Gadgets and Accessories for Vaping You Can’t Live Without

It seems the days of the traditional cigarette could be left behind as vaping grows more and more popular. It has been reported that, although not risk free, vaping is less harmful than smoking. If you’re a regular smoker and debating making the switch, or a vaper looking to try out some new gadgets, read on below to find out how you can make the most from your vaping experience.



This is a great tool to use when you’re just starting out with vaping. You pair it with the battery and you’re all set. VIP offers a superb selection of flavours, with everything from apple to vanilla. You can also choose the strength of nicotine in each pack, which is a definite perk over your standard pack of cigarettes. With cartomizers you can pick what’s exactly right for you.


Protective Case

 The chances are you’ll be taking your vape equipment with you wherever you go. Just like you put your phone in a case to protect it, so you should with your vape – there’s a lot of delicate equipment going on in there. One hefty drop to the floor and you could potentially damage your e-cigarette beyond repair. A case can protect it and prevent you from having to pay for a whole kit.



 Speaking of being on the go with your vape equipment, you’re best off including a charger. The last thing you want is the battery to run out, meaning you can’t smoke for the rest of the day. You could always invest in a high-power battery, this can keep your equipment lasting longer, and you don’t have to worry so much about always being near a charging point.



If you fancy the idea of mixing your own blends from your e-liquids, having a few empty bottles is a top idea. You can buy empty containers from vape stores, then get creative with your concoctions. You might even find your new favourite flavour, and it’s entirely your creation.


Cleaning Equipment

 It’s not the most glamorous part of any vape tool kit, but it is an important one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either, some cotton swabs and paper towels will do the trick. As long as you’ve got something to clean up after yourself when you’re pouring new liquid into the e-cigarette. It’s going in your mouth after all, you want to keep it as hygienic as you can.


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