would explain the way the bra is cut with a wrap over so you have easy access if you wanted to feed a child. I do not have any kids but I really appreciate the crap over style because it gives me a lot of cleavage on  show so when I put it on underneath a low cut top or dress you can’t tell that I don’t have on a regular bra. I wear a 46K bra and all the sports bras I have tried come up really high in the front.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As you can see from the pictures, the bra is a really nice fit, Im not bulging out at all and it has great support all round. It is made from a nice strong thick fabric and I think that is where a lot of the support comes from, the straps are nice and thick too so there is no digging in on the shoulders. I find it very nice and comfy to wear. I would definitely benefit from having a larger back that is just because I carry a lot of weight around my top half and need a little more room for rolls but they definitely have their sizing right.

They have a range of soft bras and matching pants and I think what they are most known for is the super pretty range of prints and colours. I love that they realise just because someone has a really large bust doesn’t mean they don’t want cute underwear.

Sizes… They go up to a XXL back size which I believe is up to a 46 back and they have cup sizes from regular to mega (with the thundercup that I have coming very soon). I also enquired for you guys about any scope for bigger back sizes and they have said that they will hopefully be adding another size to give more space around the band. I have the XXL/Thundercup but I could definitely do with a little more space in the back.


Molke have sold out of the ore-orders on the new Thundercup size but they have assured me that they have a ton of new stock coming soon in the thundercup and lots of new prints! I am so excited, they have a gorgeous unicorn print that I want next.

They have a very comprehensive size chart on the website so you know what to choose but if you are at all unsure I’m sure you can shoot them a quick message if you need any advice.

I would really love to know what you think of yours if you get one.


Divine Plus-Size Skirts

I love skirts. They are a great way to give yourself plenty of outfit choices. With just a couple of skirts, a few tops and maybe loose fitting wide belt, you can create enough outfits to take you through an entire week.

Right now, there are some lovely plus size skirts available from retailers like They sell skirts for ladies who are sized between 8 and a 34. This retailer stocks nearly 200 different cuts or designs, so you really can´t go wrong with them. Here is a quick roundup of some of my favorite 2018 skirt cuts.

Pencil skirts

If you like the tailored look, a pencil skirt is the way to go. They can be very sexy and glamorous as well as being very smart. If you have an interview to go to or already work in an office environment a pencil skirt is an especially good option. You can pair it with a nice jacket or, on a hot day, just wear one with a blouse.

All you need to do is to choose the cut that works best for your body shape. Click here to learn exactly how to do that. Generally speaking, you need to avoid the straight-cut versions. Tapered pencil skirts with high-waistlines are a good place to start. This cut tends to accentuate your womanly curves and is more likely to actually stay in place, so they hang better. Try one on and I think you will see what I mean.

A-line skirts

A lot of women look good in A-line skirts. Although you do need to be a bit careful with this cut. You do not want to choose one that flares out too quickly. They tend to look a bit tent like. If you feel self-conscious about your hips be sure to choose one that skims over that area. In all likelihood, you will have to try quite a few on to find the perfect one for you. But, once you do, you will be able to look at photos online or see one in the shop and know almost instantly whether it will work for you. So, buying your second A-line skirt will be much easier.


Chino skirts

If you are looking for something a bit more casual, consider buying a chino or denim skirt. Again, be careful with the cut. Generally speaking, the dead straight cuts are best avoided. Also, ignore the ones with pockets. On a woman with curvy hips, the pockets will have a tendency to gape.

This style of skirt is generally made from quite a heavy cotton fabric, which has a sculpting effect and provides a bit of support. If you can find one that is embellished, that is even better. The embroidery adds a little extra weight, which will help the skirt to hang properly and stay in place. Plus, the embroidered area will not crease. This is an important consideration if you spend a lot of your day sitting at a desk or workbench. A heavily creased skirt can look pretty scruffy.

Light summery skirts

If you come across a lightweight floaty skirt, in your size, definitely order yourself one. Provided the waistband is well-made and sits in the right place, you will look great in this type of skirt. I was lucky enough to find a couple of 100% cotton print skirts a few years ago. As you can see here, they looked great.



When shopping for this type of skirt follow the same principles as you would when buying an A-line cut. Provided you do this, you really cannot go wrong with this style of skirt.

Ok, so those are my favorites. I would really like to hear which styles of skirt you like best, so, please, let me know by leaving a comment.


