Dating more than one person at a time…

This may be a little controversial and I probably think differently to a lot of other people but I’m just going to say where I stand on the subject at this particular time in my life…

In my experience with dating online recently, I think meeting and getting to know one person at a time can be a waste of time. In the last few months I have a met a few people and after talking for a while and meeting up a time or one or both of us have decided it wasn’t quite right and I think that happens a lot. So I feel like if you’re talking to a couple of people and meeting up for the odd drink when you can you get to know a couple of people casually before you decide if you want to date each other exclusively.

A few dating sites that might be worth having a look at whether you date one person at a time or you like to get chatting to a couple of potential dates are Lincolnshire dating site, Belfast dating site, Cornwall dating site, Glasgow dating site and Cardiff dating site. Depending on your region of course or you could always have a gander at the surrounding area sites if you’re open to travelling some.

I like to chat to people for a few days or even over a week before i meet them but I often get asked if they are the only person I talk to with the intention of meeting up for drinks  and the answer is most often no, I usually talk to whoever I feel like I get along with.

I completely understand once you have been on a few dates and you decide you like each other and you want to continue seeing each other and only each other that of course you stop getting to know other people but I think up until that conversation/decision its all fair game for both parties ,

I would love to get people’s opinions on this , surely I’m not alone.

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