I was a cherry cola girl and I loved it.

I was made aware of a seller on eBay selling beautiful skirts in beautiful prints up to really large sizes and I got really excited, When I went to have a look i literally couldn’t decide on a print and I noticed that the seller had one print at a lower price so I picked up one of those so I could try one out.IMG-20150702-WA0031

I absolutely love how cute and girly the print is, when it arrived I didn’t think it was very me but I actually really love it. It was a really sunny day when I got it so I wanted to keep the whole outfit really light and summery, I have on a primark Barbie tee and an old evans denim jacket and evans sandals.IMG-20150802-WA0017

poly cotton ditsy floral This skirt comes in only one design and is made from a poly cotton and costs around half the price of the other 100% cotton skirts that come in a range of different prints. I bought this one first to get an idea of fit and quality before getting the other skirt.



unfortunately they have completely sold out of the red on black cherry print but they have so many other option s including red on white cherry print so you too can be a cherry cola girl lol.


Range of skirts here there are so many different prints to choose from and a number of lengths so you can get exactly the style you are looking for. The eBay seller also has some matching neck ties and some cinch belts to complete the look.

Screenshot_2015-08-13-11-02-32 Debz and I wearing our skirts to StyleXL last month. These skirts are really well made and so comfortable

I think for my next one I will go for a more traditional vintage print like the polka dots… Let me know which is your favourite.

7 thoughts on “I was a cherry cola girl and I loved it.”

  1. Hi, I really like these skirts and I think your amazing! Could you please send me the link for them? I’ve been trying to find them on eBay and I can’t seem to find them anywhere!!! Thank you x

  2. I loved your cherry cola girl look and you and debz rocked those skirts! I’m currently in the process of making my own circle skirts and I can’t wait to go fabric shopping now after looking at these designs!

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