Travelling while plus size

I am at the higher end of plus size , wearing a UK size 30/32 . This was always something that was a deterrent when it came to even thinking about flying to go on trip. Some of the things I’m going to mention will not apply to all plus size travellers but those of you at the high end of plus size, like me may find these tips useful.

My top 5 tips for peace of mind when preparing to travel plus size 

*Call the  airline ahead of time with any questions and queries you may have. In my experience the airline advisers are very helpful and they will happily share information that might help put your mind at ease.

*Tell the staff what you need. The last time I flew I was concerned about the size of the onboard bathroom size as my flight was over 10 hours long, I explained that and I was allowed to board the plane early to pop to the bathroom and have a wiggle around in there so I had of mind for the entire flight that there was enough space for me in there.

*If you think you may need a seat belt extender on the plane and you are worried about asking the flight attendant for one in earshot of a plane full of people you can always buy your own online and carry it with you on your trip.

*Call ahead and make sure your accommodation is suitable for you if this is something that worries you. I have stayed in budget bed and breakfast accommodation all across the UK and have had to struggle carrying my luggage to top floors and its not fun. I always like to call ahead and if there is no lift I like to request a low level floor where possible.

*Google image search is your friend. I do this when I travel but also when I am home. If I am planning on going somewhere I’ve never been before or going to do an activity I haven’t done before  will always Google image search the location. I like to have a rough idea of what the seating will be like just so I don’t turn up somewhere that I’ve been really looking forward to going or put a lot of planning into or travelled ridiculously far to get to only to find that their seating doesn’t accommodate my big butt or spend the whole day uncomfortable.

Whatever it is that would make you feel more comfortable or give you more peace of mind and allow you to enjoy travelling, then that’s what you need to do. Everyone deserves a stress free holiday.

The last time I flew was to Vegas last year but I have also been to Florida a few times. So far I have always had easy trips because I am happy to be open with airlines and flight attendants about my concerns (even though I get myself worked up for nothing) and I have much better flights for it.

Holiday Gems fly out to a number of destinations, including one of my favourite places to go, Florida! It’s been a couple of years since I went the last time but it is definitely somewhere I ill be visiting again. The site is fantastic and allows you to book flights, hotel, package deals and all inclusive holidays with low deposits and flexible payments available. They even have an onsite blog if you need destination inspiration before deciding where you want to go.

If you’re wanting to get away I would definitely shop around and find the best Holiday and package for you and don’t let size stand between you and what could be another great life experience.

*This post was written in collaboration with Holiday Gems




Yours Clothing Maxi Dress



If you follow me anywhere at all on social media you’ll know that I have been loving this maxi dresses from Yours Clothing. They are so comfortable and easy to wear.IMG_20171013_160743_253

As you can see I literally throw them on with various jackets (which I mix and match depending on how I feel) and I’m out the door.


I’m a little bit obsessed with dresses with pockets so I love these.

I just wanted to drop in quickly and show you one of my fave dresses for when you want to be casual and don’t know what to wear. IMG_20171013_162038_115Do you have any go to items that always make you feel good? If so what at are they?



Curve fashion festival.

The Curve Fashion Festival in partnerships with New Look is in it’s third year this year and is set to be a huge event in the plus size fashion community once again. This will, however, be my first time attending and I can’t wait. As a plus size blogger I really look forward to attending fashion based events to see what the plus size brands have in store for us in the coming seasons and getting to pop to various stands to have a looks a pieces on the market from smaller brands that I may not have heard or heard of just being able to touch and try on items that are usually only available online. For me these events are the best opportunity to see friends and fellow bloggers from all over the country that I don’t get to see very often and events like TCFF get us all in one  place at the same time and it’s always a great time.

This year returning to Curve Fashion fest will be Tess Holliday.


The UK’s largest plus size fashion event The Curve Fashion Festival in partnership with New Look is delighted to announce the return of Plus Size Model Tess Holliday.

Tess Holliday will be doing a book signing of the new book The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl alongside an audience Q&A.

Looking at this years sponsors and supporters, one of the event supporters Debenhams stood out to me because it isn’t who I first think of when I’m looking for plus size women’s fashion but they have a huge range of plus size clothes for women, being a plus size woman who loves fashion I thought I would give them a mention. Debenhams plus size women’s range currently has over 3500 items from a number of brands from Evans and Studio 8 to Scarlett & Jo so I would definitely say worth having a look at next time you’re looking for something new.

