Happy boobs from Molke

Hi guys,

This week I got a really cute and bright comfort bra in the post from Molke.

Firstly a little background about the brand… “It originated with our creative designer, Kirsty, who wanted a fun and comfortable bra to breastfeed in. It became a hit quickly and from there the size ranges have increased. We are very passionate about supporting women and we feel that so many of us are not catered for. We now have customers from ages 15-80 wearing our bras for the comfort they have found.” So the brand originally started out as a breast feeding bra, which would explain the way the bra is cut with a wrap over so you have easy access if you wanted to feed a child. I do not have any kids but I really appreciate the crap over style because it gives me a lot of cleavage on  show so when I put it on underneath a low cut top or dress you can’t tell that I don’t have on a regular bra. I wear a 46K bra and all the sports bras I have tried come up really high in the front.

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As you can see from the pictures, the bra is a really nice fit, Im not bulging out at all and it has great support all round. It is made from a nice strong thick fabric and I think that is where a lot of the support comes from, the straps are nice and thick too so there is no digging in on the shoulders. I find it very nice and comfy to wear. I would definitely benefit from having a larger back that is just because I carry a lot of weight around my top half and need a little more room for rolls but they definitely have their sizing right.

They have a range of soft bras and matching pants and I think what they are most known for is the super pretty range of prints and colours. I love that they realise just because someone has a really large bust doesn’t mean they don’t want cute underwear.

Sizes… They go up to a XXL back size which I believe is up to a 46 back and they have cup sizes from regular to mega (with the thundercup that I have coming very soon). I also enquired for you guys about any scope for bigger back sizes and they have said that they will hopefully be adding another size to give more space around the band. I have the XXL/Thundercup but I could definitely do with a little more space in the back.


Molke have sold out of the ore-orders on the new Thundercup size but they have assured me that they have a ton of new stock coming soon in the thundercup and lots of new prints! I am so excited, they have a gorgeous unicorn print that I want next.

They have a very comprehensive size chart on the website so you know what to choose but if you are at all unsure I’m sure you can shoot them a quick message if you need any advice.

I would really love to know what you think of yours if you get one.


2 thoughts on “Happy boobs from Molke”

  1. love your confidence; your positivity! you are really so so beautiful; be proud of you! love and sincere hugs from France !

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