Money saving Monday.

A little indiscretion but well recovered lol

Abi from AisforAbi came up with the idea for some bloggers to take part in a July spending ban, I happily and somewhat hastily jumped at the chance to be part of the challenge and to save some money.

‘Welcome to Money Saving Monday, as a blogger I am always looking through websites and searching shops for the next item of clothing or beauty purchase. I recently begun to realise that I don’t need all that I am buying and instead of spending I can use the money to save for something that is worth more than clothes, shoes and bags. So let’s comb through our wardrobes and empty those makeup bags for items we haven’t loved much recently and are gathering dust!’

This post is less about alternatives to shopping and more about my little failure but next week I will defo be here with something a little more positive :-)

We are now half way through the month and I would love to say that I have stayed on track, but I haven’t. I do however think so far it has been a success, I bought a dress and a handbag from New Look totalling £24.50. The reason I would still count the month so far as a success is because I would have bought a hell of a lot more in the last 14 days had I not been thinking about the spending ban each time I went shopping. The dress and the bag I bought were both for my birthday night out (doing a spending ban on your birthday month maybe wasn’t such a good idea) but I am very happy that so far I’ve been doing well (in my own opinion) after I made the purchase I decided to continue on the ban and I have been doing well ever since. So even though I haven’t exactly been entirely successful cutting out the spending completely I am still saving money by not giving up after the first hiccup, which was what I joined the challenge for in the first place.

This is the dress and the bag – well worth the fail if you ask me lol

I hope all the other ladies taking part are doing well and you can find out for yourselves on each of their blogs below;

Katherine –

Gina –


My Birthday week so far…

Hello home slices. 
My name is Lucia and I am a shopahol…. Just kidding. I actually don’t know what to write so this is pretty awkward, I think I’m just gonna talk to you guys about my week so far. I am visiting my hometown of London this week, I came down on Sunday so that I would be able to celebrate my birthday (which was on Monday) with my family and friends. I didn’t really have anything planned but I thought it would be nice to be home. I left my boyfriend in Derby as he was going to be working anyway.

I went out with my sisters and cousins on the Monday evening, we just had dinner and cocktails in Wetherspoons in Angel, and after cocktails turned into shots I was ready for bed. It was a lovely quiet night. Didn’t take many pictures but here are the ones I do have from that evening.
Pretty casual birthday outfit. 
Oh god the shots!
Fresh cream and white chocolate birthday cake (That’s 30th not 50th btw!)
Pub selfie with one of my sisters. 
I had some lovely presents delivered to me from a certain Princess who was unable to be there for my birthday due to a big move of her own. I got a beautiful Kimono that I have been after for ages and she knows I am Yankee Candle obsessed so I got some lovely smellies.
On Wednesday night I went out for dinner and drinks with a few friends. We went to a Mexican street food restaurant called Wahaca in Angel (seems like I don’t veer very far from the Angel lol) and then onto the Glassworks for drinks afterwards. As you can see from the pics below I wore my newest Kmono that I got from my Bestie and a simple black maxi dress. 
My Wednesday night outfit.

Not gonna give any info on the outfit as I will blog about this one soon.
Moving away from London was a big change for me as I was born and raised here so it’s been really lovely being able to see all my London friends and family.
I will be staying in London for a few more days as it’s my mums birthday on Sunday, then I will make plans to go back home.
I don’t really have much going on here til I go home, All I know is that I need an emergency trip to Mac as I have zero eyebrow products here lol

Hope everyone is having a lovely week and I hope you liked this post.
Lucia x


Hue am I?

Hue am I? feat. Pink Clove

With summer fast approaching I have been looking for items to add a little colour to my wardrobe, I am a big fan of black and neutral colours but I have recently been getting a lot of compliments when I wear the occasional pop of colour. 
So in the spirit of what my blog is all about, I want try and change up my hues this summer.
I have been experimenting with bright colours and bold prints and actually really enjoying it. 