Have you been to TCFF before and will I be seeing you there this weekend? what are you looking forward to the most??? let me know!


Lady V and me.

I have a long and loving relationship with Ladyvlondon, more specifically Lady Voluptuous. I have experience with quite a few of their dresses but the first one I every bought was an Estella and it was love at first try on! I had 5 Estella dresses at one point and then I started buying some of the others like the Phoebe, the Cosette, the Bellatrix, the Lyra, the iconic Medusa and most recently the Ursula swing.

Here are just some of the Lady Voluptuous dresses I’ve had/I have.IMG_20170626_091448

We have now come full circle and I have just received a new style Estella. Ignore the squinting, it was sunny out lolIMG-20170614-WA0026This is the Sunshine Toucan Estella dress This one is a little different to the Estella I knew and loved, it has longer sleeves and an upturned cuff. I feel like this one covers more in the bust area than the ones I’ve had before.  IMG-20170614-WA0030This Estella is a little tight on the arms for me but that is purely because I have huge arms and I’m fatter than I was when I wore the old Estellas. Edit: I tried on an old Estella from my wardrobe and it still fits, I just think that the old Estella has short sleeves so accommodates my arms better. IMG-20170614-WA0018

This is such a nice dress for the summer the print is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the hot weather we have been having recently. You can count on the great quality that they have always been consistent with in their dresses too.

Do you have a favourite Lady Voluptuous dress?


Wearing sixteen47 twenty four seven.

Recently I got to experience  sixteen47, a brand that goes up to a size 42!!! I am always looking for brands that have items in a larger size than I am so I can have the luxury of oversized pieces in my wardrobe.

Looking through the website a lot of the items weren’t the usual style that I would go for but there are some definitely some treasures. I chose a staple black dress and the brand were kind enough to send me a second piece to review.IMG-20170511-WA0104

The black dress is a skater shape with panelling so there is so much fabric at the bottom it makes it very flowy and flattering on my shape. The fabric is thick and the sleeves are long so it is definitely an item that I will be wearing in the colder months. I love that the shape of the dress give it a alot of movement and it swishes when I walk. IMG-20170511-WA0111

The second piece I have isn’t something I would usually choose but I’ve actually worn it more than the black dress, it’s a nice piece to throw on with leggings when you have errands to run, I’ve been wearing it when I’ve been going out for walks. The colours are perfect for summer and so is the light fabric. This cappuccino jersey top is really nice to wear.IMG-20170511-WA0123It is so nice to be able to wear clothes and have space in the garment, these are easily two of my most comfortable items that I own. The thing that stands out the most about the items from sixteen47 is the quality! you can tell straight away that their pieces will wear and wash really well. The quality of the fabrics used and how clearly well made they are means you will have long lasting additions to your wardrobe.


Navabi- A new brand to me

Hey folks, me again!

This week I have been wearing an item from a brand that I didn’t even know carried my size, that brand is Navabi. I have heard a lot about them recently because everyone is wearing them but as far as i knew they only catered to smaller fats. so I was pleasantly surprised to find out they carry items up to a UK size 32.

Screenshot_20170510-142539Recently I haven’t been wearing many pretty dresses or really dressing up at all, Since the move out of London I have been adorning my body in much more casual pieces, things that suit my activities. I have been try to get out and get moving more and more so I have been looking for a lot more causal longline items that I can wear with leggings and running shoes and still shows that I love fashion and this piece is perfect.

20170408_114354 20170425_122739

I chose this top by Yoek on Navabi because I like the nautical stripes and unlike most nautical pieces like this the stripes are in black and white instead of the traditional navy blue.20170425_130441

Its such a simple piece and so easy to wear, it is absolutely perfect for what I was looking for, it is marketed as a dress but with my body shape I knew it would come up short on me and I love that. It’s long enough to cover everything I want to cover when I’m focusing on getting my steps in and that’s the level of comfort i was after and its cute as hell.

Navabi really felt a little like a dark horse brand when I was browsing their site, so much to offer and sadly I was missing out all this time. It’s definitely a brand I would say to keep an eye on, I certainly will be,

This item was kindly gifted to me, It was chosen by me and all opinions here are my own,