Fun ways to fill your spare time.

Working from home is great because you make your own schedule. You can pause and resume work throughout the day to suit your own needs. This is great for socialising as you can free up your time whenever your friends are free or there is a specific event coming up that you want to attend. If you’re poorly you can choose not to work that day and just spread out your tasks over the next couple days to catch yourself up. If you work from home and you have children, you have more time to spend in the home with them than you would if you spent time travelling back and forth to your job. Speaking of travelling, you totally eliminate travel costs to work which can be hugely expensive sometimes.

There are so many of advantages to working from home, but there are also a few disadvantages too. Friday night drinks with colleagues after work? Yeah that’s not really a thing, you give up the opportunity to make work mates. One of biggest ways to make friends as an adult is in the workplace so that opportunity is lost. This obviously isn’t the end of the world when you have a good set of friends in your life already but you definitely lose the day to day interactions you would have in a workplace. Keeping motivated and actually getting the work done is also a little harder when you have to self motivated and hold yourself accountable for your own productivity. It’s very easy to be lazy when when you have nobody to answer to but yourself.

I find that working from home I tend to break up the day a lot so I am left with little pockets of time where I want to do something other than work, so I’ll pop to the shops or do a load of laundry or play a game just to break work up. I’ve always been a PlayStation girl but recently I’ve been playing alot of games on apps on my phone. Now if you tell anyone I’ll deny it but I have spent more money than I’d like to admit on games on my phone but I don’t regret it at all because it’s so much fun at the time (I favour clicker games and home design games, don’t judge me). One thing I have come across a lot recently, now that I’m on the computer so much more, is online game sites like Novibet casino where there are a ton of games all in one place that can literally keep you entertained for hours! Not really great for getting back to work but definitely something that will fill spare pockets of time to have a load of fun and give your mind a break from mundane duties.

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