As everyone and their mother knows I am a big fan of kimonos at the moment so when i saw this one on the Pink Clove website I was really excited as I like my kimonos to be big and flowy so whenever a brand has one in my size or larger I am a happy girl. Since the launch of Pink clove I have been very impressed with their range of fashions, quality and price.

both from Pink Clove
I really love the Kimono, Its hard to tell in these pictures or on the website pictures but the floral print beautiful and super vibrant and of the four kimonos I have at the moment it is the most colourful and summery and a steal at just £20.
I really like the quality of the camisole, In the pictures on the model on the website the cami is very loose and flowy yet I found that it was tighter around the midsection that I thought it would be, it fits me like a regular camisole would without the flowyness. I still really like it but I would suggest sizing up one if you want it to be loose and swing.

I wore the cami tucked in to an ASOS midi skirt as I just wanted a small block of colour. 
I got this small leather handbag for a couple of quid on eBay because when I picked up these shoes a month or two ago from Primark I had nothing to go with it.
I really like this all these pieces together,  I decided to go without jewellery as I felt like there was already quite a lot going on and I’m still trying to get used to all the colour and prints etc.
Want this post to show you that no matter your size, all fashion trends are open to every BODY!
*The Pink Clove items were gifted to me for review purposes, all opinions, positive and negative, are honest and my own*


Krazy for Kimonos

Oh the Kimono!

Over the last few weeks I and everyone else have been going ‘Krazy for Kimonos’.
I literally want all the kimonos in the world. I cannot find a single fault with the trend, they are just so perfect. They are perfect as a summer cover up for people who don’t like to show their arms etc. as the Georgette fabric ones are so light and airy. They are also such a nice way to dress up an outfit.
I plan on writing a post on kimonos in general featuring all the kimono that I have so I’m not going to go on and on here about what I love about them.
This post is just about one kimono in particular. This kimono is actually my favourite at the moment. I’m usually kind of fickle in that I am usually in love with my most recent purchases but this time its not the case. This my second kimono out of four and it is the one I love the most.
If you read an earlier post I did about plus size shopping in Derby you would have seen that I visited the Yours Clothing store and tried on a few pieces, I didn’t actually intend to buy anything but once i tried on this kimono I wasn’t prepared to leave the store without it!

This was when I tried the kimono on in store. 

I wore the kimono the very next day to go to lunch with the bestie!

 Absolutely love this kimono, it is literally everything a Kimono should be. I love the Japanese feel floral print and I love the neutral colouring.
Me with a pair of old Dorothy Perkins sunnies. 

 I wore this outfit out to dinner with my best friend and boyfriend, once again my old Evans jeans that I cut up and my Primark wide fit T-bars. 

This Kimono is perfect and I know I will be wearing it loads this summer, what is your summer 2014 go to item?


Plus Confidence in ME!

“I really wish a confident size 32 woman didn’t evoke amazement, it needs to just be normal.” – Me :)

There has been some blogger involvement requested by an organisation that I have been behind and have been following from the start, as soon as I heard about this I was very excited about getting involved and getting the word out.
As bloggers we have been asked to write a bit about the times we feel most confident, I feel like this is a great opportunity for my readers to learn a little bit about me and for me to learn some about the other bloggers taking part. If you want to see more of the contributions to this blog challenge look for the #plusconfidence2014 hastag.

I love posting pictures of myself on my blog, I love pushing fashion boundaries and wearing what that society says a fat girl cant wear, I love that women can see these images and feel my confidence and I have had enough feedback through my blog to know that I am making a small impact and making people reevaluate the ideas that have been forced on them that tells them that they should only be wearing this and that.
My blog is a space for me to express myself however I please and if I want to show my fat body in a crop top or a super tight dress that is exactly what I am going to do. I receive messages from girls and women who have come across my blog and are amazed at my confidence but I really wish a confident size 32 woman didn’t evoke amazement, it needs to just be normal.

Another thing that I feel gives me confidence is knowing that I am a nice person. I do my best to be a person I can be proud of. what my body looks like does not define the person that I am. I am confident in my decisions, I am confident that I am a good friend, I am confident that I can say without bending the truth that behind all the clothes and makeup I am the person that I want to be and that gives me more confidence than anything else.
This confidence post could not have come at a better time as I am at my most confident right now, I don’t mean today, I mean at this particular time of my life. I am 29 years old, I have been a lot bigger than I am now and I have also been smaller than I am now and I have discovered that no matter what size I am there will always be something that challenges my confidence. Acceptance has been a massive deal for me. I am very content in the body that I am in.

