Dating online. Casual encounters and location based dating.

I have been single for 3 years in March (besides a short fling that I thought was a relationship at the time earlier this year) and now that I am settled in my new city I am more open to entering into a new relationship. So of course my first port of call is the Internet to discover what wonders and wind ups online dating has in store for me.
There are the obvious dating sites that have become well-known for more short term interactions and some that are designed with a lot of pairing aids for people who specifically seek a committed long term relationship. Finding the right place is often a lot of trail and error and deciding exactly what you want from online “dating”. If you know what you want and it is something non committal there are sites available for you. I love that more and more people are starting to realise that casual sex and other arrangements outside of the lines of a traditional one on one committed relationship are completely normal and the people seeking them don’t have to hide the fact.
Adult Dating is one site that is aimed solely at people wanting to meet other people for adult interactions.

There are some dating sites, rather than being focused on what type of relationship/arrangement you’re looking for, focus on location. So you could join a site a know all the members live in your city. Sites like this are perfect for someone who because of whatever reason would be unable or unwilling to relocate for a partner. Whether you’re looking for a Bristol dating site, a  Devon dating site, a Gloucester dating site, a Warwickshire dating site, a County Fermanagh dating site, a Leicestershire dating site or a Watford dating site, there is something for absolutely everyone. I know just as well as anyone that you can tell yourself you will only talk to local people and end up chatting to people on the other side of the country. Location focused dating sites give you a smaller, more specific pool of potential dates. Unlike a lot of people I don’t mind dating people in different cities and in my past experience it’s always been a really good way to see more of the country, I’m greedy, I like a big pool of fish lol.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a little bit of casual fun or looking to settle down forever with the love of your life internet dating has become a very efficient and successful way to meet people you may not bump into in your day to day life and I think that’s why its becoming increasingly popular.

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