I don’t do tools

Since the day I was born I have always lived with people/someone that has been able to adult in ways I couldn’t, whether that was my parents or a partner but I have never lived alone and been responsible for all of the adult things that come with living in a house.

For the last year however, my sister and I have been living together in a house in Birmingham and she is just as rubbish at being an adult as I am so we have had to do a lot of growing up pretty fast.

We have had to buy and fit new door knobs, fix shelves, build wardrobes and attempt to sort out our huge garden….you name it.

Now as you know from my blog, I love to shop but I had no idea where to start when it came to tools and gardening appliances but I was recently made aware of a site called BPI Marketplace and they sell so many different things but they have a wide range of tools available and items for garden work, Still in this year one of fending for ourselves but this is a great place to know about because you can search for exactly what need and get it for a good price.

IMG_20170925_162240We are on our way to building up a little toolbox and its feels great when I can fix and make things myself, right little barb the builder these days lol

There are so many of these site where you can find a whole host of household maintenance items , its funny how you never really think about these things until you actually need to get stuck in and use them yourself but building up my collection of little tools does feel really good.


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