Esprit winter wishlist

Two months ago I decided to cut off all of my chemically straightened hair, I was left with around 3 inches of curly hair. It was definitely the right decision for me so I can now grow my healthy natural curly hair.

Since cutting off all my hair eight weeks ago, hats and large earrings have been my go to accessories. I love hats so much, they save all the faff of playing about with wigs and its saves so much time getting ready not having to curl my hair.

These are my two favourite hats at the moment;

20171019_160725With the weather being what it is at the moment I have been reaching for these two hats all the time. One is a beanie and one is a beret and these are my favourite hat types for the aesthetic I go for.

Hats are such a nice way to accessorise and maybe add a pop of colour to your outfit if you choose.  I have been looking at some hats on Esprit and these four are my favourites.



I love warm hats over hats that just serve as fashion accessories even though I love the look of a knitted hat, as you can tell  by my choice of favourites. Esprit have a wide range of products in their Hats and Caps department.

Esprit have a number of ranges from womenswear, menswear, and a kids department to home wear which has a huge range of throws and cushions which i have been lusting over. All in all its a really great site with so much to offer.

Do you have short hair? how do you like to accessorise? or do you have a love of hats, I would love to hear about what hats you all like.

Besides fashionable hats something else I want at the moment is something standout for me and my blog. As I create more and more content I want to have a logo that represents me, something that instantly makes people think of me and my blog. Logojoy is a great site that allows you to be creative and design your own quality professional logo to represent you. The easy to use site is fun and creates mock ups so you are in total control of how the design goes so the finished product is exactly what you dreamed up in your mind. Just how it should be.




One thought on “Esprit winter wishlist”

  1. You look so pretty! Short hair really let’s people see your face, which is great. I cut my hair a few years back so it’s medium length now (slow growth!). I liked to slick it all down and then have dramatic makeup, just for a change. I also liked head bands – thick and thin – to change it up a bit. I’ve since found some afro puff hair pieces that match my texture that I pin in from time to time. Wish I’d had them when my hair was shorter. I like to keep my hair cornrowed or flat twisted during the week for easy maintenance.
    Congratulations on this – I love my hair now (I didn’t before) . Enjoy!

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