Outfit Of The Day… Monochrome Deliciousness

Monochrome OOTD
I went to the official launch of Gemma Cruickshank’s clothing line last week and this is what I wore….
I am completely and totally in love with this oversized blazer from the New Look inspire range… I have literally been chucking it on over everything… It is still available now Grey Leather look trim blazer
I got these Peg trousers in heart print from asos curve, they are in a size 28 but I was determined to get my fat little legs into them so I bought them just hoping and I actually really love them
*I have to give credit to another blogger who I met at another clothing event and she had them on, I fell in love with them and she told me where I could find them…The beautiful Mrs BeBe x

These shoes have actually featured in an earlier blog post so I wont say too much, but I sometimes have difficulty keeping shoes on so this day I decided to tie them on with two pieces of chiffon and I think it worked quite well…They made the shoes look really fun!

I really hope everyone enjoys the OOTD post because I’m thinking of making it a regular thing.

Hugz Lucia xxx


The Gemma Cruickshank Clothing Collection Launch

Gemma Cruickshank Collexions

Last week Tuesday I went down to Mary Janes Bar in the City of London for the official launch of Gemma’s clothing line

 Details of my outfit will be in a later post <3

 Not only did we get a preview of Gemma’s collection we were entertained by an amazing acoustic artist on the night. A wonderful evening was had by all and it was such a friendly environment with friends, family and a host of plus size bloggers coming together to show support.

 A sneak peak at some of the beautiful pieces available from Gemma are below

Even though I look like a pregnant little person, I really like this picture of me and Gemma, She is an amazing girl and I will show support 100% she is definitely an asset to the plus size world of fashion <3

Talk soon ladies xxx


Live Unlimited….What a nice surprise…

Hiya Guys x

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the Live Unlimited offices to have a look at their new collection.

All of us bloggers that attended the event were welcomed by the LU team who created a really friendly and relaxed environment, plus there were cupcakes which always helps lol



I myself don’t own any of the items from any of their previous collections as they go up to a size 28 and I never saw myself fitting into anything, but after trying on a couple of their sample pieces I am pleased to say that I am wrong. Just like with a lot of clothing brands they have some items that come up big, or have enough stretch that I, at a size 30/32 can comfortably wear.

I saw a few pieces that I completely fell in love with and I have some pics to share with you… The items I am featuring are my faves and luckily ones that will be able to fit me.

 I have never really considered myself a fan of Gillets, but this one caught my eye as soon as I entered the LU office, Its such a nice piece and feels amazing to touch its so soft and I imagine myself just stroking it all day when wearing it. I would have this as a staple winter piece that I could dress up or down as I saw fit.

 I absolutely love any kind of biker jacket but this one would have to be my fave from the collection, I like that its black so its versatile but what I love most is the material, I have a couple of faux leather biker jackets and I often have to take them off and carry them when I’m out shopping once in gone in to store from being outside because I get really warm. So I love the idea of a lighter weight jacket but still with the biker shape.

(me at the event- farmer chic lol)
This kimono-esque top I really like, a little classy for me I think but beautiful nonetheless. I love that its so floaty and light and also that it could be dressed down with a pair of jeans.  Its great for women who want to cover their arms but still want to feel unrestricted by heavy layers or still be sexy by showing skin through the fabric.
My favourite piece of the collection would have to be the Midnight blue sequined evening dress!

Personally I prefer the dress without the black overlay but however you look at it this is one stunning dress…and guess what?!?!?! IT STRETCHES!!! You must all know by now that I am not afraid of a tight dress, This dress will be perfect for Christmas parties or any other party for that matter. I would like the dress a little more without the overlay but that’s just a personal preference but the LU team did good with this dress!

I’ve been rubbish with blogging so far but I have had such good feedback so I really wanna do more. So expect some regular posts from me.
Hope everyone is well

Talk soon!


Pink Clove Launch and Review.

Better late than never? I certainly hope so

Hiya all you beautiful people…

I know this is kinda late but it’s something I really wanted to blog about.
I, along with a group of other plus size bloggers were invited to the launch of Pink Clove, a new plus size retailer based online with clothing up to a size 32.
What I wore to the event (New look Grecian maxi and denim jacket)

We were all treated to cocktails and a lovely three course meal in a private dining suite at the beautiful restaurant Hush in London’s Mayfair.

As pictured a lot of their line was available for us to peruse, they have some seriously nice items and it was nice to be able to have a good look, feel the material and get an idea of sizing.
There were a few items that really caught my eye that I ordered the next day and a beautiful jacket that I haven’t gotten round to getting yet but it will be mine!!!!!


I want to order that cream jacket as soon as possible as its the first thing that jumped out at me and I absolutely love it.

That studded bodycon dress was another of my favourites from the launch, and as you all know I cant resist a nice bodycon so I ordered one the next day in my size.
Just the dress…. stud neckline midi
Daytime look in the dress, with £8 Primark wooly boots and a denim jacket
Or Rock it up a little…. (ex evans jacket and new look heels)
All in all I really like what Pink Clove have to offer… they have some really nice pieces and fantastic prices and its lovely to see more places going up to a size 32.
I have my eye on a few more pieces from them and I will keep you all updated with my Pink Clove purchases.
Stay beautiful…..Talk soon xxx
(P.s. really sorry about the crap mirror selfies x)


Meet Me Halfway!

