Dipping your foot in the water.

I started this blog talking only about plus size fashion and then I realised I wanted to share more than just what I was wearing. When I moved into my first place I started doing home improvement and home interior posts and was so happy to share all the things I was doing as well as sharing my clothes and outfits. Over the years I have been including more about home and lifestyle and my content has developed with me. I’m older now and I have more financial responsibilities than I did when I started when I was able to spend as much as I wanted to fashion and make-up. I found that trying something new can be really rewarding and in some cases useful to other people.

A few years ago I used to post videos to YouTube, those of you who have been around from the start will already know this but one day I just decided that it wasn’t for me. This week however I have been really wanting to record content again so I’m trying to decide what it is exactly that I want to create and share. I could go back to doing beauty and makeup videos or I could go down the route of fashion so it ties in with my blog and my Instagram or I could just turn on the camera and see what happens. But it’s definitely time to get creative and get back into creating content and be seen. I miss the excitement of having myself out in the world.

Something else that might be exciting for me to try is playing the lottery, it’s a funny old thing because growing up all my family members played the lottery, on their own and in a family syndicate. Initially I was too young and then when I was of age an uncle of mine would put money in for me under my name. Sometimes they won but mostly they didn’t and I never really thought much of it but I never actually played myself. I’m nearly 34 so I’ve been able to take part for many years but it was never something I thought about but recently I’ve been putting money into app games and it seems ridiculous to me because there is no chance of winning anything I just give them my money for bonus things in the game lol, don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of fun and I don’t mind that I do that but it’s weird that I don’t play games that can actually give me a return. I’m looking into the National lottery and might play a line occasionally and who knows. I’ve also been made aware of a few game sites like Netbet casino where I can play games exactly like the games I’m always playing on the app but I can actually win some money back!
Obviously you have to play responsibly. I’m a game girl so I do wonder how I’ll enjoy this type of gaming.

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