My search for a reinforced bed

In case you couldn’t tell just by looking at me, I’m a super fat girl. I have been various sizes of fat since I’ve been an adult and I have always just had regular beds whether that was a bed with slats or a divan. I remember being really upset every time I broke a slat or my divan bed caved in. Once in my later teen my dad reinforced my divan with large wooden boards and that was great and lasted me for years.

When me and my last partner moved in together my dad bought us a really nice leather bed with regular slats and even though my partner was really slim I was worried it wouldn’t last very long, oh boy was I wrong! I got that bed in 2014 and I still have it . I don’t know what prayers and miracles have kept that bed in one piece but I will forever be grateful.

I have just moved across the country to Birmingham and I have brought my trusty bed with me of course but I’ve recently been thinking that I would like a King size bed instead of my double and it’s makes sense for me to look at some Reinforced Beds so I won’t have to be careful when I throw myself down on the bed and when I get into my next relationship it wont be such a concern.

Screenshot_20171012-151758This is my bed and I absolutely love it , I love decorating it with pillows and toys and cute bedding but I do really wish it was more roomy and was a little more secure.

In my search I came across Reinforced beds and Endurance beds  who both offer reinforced and heavy duty beds aimed at overweight people and people in the market for beds that will last a lifetime, Manufactured by JKN Engineering

“We supply many types of bed frames of which include divan bases, metal bed frames, wooden beds, ottomans and many others. All our beds are manufactured using only quality materials which ensures that the user obtains a very reasonable bed life span. Some of our beds are guaranteed for weights of up to 40 stone per individual so they really are robust and strong.”

They do high quality, heavy duty mattresses also aimed at plus size sleepers so you really can get a bed that was literally made for you. They have a special offers section as well so there are some really well priced beds that are available whether you want wood, wrought iron bed, a cast iron bed or a divan.

I love knowing that when it comes to beds for plus size people there is something to suit everyone. What is even better is that these beds look good, so you don’t even have to compromise on style to be able to sleep in something you’ll feel safe and secure in. I personally feel that having a bedroom you love is really important so style and the look of all my furniture is important  and these beds match everything I need perfectly.

My absolute favourite bed from them is called the Leona and its just a classically beautiful bed.



As soon as I’m in the financial position to get my new bed this is definitely the one I’ll be going for.

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