Meet me half way!

Hiya guys…

Now I’m a girl that can’t resist a pair of sexy heels and I also love a night out drinking and dancing with the girls (and guys) but I feel the two don’t do hand in hand.
I always end up taking a bigger handbag so I can stash a pair of flats for when the inevitable ‘ouch my feet kill’ moment hits.
 A few of my heels

I went out to a club in a pair of 4 inch wedges and decided to leave the flats at home as I was so sure the wedge would be a safe choice…. how wrong I was!!!

So… I recently went on the hunt for a pair or partying heels and asked the universe to meet me halfway. I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, probably some sort of midi heel but they all screamed GRANDMA!!!!!! That was until I got to New Look and found these….
Cue angels singing
The cutest black midi platform, I was so sure they were put there just for me as they are exactly what I needed, at first glace I thought the look a little clumpy but they are the perfect shoes for a night out. The platform gives you enough heel to still feel dresses up and girly but still keep your foot at a comfortable angle, and I feel like because my body is big the shoes doesn’t look so clumpy in comparison lol

I have super chubby feet so I had to cute the strap off as it was too tight but I still love the shoe and will be wearing them on a big night out this weekend for my birthday!(leaving the flats at home)
My new shoes without the straps

The Right to Bare Arms!

The Right to Bare Arms!

My arms have been an issue for me for as long as I remember, I always wear a cardigan or a shrug to cover them up. Even in the summer I choose to wear t-shirts instead of vests so that the tops of my arms are covered. At dinner a couple nights ago a friend of mine gave me an ‘aha’ moment when she said “You have fat arms, everyone can see that whether you take your jacket off or not” I thought about it for a second and do you know what… she was right.

I have spent so much time making myself uncomfortable, overheating to boiling point just so I don’t make other people uncomfortable, when in actual fact I don’t think anyone actually cares if I have my arms out or not.

I recently bought a beautiful Aztec maxi dress from yours clothing and I wore it on Wednesday with a denim jacket even though it was scorching hot outside, so in the spirit of this new blog and for all the people I hope will read it, I took off the jacket and went about my day bare armed.


I think this blog will be like therapy to me, I am pushing boundaries for me and for all the other plus size women who don’t think they can wear ‘that’.

I love this maxi dress, I got it in a size 30/32 it was very long so I had to take a couple inches off the bottom, Its big and I have lots of space in it which is nice, it’s such a comfortable and trendy piece for the summer. this dress is still available on the yours clothing website for £32.00

Indulge by day, Indulge by night!

Indulge by day, Indulge by night!

Club indulge organisers arranged a plus size popup market that was held in Kentish Town on Saturday afternoon, I went along with my sister to sell a few bits and see what I could get my hands on for myself, Being at the super plus end of plus size (according to what’s available on the UK highstreet) I was initially doubtful that I would be able to find anything to fit me. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised and came home with quite a few new items (new to me anyway).
(Me and fellow blogger WannabePrincess)

A couple of the new items I got include a gorgeous retro corset, a tiered floral mini skirt and a couple of bedroom chemises. see pics…

(me trying on the floral skirt at the event lol)

I was able to hang out with friend and plus size blogger ‘wannabeprincess’, we all had a fun afternoon and came home with some new found treasures.

I encourage you all to try to come along to the next one which I believe is at the last weekend in August, It was a really fun atmosphere and a great opportunity to meet people that might be at the Indulge club nights.

Later that evening…

Club Indulge, a new bbw club in the city held their third event in London’s Barbican, I love the central location mostly because it just minutes from where I live. I went down there with a group of friends and having been to each of the indulge nights so far, I knew it would be a good night.

I wore a black jersey bodycon dress from asos and a floral blazer from simplybe, after ditching the heels before i even left the house I opted for a pair of new look studded flats.

I had a really good night out with lots of friends and lots of wine!

The Infamous BodyCon Dress!

Hiya Huns,

Lets talk about the BodyCon dress,

I am a lover of this type of dress, I see onlys pro’s when it comes to the Bodycon, I think they can be very sexy and I think this has much more to do with the confidence and level of comfort over the actual shape of the body in the dress. By level of comfort I mean picture a girl walking down the street who is clearly uncomfortable in her dress, constantly pulling at it and adjusting, I just think her clear discomfort in the outfit is what makes it unattractive.

I have a few bodycon dresses which I wear proudly on evenings out etc, I love printed bodycons and well as the solid colours, sometimes I wear them with control underwear and sometimes without just depending on my mood. Sometimes I will pair the dress with a jacket and sometimes I don’t….again just depending on my mood.
I feel like this is a good shape dress for anyone with the confidence to wear it. I love wearing these types of dresses, I feel just as comfortable in these as I do in your stereotypical ‘fat appropriate’ dresses, probably even more so… I love fashion and I love shopping for pretty things…so point me towards the clingy, sexy bodycons!
Fat girls shouldn’t wear BodyCon dresses! Oh Really?!!!?

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