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Planning a wedding in 2018?

It’s a start of a brand new year and the time when people are setting out goals for 2018, whether that’s doing a course, starting a new job, moving home or even getting married.

If you’re getting married in 2018 I imagine plans are well underway and if you’re getting married after this year you may just be getting started with it all. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the amount of thought and planning that goes into having your perfect big day. From themed weddings, simple registry office affairs with a small reception to huge traditional no expense spared church weddings with a huge party with a tonne of guests… Whatever kind of wedding is perfect for you will require some kind of planning.

Wedding planners can take some of the stress away by taking over some or all of the planning and organising responsibilities and can assure a smooth process so there is less for you and your friends and family to have to do but in my opinion the planning seems like it would be the half the fun of having a wedding.

I love to plan parties and events, I always have done so the idea of planning a wedding sounds amazing to me, I called imagine me and my friends shopping for little bits and bobs to make it more “me”, from rose gold accents to monogrammed napkins, I would love to go out and shop around for these small things. I also think doing a lot of the planning and going out and buying is a really nice way to get friends and family members involved in the whole process rather than just having them turn up on the day to an off the shelf wedding. I know my sisters would love to take part in the whole planning process and I know we would have so much fun doing that together.

Online you can find an abundance of checklists and how to’s about the planning process and things you need to think about so making a little wedding plan book would be quite easy. The part I would look forward to the most as I said before would be shopping for the wedding accessories that will make the wedding Lucia specific so everyone can take one look at it and know that it’s something that screams me.

I want to think about all the things that I love, colours, flowers etc that I really like, rather than things that are popular right now so that when I look back in years to come I will always like what I see and not a passing phase that was plastered all over Pinterest at the time. I personally love classic and simple looking wedding as they really do stand the test of time. Me being who I am I think the hardest thing for me to decide on will be the dress and makeup and trying to create a look that I will be happy with and again will be forever beautiful.


Wedding memories and photographs last forever so I think creating the perfect memory with the people you love will make any day special, and will definitely be worth the stresses of choosing the right invitations.

All this wedding talk is making me at least want to attend a wedding this year… So to all my friends reading this.. Get a move on!