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I am the dancing lady lol

Since Scarlett & Jo showed up in Evans I have been a huge fan (lol) I especially love the midi length dresses so when the opportunity arose to try something from their line that isn’t my usual style I jumped at it.

In this post I have on the Red Print Maxi Dress I was a little concerned about how I would get on with the length because I am only 5′ 3″ but with a pair of heels it was absolutely fine.

As soon as I put the dress on I felt like the little dancing lady emoji

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The lining of the dress is considerably shorter than the georgette outer later so the dress is sheer from the knee down. I would say this is a very grown up dress and feels very fancy for a maxi dress. This is not a dress that I could wear on a normal summer day, I would definitely say it was an occasion dress,

I have this dress in a size 32 and I found the dress very tight around the middle so I would say to size up in this one of you can.

I love the colour of this dress and it gave me an excuse (not that I ever need one) to grab a red lippy.

IMG-20150701-WA0020 IMG-20150701-WA0056 IMG-20150701-WA0060

The blue version to this dress is currently in the Evans sale at a massively reduced price so go go go!!!!

2 thoughts on “I am the dancing lady lol”

  1. You look seriously amazing in this dress and Red really suits you. I love your confidence in trying different things or the way you style things up.

  2. This really looks beautiful on you! And the hair totally complimented the overall look – it’s a keeper!

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