Dating again?

People use dating sites for many different reasons, you’d be a fool to think everyone on a dating site wants to actually date and its important to know this before you start talking to people. You want to know what you are looking for and also not be too scared to ask people what they are looking for too so you’re not starting off on the wrong foot and already heading for disaster. This will also enable you to decide what type of site will be the best for you.  Not much good going on an adult arrangement focused site if you want to settle down as you’ll more than likely not find someone after the same. I would also say be honest about what you’re looking for when you make a profile, If you’re genuinely looking for something long term , say so! You can only help yourself by being cleat and upfront.


The ‘about me’ section on a dating profile is where all the magic happens and often a lot of the lies lol. I think too many people use this section as a place to sell themselves and I think those sound the most false. You can’t go wrong with a profile that is honest and  feels like a chat with a mate rather than a list of how incredible you think you are. Including a cute flaw or two shows that you are real person and it can open an opportunity to lay out something you may feel uncomfortable telling someone in person and will allow the reader to decide if they want to connect with you.

There are so many sites available for you to choose from now, compared with a few years ago. Including solely app based dating. A couple of sites worth taking a look at are Cheshire dating site , Northamptonshire singles and Surrey singles.

I think the process of online dating should be fun, I love meeting new people and I love chatting to different types of people. Through online dating I have made some great friends and have had some very very loving relationships that I wouldn’t change for the world. I definitely think it is something to enjoy so if at any time you’re not enjoying it stop doing it. There should be no pressure to find the perfect person right this second, it shouldn’t be something you rush.

I kind of expect to on and off the dating scene for a few years to come because I enjoy new experiences and new relationships with new people, its not for everyone but the resources are out there for everyone to find love no matter what your situation from single women in Humberside to naughty dating.

So whatever age you are or how much experience you have dating online or of it isn’t ‘dating’ specifically that you’re looking for, the Internet is a fantastic way to meet a multitude of people to choose from to get to know. These tips are just things that I have learnt from my experiences using many online dating sites but definitely find out what works for you and I wish you all the luck and fun

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