I believe that even if you are on a journey to change yourself you can still enjoy life and be confident in yourself while on your way to what you are trying to achieve.
I don’t believe in hiding away or trying to make yourself invisible until you are your perfect you, I think being at peace with who you are makes you perfect for you.
I am going to leave you with the images that I have submitted to the Plus Confidence campaign – These three images sprung to mind when I was asked for images of my personal confidence and I will explain why..

This is one of my favourite pictures from my blog. It was a night out and I wanted to do something a little different, I mixed floral print, leopard print and stripes, It was the first time I wore a crop top out and I bursting wit confidence all night. It is still one of my favourite outfits. 

This is a size 18 crop top (I’m a size UK32), Like i said before playing with fashion that isn’t meant for me makes me happy and  I love showing people that they have a lot more to work with than they know. 
This is a picture that was taken at a plus size event at the end of last year.

“Plus Confidence, is working on creating an explosive, eye opening, breath taking art exhibition around body confidence. The artwork will be of plus size women not the U.K average size, creating high glossy images.”
To find out more about Plus Confidence their details are all below;


5 outfits, 1 post!

What I’ve been wearing over the last couple of weeks. 
With moving house I have been dressing for comfort and practicality, I have taken a few pictures but haven’t really felt like I have worn much to blog about. 
I am just doing this quick post about some of the things I have worn recently that I really love and have kept going back to and just show you where the items are available x
I got this maxi dress from new look inspire in their extended range up to a size 32 online, I have just had a look and can no longer find it on the website even though I know I saw it there last week :( 
I love this dress so much, I’m not really one for bright colours and big prints but I really enjoyed wearing this dress, it felt so summery and all the pink makes it super girly. Its a Bandeau maxi and has no straps and comes with a weaved tan belt which you can see if you look closely lol.  
Like I said i have been dressing mostly for comfort, this outfit was for a day of unpacking and then a quick trip to IKEA. I did however want to mention this T-Shirt at some point. This is the ASOS curve oversized T-shirt and is massive, I wear a size 32 and this top is a size 28 and it is huge. I love it, it is such a nice piece to just throw on and go I also wear it alot with black leggings. Here I have it on with a pair of old evans jeans and white converse. The jacket is the Khaki Asymmetric Military jacket with PU sleeves 
I wore this outfit to have dinner with family in London, It is an old Simplybe floral blazer, Primark crop top, Primark shoes and old evans jeans. The reason I am including this outfit is because i feel like it pushes boundaries in that i think its rare to see women my size not trying to cover their tummies etc. i love this outfit and i felt so fierce in it. this is definitely one that I will recreate again. 

 I love this Joe Browns dress, I is covered in a small bird print and is full of autumn colours, its such cute little day dress and I really enjoy wearing it. Its has 3/4 length sleeves and is a a light weight fabric and was great to wear between the seasons. 
The jacket is the one I mentioned above, black leggings and black converse, This dress is a Pink clove jersey dress that I picked up a couple of months ago and has actually just gone into the sale today here – Pink Clove Skater Dress
The only thing I can say is that its is the most comfortable item I own! I could have easily sized down, I bought it in my true size and it is very loose and comfy, pair it with leggings and I swear its like you are not even wearing any clothes. This was me on moving day and it was the perfect choice.
Do you have any of these items? or any suggestions for me based on what I like?? I love people suggesting items for me :-)

Off with her head! Hair corsage

Debz over at WannabePrincess created a Plus Size bloggers challenge in which all the bloggers that signed up bought a gift for another blogger in the challenge. Its runs just like a secret Santa and was totally anonymous, we were each randomly selected a blogger to buy a gift for with a budget of £10.
I loved this idea and jumped at the chance to sign up, its like a mid year Christmas present. The sending of the gifts were staggered over the four weeks in June so nobody knew when to expect their gift which just added to the excitement, not knowing what you were getting, who you are getting it from and also when it would arrive.
My #JoyfulJunePSBloggers gift came last week, I was so excited when the little parcel came through the door but as soon as I opened it I knew I wanted to blog about it. It is very different from anything that I would normally buy and I was a little worried about how I was going to style it.
It is a hair flower from ‘Off with her head Millinery’

The flower I receive was the Poppy hair flower
As I have braids at the moment I was worried about how the flower would sit in my hair but I love it, my hair is not something I usually decorate but I love the way it looks and it feels very fancy, I know that sounds a bit silly but I did feel like it was a bit special.

