Menswear? No fashion rules

As you all know I’m a fashion girl and love a little look on clothing sites to see whats new and what I might have missed and I’ve even blogged outfits wearing boyfriend fit clothes . I like to look at plus size men’s clothing sites to see what I can get as at my size its impossible to find anything oversized fitting on plus size women’s sites because I wear the largest size.

I have been following more and more plus size male fashion bloggers on Instagram and have been loving the smart outfits, plus size men in traditional well fitting suits look amazing in my opinion.

There are a number of UK based brand that stock plus size menswear and if you are anything like me and you don’t adhere to what clothing labels tell you will fit, then there is an abundance of straight size menswear stores that will have items that you can make work. nr1

Whether you are looking for simple everyday pieces like shorts or a jumper all the way to looking for classic suit items to get a real androgynous look, menswear stores are a great place to shop as a women. Obviously these stores are great if you are looking to shop for someone else too. I find shopping for men can be quite difficult, especially if you don’t know the person very well. I also find that its much harder to guess when choosing clothes for a man. In my experience with friends, family and ex partners they seem to like what they like and be less willing to try styles outside of their comfort zones. Maybe its because I’m often surrounded by fashion bloggers and very confident plus size women I find that we are more will to take an item and experiment with it and make it our own.

For my plus size ladies who read this I honestly suggest having a quick look at plus size mens sites if you like big baggy pieces like an oversized hoody or boyfriend fit jeans or blazer etc. style is limitless so getting nice pieces to make a great outfit is the important bit to me not where they come from. Its so nice to be able to create an outfit that not every single other fat girl has and menswear increases choices vastly.


Me, trying out a more androgynous look than I’m used to but absolutely loving it.
Whether you are wanting a boyfriend fit blazer, some boyfriend fit jeans or it you just want standard wardrobe staples that can be found in both the menswear and womenswear departments like Tshirts and trainers etc.. Mens clothing retailers are a great way to get new pieces into your wardrobe and also to oudh fashion boundaries and create new ensembles that you may not have discovered if you stuck to the regular stores you normally shop in.

The majority of sportswear is non gender specific so brands like Ellesse are great for adding stylish and practical items that you will get a lot of wear from.

Plus size mens fashion is a great way to get inspiration for cute outfits and I have been finding following plus size male bloggers has been great for inspiring androgynous looks which I absolutely love.

Do you have any plus size male blogger recommendations or plus size menswear brands that I should take a look at?

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