 As you can see I didn’t know where in my hair to place the flower, so I put it everywhere and I really love how versatile it is, I can’t wait to play around with it some more especially with a cute outfit.

I put the flower in and took pictures to share with you guys but I will definitely be wearing it again with a pin up look and a sexy red lip.

I hope my Gift Giver reads this and sees just how much I like it. Thank you so much!!!! xxx

Were you involved in this challenge? what did you think? I would love to take part in another one!!!!!! 


In The Dressing Rooms of Derby!

A Plus Size Shoppers Paradise!

Any of you who read my blog will know that I have just recently moved to Derby from London, a big concern when moving here was what the plus size shopping scene was like. I was so happy to find out that it is actually much better than London especially for someone who likes going into stores to try things on.

The main plus size stores that are in Derby town centre are:
Simply Be
Yours Clothing
New Look Inspire
Bon Marche
The last couple of weeks I have been enjoying visiting the stores, shopping and trying things on. It has been a big part of getting to know my area.
Last week I went into Simply be and tried on a few pieces that caught my eye, I have a couple of dressing room pictures, not great quality but will give you an idea of what they look like on. I bought a couple of the things I tried on and will probably write about them at a later time.


 Joe Browns Tea Dress (Can’t find it on the website even though its still in store)

Simply be Kaftan

Twit Twoo Retro Tunic

I love the Derby Simply Be store, the staff are super helpful and he dressing rooms are really spacious and I don’t feel at all rushed if I take a whole load of items in with me.
I bought the Joe browns floral tea dress and the kaftan and I love them both for the summer.

Yesterday Debz at WannabePrincess Came to visit me and we went into town for a spot of shopping and one of the places I really wanted to pop back into was Yours Clothing, They have an amazing range of Kimonos (a little bit kimono obsessed at the minute). I had my eye on one on the website and i wanted to see what it looked like on. I have a couple of jersey kimonos already so I wanted to have a look at the sheer Georgette ones. I tried on two in Yours and took pics of a couple others as they have quite a few.

A variation of prints of a beautiful long tasseled kimono 

Floral Printed Sheer Georgette

 Longline Floral Print Sheer Kimono

Multi Tropical Print Longline kimono

I originally went in to try these and see what they look like on but i ended up buying the black longline floral kimono as once i had tried it on i couldn’t leave without it. I will definitely blog about it separately because I am totally in love and can see myself wearing it all the time.
The staff in the Yours Clothing store are so lovely, we were greeted by the store manager and had some lovely conversations with staff members, my clothes that I selected were waiting for me in a dressing room so I didn’t have to carry them around the store while I was browsing and staff are on hand to go and exchange sizes if you need it. It was a really really nice shopping experience.

I am really enjoying the shopping experience in Derby on a whole, all the plus size stores I mentioned are located in and around the Westfields Centre so we didn’t have to travel far between stores which is always a plus in my book.

Is your local town centre a plus size shopping paradise??


A bit of lifestyle…

The Big Move and bits n bobs. 
OK, so this last month or so has been really hectic for me as I have moved half way across the country to Derbyshire from London.
I have been here now for nearly three weeks and I cant express just how different it all is from London.
I moved from a 4 bed house in right in the city of London with my parents and siblings, to a 2 bed house in the suburbs of Derby with my boyfriend.
The most exciting part about the whole moving process for me was the shopping for things for the house, I was given free reign to pick and buy pretty much whatever I liked for the house. I had a small Ikea wish list which I now have all the items from, to be fair though those were all pretty much essentials for the house.
I have been popping into places like Home Bargains, Wilkos, Ikea and Hobby Craft picking up little bits and bobs to make the house look really cute.
I want to share with you guys some of my favourite little pieces that I have picked up over the last couple of weeks.
In the living room, within an hour of moving in, I hung a large canvas on the chimney breast, I have actually had this canvas for around three years and it was just stored away at my mums house because I had nowhere to hang it and it was one of the first things that sprung to mind when I knew I could make my home what I wanted it to be. 
I picked up two beautiful Rose Garlands, Available at Gifts and Pieces, one of them I have wound around my pillar candles and a housewarming plant on our living room window sill, I think its so cute and I plan on putting the other rose garland somewhere in the bedroom. 
In the bathroom we have a lime green roller blind so when I saw these cute little apple candles in Ikea I knew that would look really nice in the bathroom, once we had all the essential things for the home I was on the hunt for some decorative bits that wouldn’t break the bank. These are the Sinnlig candles and are only 95p each, The cold smell is lovely but as far as the burning scent I have no idea and have no intention of burning them lol. 
The little bucket that I am using as a toothbrush holder is something I picked up at our local Hobby Craft store (actually only popped in for some new yarn) I found so many cute little storage things and I could literally go crazy in there but I want to start out with things that would actually be useful and I had a toothbrush holder on my shopping list, but this little bucket is so much cuter. I don’t actually know what it is sold as but it serves its purpose in my house as a toothbrush and toothpaste holder perfectly. (Just looked it up and its a candle holder apparently available here)
These wooden statement words are eBay purchases, I got a large one for the bedroom window sill and you can see the small one in the bathroom picture above, they were really inexpensive and I just think they are very cute and simple. The one in the bedroom is about 4 times the size as the little one in the bathroom. I originally bought them so in white so i could paint them whatever colour I wanted but now I actually kinda like them how they are so they will be staying white. There are loads of sellers on eBay that have them, I found one of the large ones Here that is £3.15 delivered. 

 This is my little corner on my side of the bed, I am absolutely in love with my Alex 9 Drawer unit From IKEA, As some of you may know I work as a freelance makeup artist and this unit holds all of my work makeup as well as my personal makeup, It is such a good and study unit and can be used for so many different things, I know it sounds silly but I love that all my nail polishes can stand up in one of the shallow drawers it just makes organising things that much easier, I know a lot of beauty bloggers and gurus love these drawers for storing makeup and i would have to agree.  
I’m currently working on a new wishlist for my home, any suggestions on where to look???


Scarlett & Jo Staple in Shop your Stash

Welcome to the Shop Your Stash Challenge. This is all about finding a gem in what you already own and creating a blog post on it. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger – even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes draws. You might surprise yourself!

When looking through my items to try and find something that I could use for this post I came across an item that I bought months and months ago and absolutely love. 
I picked up this Scarlet & Jo black fit and flare dress from the Evans Flagship store in Marble Arch London. 
Scarlett & Jo are one of my favourite brands at the moment, I am totally obsessed with their prom dresses and the new prom skirt that was just recently released.
The fit and flare dresses are made from a really nice quality heavy polyester/elastane blend and the fit is beautiful, I bought this dress in a size 32 but I could have easily sized down to get a tighter fit around the bust.

I find this dress really easy to wear, I love how simple and comfortable it is. It can so easily be dressed up or down. On this occasion I wore it with a pair of Clarks brogues and tan belt and a tan Zara bag.
When I was leaving I couldn’t decide on a jacket to wear so I just throw on my New Look grey boyfriend blazer.
I’m not sure why i haven’t blogged about this piece before because I always seem to reach for it when I’m not sure what to wear.

I love this dress as part of casual outfits too, This picture was after a long day of travelling (straight to the Yours Clothing dressing room lol)
I find this is a great dress to wear on a comfy day with leggings and converse. Not the best picture but I just want you to see how versatile the dress is. 

Scarlett & Jo have really got it right with the fit and flare dresses, they have a new one is a gorgeous paisley print that I want next. 
What are you guys loving from Scarlett & Jo at the moment? In my head I always have a Scarlett & Jo wishlist. 

Plus size fashion and beauty blog.